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aCGH Data 

aCGH or array based comparative genomic hybridization uses Cy5 (red) labeled tumor DNA and Cy3 (green) labeled normal DNA to determine gene copy number increases or losses on spotted cDNA arrays. In these pdf files gene copy number increase is shown as a red vertical line below the chromosome, while gene copy number loss is shown as a green line above the chromosome.

    aCG154 DFSP_par 

    aCGH1079 SFT 

    aCGH154 DFSP

    aCGH1637 SFT

    aCGH1736 SFT

    aCGH1771 SFT 

    aCGH1971 DFSP

    aCGH1984 DFSP 


    aCGH200 SFT 

    aCGH491 DFSP


    aCGH084 FH

    aCGH086 FH

    aCGH088 FH

    aCGH089 FH

    aCGH090 FH

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