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Lookup File Format

Lookup File layout -- screenshot

Lookup file layout

on the image for a larger view of the picture.

  • The lookup table should contain a header at Row 1.
  • Unique case numbers should be located in column A.
  • Columns B-F can contain additional information and will be included in the NAME column of the output file (which will correspond to the descriptors under Treeview). These descriptors can be diagnostic features (tumor grade, etc., as in this example) but can also contain clinical data such as follow-ups, etc.
  • A pipe ("|") will appear between the information contained within each column, in the output file.
  • Any additional information beyond Columns A-F will not be included in the output file.
Note: the case identifier must begin with the integer 1, and there should be no skipping in the numbering. Thus, for any given case number n, it should appear on row n + 1.

Please refer to the screenshot for an example of the layout.

Last edited by Chih Long Liu on January 17, 2007