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Walkthrough TMA-Deconvoluter - 3

Open the Cluster program. If you don't have it, download it from http://rana.lbl.gov/EisenSoftware.htm. You may pre-filter the data if you wish; otherwise, proceed to clustering by clicking on the "Hierarchical Clustering" tab. You should see the following screen below:

Cluster Program screenshot

Cluster Proram Screenshot

on the image for a larger view of the picture.

The default parameters for clustering are shown in that screenshot. If you wish, you may modify these parameters or other parameters available in the Cluster program. However, the demo files provided on this website have been clustered with these default parameters. Click on "Average Linkage Clustering". The resulting CDT, GTR, and ATR files will appear in your working directory and are ready for viewing under TreeView.

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Step 4 - TreeView

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Last edited by Chih Long Liu on January 17, 2007