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Chih Long Liu

Walkthrough for Stainfinder - 1

What you will need for this walkthrough:

Note: if this is your first time using this TMA data management system, it is recommended that you proceed to the Downloads section and download the Demo Suite files. The examples presented in this walkthrough employ those files, and you should obtain the same results in using these files and with the other necessary programs available elsewhere. It is also highly recommended that you first go through the TMA-Deconvoluter walkthrough if you haven't already done so.

  • Your digital image collection with files created or named in the Bliss filename nomenclature.
  • A computer connected to your intranet or to the Internet that will serve as the web server for your digital image collection.
  • A web server program that can support CGI.
  • The PERL interpreter appropriate for your web server.
  • The Stainfinder program.
  • TreeView
  • A clustered dataset
  • A web browser capable of displaying images
  1. Begin by setting up your web server. Instructions are provided here.

  2. Deposit your TMA image files in your web server. Please refer to the Bliss file system nomenclature for proper file system structure and file names. Be sure that the entire collection resides inside the directory structure recognized by the web server.

  3. Deposit your most updated lookup file into your web server, in the "Composites" directory of your TMA image file collection.

  4. Proceed to Step 2 to configure Stainfinder and TreeView.

Step 2 - Configuring Stainfinder and TreeView

Return to the walkthrough overview.

Last edited by Chih Long Liu on January 17, 2007