Figure 1. Gene expression patterns of 85 experimental samples analyzed by hierarchical-clustering using the 476 cDNA "intrinsic" clone set. A. The tumor specimens were divided into five (or six) subtypes based on differences in gene expression. The cluster dendrogram showing the five (six) subtypes of tumors colored accordingly. Luminal Subtype A = dark blue, Luminal Subtype B = yellow, Luminal Subtype C = light blue, Normal Breast-like = green, Basal-like = red, and ERBB2+ = pink. B. The full cluster diagram scaled down (the complete 456 clone cluster diagram is available as Supplementary Information Figure 4). The colored bars on the right represent the inserts presented in c-g. C. ERBB2 amplicon-cluster. D. Novel unknown cluster. E. Basal epithelial cell enriched cluster. F. Normal Breast-like cluster. G. Luminal epithelial gene cluster containing ER.