Figure 1. A) Cluster diagram of HMEC in vitro experiments. Each column represents a single experiment, and each row represents a single gene. Ratios of gene expression relative to HMEC control samples grown under standard conditions are shown. Green squares represent lower than control levels of gene expression in the experimental samples (ratios less than 1); black squares represent genes equally expressed (ratios near 1); red squares represent higher than control levels of gene expression (ratios greater than 1); gray squares indicate insufficient or missing data. The color saturation reflects the magnitude of the log/ratio (see scale at top right and SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIALS Figure 1 for the full cluster diagram with all gene names). B) Expanded view of the subset of genes whose expression was decreased in association with reduced HMEC proliferation. C) Expanded view of the interferon-regulated gene cluster. In many instances, multiple independent clones/cDNA representing the same gene were spotted on different locations on these microarrays, and in most cases, these copies usually clustered together, either very near each other or immediately adjacent to each other.