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The yeast cell cycle analysis project's goal is to identify all genes whose mRNA levels are regulated by the cell cycle. This site complements the published information from:

Spellman et al., (1998).  Comprehensive Identification of Cell Cycle-regulated Genes of the Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae by Microarray Hybridization.  Molecular Biology of the Cell 9, 3273-3297.

Full text of the paper is available from the Journal's website here .

Items of interest

  • Download original images
    You can get the original tif images, as well as other rawdata, if you are interested in reanalysing the data. 11-7-2000

  • Wild card searching now added to the search page! 12-13-98

  • Downloadable Excel Spreadsheets updated 12-11-98. (Process-Function (from SGD) information added; some SGD names updated.)

    NOTE: We are aware that there was a potential problem retrieving these spreadsheets. This is now fixed. 1-7-99.

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    Figure out what you want to do with this site and the best ways to do it by using this handy reference guide.

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    All figures from the paper are available for viewing as well as an expanded versions of figures 1 and 2 showing the names of all cell cycle regulated genes.

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    View expression profiles for individual genes, genes whose expression profiles are similar to the profiles of other genes, or for genes of various functional classes

  • Download raw data
    All data analyzed in the paper is available for downloading. This includes images of each microarray and a tab delimited file with all analyzed data used for identifying cell cycle regulated genes.

    This work was carried out in the laboratories of David Botstein, Bruce Futcher, Patrick Brown, and Michael Zhang and funded by grants from the NIH GM-46406 (DB), CA77097 (DB), GM-45410 (BF), and HG01696 (MZ).
    All data and figures are copyrighted by either Stanford University or Molecular Biology of the Cell