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Download Data

    To download images and the tab delimited dataset it is best to use the save target as feature of your browser.
  • Download original images
    You can get the original tif images, as well as other rawdata, if you are interested in reanalysing the data.
  • Tab delimited data
    This data set contains all the tab delimited data for the alpha factor, cdc15, and elutriation time courses. Further, it includes the data for the Clb2 and Cln3 induction experiments. Finally it includes our analysis of the data from Cho et al. (Molecular Cell, July 1998).
  • Individual array data
    Images and raw data for each of the arrays.
  • Excel worksheets for either Excel 97/98, or Excel 5/95.
    These Excel spreadsheets contain many features useful for looking at the cell cycle genes. When opening these documents you will be warned that they contain Macros. Allow them to be enabled to use in-sheet sorting capabilities. The Excel97/98 version includes hyperlinks to the SGD, YPD and MIPS databases for each gene. The spreadsheets draw heavily upon information from both the YPD and SGD databases, and are not intended for commercial use. Any suggestions for improvements to this resource are welcomed.
  • A Word document detailing all the genes that were previously identified by traditional methods as cell cycle regulated, with the relevant list of references.

    All data and figures are copyrighted by either Stanford University or Molecular Biology of the Cell