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Fkh1 and Fkh2 are important cell cycle regulators that induce transcription of genes expressed at G2, during G2, while repressing their transcription at other points in the cell cycle. This site complements the published information from:

Zhu et al., Nature 406, 90-4, (2000).

Full text of the paper is available from the Journal's website

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    All data analyzed in the paper is available for downloading. This includes images of each microarray and a tab delimited file with all analyzed data used for identifying cell cycle regulated genes.

This work was carried out in the laboratories of David Botstein, Bruce Futcher, Patrick Brown, and Tricia Davis and funded by grants from the NIH GM-46406 (DB), CA77097 (DB), GM-45410 (BF).
All data and figures are copyrighted by either Cold Springs Harbor Laboratory, Stanford University, or Nature.