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Summary of Vertebrate Homologs Based on P-Value

GenBank Release: Oct-Nov 1996
TBLASTN P-value Number of ORFs at P-value or Lower Percent of Total ORFs (n=6216) Percent Identity*
1e-10 1907 30.1 20-40
1e-20 1527 24.6 30-40
1e-40 1090 17.5 40-50
1e-60 807 13.0 50-60
1e-80 623 10.0 60-70
1e-100 490 7.9 70-80
1e-150 274 4.4 80-90
1e-200 161 2.6 90- 100
*There is no straightforward way to convert P-value into percent identity. The numbers listed here are for a protein of average size with similarity covering at least 50% of its length. The numbers can vary quite a bit: a 100-residue protein with a P-value of 1e-10 may show 70% identity but a 400-residue protein with the same P-value may show only 30% identity. P-values are also sensitive to biases in sequence composition. Low-complexity regions and short repeats were filtered out for the data reported here.

Steve A. Chervitz and the SGD team