Figure 3.Gene expression patterns related to other cell-line phenotypes.
Two-dimensional hierarchical clustering was applied to expression data from a set of 6,831 cDNAs (those with readily detectable fluorescent signal from the reference pool cDNA probe) measured across 64 conditions. (A) Cluster-ordered data table. (B) Doubling time of cell lines. Cell lines in cluster order. Values plotted relative to mean. Doubling times greater than the mean are shown in green, those with doubling time less than the mean are shown in red. (C) Three related gene clusters that were enriched for genes whose expression level variation was correlated with cell line proliferation rate. Each of the three gene clusters (clustered solely on the basis otheir expression patterns) showed enrichment for sets of genes involved in distinct functional categories (e.g., ribosomal genes versus genes involved in pre-RNA splicing). (D) Gene cluster in which all characterized and sequence verified cDNAs code for genes known to regulated by interferon. (E) Gene cluster enriched for genes that have been implicated in drug metabolism (indicated by asterisks).