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Figure 1: Antibody Array detection of labeled antigens.

Figure 2: Antigen array detection of labeled antibodies.

Figure 3: Relationship between the Cy5/Cy3 fluroescence ratios measured with anitbody microarrays and the concentration ratios of the cognate antigens.

Figure 4: Relationship between the Cy5/Cy3 fluorescence ratios measured using antigen microarrays and the concentration ratio of the cognate antibodies.

Figure 5: (A)Percentage of antibodies and antigens providing accurate detection as a function of target protein concentration. (B)Percentage of antibodies or antigens yielding quantitatively correct results as a function of target protein concentration.

Figure 6: The effect of protein concentration of background and detection limits.

Figure 7: Investigation of partial concentration and absolute concentration detection limits.

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