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Hierarchical Clustering

The clustered data format (CDT) files of the raw data (before SVD), used for figure 2 (after SVD), and obtained after bias removal with ANOVA can be downloaded here. Genes listed in Webtable 5 are included in these files. You can view these files with the PC program TreeView (written by Mike Eisen).
  • Raw data (before SVD): CDT| GTR| ATR (get all three files; 2328KB, 338KB, 2KB)

  • Figure 2 (after SVD): CDT| GTR| ATR (get all three files; 2118KB, 251KB, 2KB)

  • After bias removal with ANOVA: CDT| GTR| ATR (get all three files; 2087KB, 267KB, 2KB)


The complete eigengene text files used to compile Webtables 2A-C and 4 can be downloaded here.

  • Eigengene A (synovial sarcoma & GIST vs the other tumors)

  • Eigengene B (synovial sarcoma (positive value) vs GIST (negative value))

  • Eigengene C (calponin-positive leiomyosarcomas vs the other tumors)


The complete SAM excel files used to compile Webtable 3 can be downloaded here. (Warning; these are large files (10.5MB)).

You can download the software tools for performing Significance Analysis of Microarrays at the SAM Supervised learning software page.

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