The transcriptional program in 
	the response of human fibroblasts to serum







Other data

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Search for genes by Unigene cluster ID.
PC version of clustering software available from M. Eisen.
Figure 2 data in the input format for cluster analysis.

Help file
Essential reading for making sense of this web site. It will be constantly updated.

Gene expression database
Search the entire data set for the expression profiles of your favourite genes or search for specific expression profiles. Also download the entire data for importing into your spreadsheet or database.
Clusters and clustering
See an enhanced version of the cluster in Figure 2 with gene names and the dendrogram. Learn about clustering as described in Eisen et al. (1998).
Enhanced figures
Original, high quality versions of the other figures. Figures 4 and 5 have more descriptive and updated gene names.
See the paper
Read the paper and the accompanying news report at the Science Web site and download it in PDF format.
More large-scale gene expression data
Links to other recently published data and related items of interest from the P. Brown and D. Botstein labs.

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