The transcriptional program in the response of human fibroblasts to serum








Other data

The databases include the data for the early time-points in the presence of cycloheximide which was not in the paper. The final concentration of cycloheximide used was 10mg/ml based on the literature. Although we saw super-induction of many genes upon cycloheximide treatment, we do not have independent verification that all protein synthesis was abolished.

Search the consolidated dataset
Search for genes by name, Genbank accession number, Unigene cluster ID, or for specific expression patterns over the entire time-course. Be sure to read the help file before searching by name as you might need to do a BLAST search first.

Individual arrays
Detailed data for each of the array hybridizations. This page lets you search and sort the data using various filtering criteria. You can also see clickable images of each array and download the raw data for each array.

Data for Figure 2 cluster
A tab-delimited text file with the normalized R/G ratios for all genes reported in the cluster in Figure 2. Download this file to your computer for browsing.

You can now do your own clustering using the software made available by M. Eisen. Download and use this input file with the data from Figure 2 as the input for the clustering software.

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