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ID   LAMCG      preliminary; circular DNA; PHG; 48502 BP.
AC   V00636; J02459; M17233; X00906;
DT   15-SEP-1990 (Rel. 5, Created)
DT   01-JUL-1995 (Rel. 12, Last updated, Version 1)
DE   E. coli phage vector lambda (Styloviridae) - complete.
KW   cloning vector.
OS   Bacteriophage lambda, lambda wild-type and lambda strain cI857s7
OC   Viridae; ds-DNA nonenveloped viruses; Siphoviridae.
RN   [1]
RP   44588-44780
RC   from lambda
RA   Lebowitz P., Weissman S.M., Radding C.M.;
RT   "Nucleotide sequence of a ribonucleic acid transcribed in vitro from
RT   lambda phage deoxyribonucleic acid";
RL   J. Biol. Chem. 246:5120-5139(1971).
RN   [2]
RP   1-12
RC   from lambda, cos
RA   Wu R., Taylor E.;
RT   "Nucleotide sequence analysis of DNA. II. Complete nucleotide
RT   sequence of the cohesive ends of bacteriophage lambda DNA";
RL   J. Mol. Biol. 57:491-511(1971).
RN   [3]
RP   45493-45963
RC   from lambda
RA   Imada M., Tsugita A.;
RT   "Amino acid sequence of lambda phage endolysin";
RL   Nature New Biol. 233:230-231(1971).
RN   [4]
RC   from lambda, fragments at the 3'-terminus
RA   Weigel P.H., Englund P.T., Murray K., Old R.W.;
RT   "The 3'-terminal nucleotide sequences of bacteriophage lambda DNA";
RL   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 70:1151-1155(1973).
RN   [5]
RP   38597-38672
RC   from lambda
RA   Dahlberg J.E., Blattner F.R.;
RT   "In vitro transcription products of lambda DNA: Nucleotide sequences
RT   and regulatory sites";
RL   ICN-UCLA Symp. Mol. Cell. Biol. [Virus Research] 2:533-544(1973).
RL   Fox C.F., Robinson W.S., eds., Academic Press, New York.
RN   [6]
RP   37945-38027
RC   from lambda, operators
RA   Maniatis T., Ptashne M., Bachman K., Kleid D.G., Flashman S.M.,
RA   Jeffrey A., Maurer R.;
RT   "Recognition sequences of repressor and polymerase in the operators
RT   of bacteriophage lambda";
RL   Cell 5:109-113(1975).
RN   [7]
RP   37945-38018
RC   from lambda, oR
RA   Maniatis T., Jeffrey A., Kleid D.G.;
RT   "Nucleotide sequence of the rightward operator of phage lambda";
RL   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 72:1184-1188(1975).
RN   [8]
RP   44588-44773
RC   from lambda, 6S gene
RA   Sklar J.L., Yot P., Weissman S.M.;
RT   "Determination of genes, restriction sites, and DNA sequences
RT   surrounding the 6s template of bacteriophage lambda";
RL   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 72:1817-1821(1975).
RN   [9]
RP   35583-35600
RC   from lambda, gene N promoter
RA   Kleid D.G., Agarwal K.L., Khorana H.G.;
RT   "The nucleotide sequence in the promoter region of the gene N in
RT   bacteriophage lambda";
RL   J. Biol. Chem. 250:5574-5582(1975).
RN   [10]
RP   35434-35618
RC   from lambda, pL/oL
RA   Dahlberg J.E., Blattner F.R.;
RT   "Sequence of the promoter-operator proximal region of the major
RT   leftward of bacteriophage lambda";
RL   Nucleic Acids Res. 2:1441-1458(1975).
RN   [11]
RP   37905-37989
RC   from lambda, pR/pRM promoters
RA   Walz A., Pirrotta V., Ineichen K.;
RT   "Lambda repressor regulates the switch between p-r and p-rm
RT   promoters";
RL   Nature 262:665-669(1976).
RN   [12]
RP   37946-38039
RC   from lambda, oR
RA   Smith G.R., Eisen H., Reichardt L., Hedgpeth J.;
RT   "Deletions of lambda phage locating a p-rm mutation within the
RT   rightward operator";
RL   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 73:712-716(1976).
RN   [13]
RP   35578-35667; 37903-38027
RC   pKB252 from pMB9 & lac operon & lambda, cI gene
RC   lambda plac5 from lambda & lac operon
RA   Ptashne M., Backman K., Humayun Z., Jeffrey A., Maurer R.,
RA   Meyer B.J., Sauer R.T.;
RT   "Autoregulation and function of a repressor in bacteriophage lambda";
RL   Science 194:156-161(1976).
RN   [14]
RP   44467-44807
RC   from lambda
RA   Sklar J.L.;
RT   "Structure and function of two regions of DNA controlling the
RT   synthesis of prokaryotic RNAs";
RL   Thesis [Yale University] 0:0-0(1977).
RN   [15]
RP   38610-38732
RC   from lambda, pR/oR/pL/oL
RA   Scherer G., Hobom G., Koessel H.;
RT   "DNA base sequence of the p-o promoter region of phage lambda";
RL   Nature 265:117-121(1977).
RN   [16]
RP   38041-38241
RC   from lambda, cro gene
RA   Roberts T.M., Shimatake H., Brady C., Rosenberg M.;
RT   "Sequence of cro gene of bacteriophage lambda";
RL   Nature 270:274-275(1977).
RN   [17]
RP   27616-28935
RC   from lambda, att site
RA   Davies R.W., Schreier P.H., Buechel D.E.;
RT   "Nucleotide sequence of the attachment site of coliphage lambda";
RL   Nature 270:757-760(1977).
RN   [18]
RP   35578-35667
RC   from lambda, oR/oL
RA   Humayun Z., Jeffrey A., Ptashne M.;
RT   "Completed DNA sequences and organization of repressor-binding sites
RT   in the operators of phage lambda";
RL   J. Mol. Biol. 112:265-277(1977).
RN   [19]
RP   37206-37263; 37914-37970
RC   from lambda, cI gene
RA   Humayun Z.;
RT   "DNA sequence at the end of the cI gene in bacteriophage lambda";
RL   Nucleic Acids Res. 4:2137-2143(1977).
RN   [20]
RP   27617-27934
RC   from lambda, att sites
RA   Landy A., Ross W.;
RT   "Viral integration and excision: structure of the lambda att sites";
RL   Science 197:1147-1160(1977).
RN   [21]
RP   39062-39170
RC   pKDT2, pKDT3, pKDT12, pKDT93, pKDT96 from lambda imm434, ori
RC   pKDT99, pKDT905 from lambda imm434, ori
RA   Denniston-Thompson K., Moore D.D., Kruger K.E., Furth M.E.,
RA   Blattner F.R.;
RT   "Physical structure of the replication origin of bacteriophage
RT   lambda";
RL   Science 198:1051-1056(1977).
RN   [22]
RP   13-72; 48391-48502
RC   from lambda, cos
RA   Nichols B.P., Donelson J.E.;
RT   "178-nucleotide sequence surrounding the cos site of bacteriophage
RT   lambda DNA";
RL   J. Virol. 26:429-434(1978).
RN   [23]
RP   37990-38982
RC   from lambda, cro gene/cII gene/O gene
RA   Schwarz E., Scherer G., Hobom G., Kossel H.;
RT   "Nucleotide sequence of cro, cII and part of the O gene in phage
RT   lambda DNA";
RL   Nature 272:410-414(1978).
RN   [24]
RP   38212-38362
RC   from lambda
RA   Rosenberg M., Court D., Shimatake H., Brady C., Wulff D.L.;
RT   "The relationship between function and DNA sequence in an
RT   intercistronic regulatory region in phage lambda";
RL   Nature 272:414-423(1978).
RN   [25]
RP   37224-37940
RC   from pKB252
RA   Sauer R.T.;
RT   "DNA sequence of the bacteriophage lambda cI gene";
RL   Nature 276:301-302(1978).
RN   [26]
RC   from lambda, transcription termination sites
RA   Adhya S., Gottesman M.;
RT   "Control of transcription termination";
RL   Annu. Rev. Biochem. 47:967-996(1978).
RN   [27]
RP   21661-31129
RC   from lambda, att sites
RA   Hoess R., Landy A.;
RT   "Structure of the lambda att sites generated by int-dependent
RT   deletions";
RL   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 75:5437-5441(1978).
RN   [28]
RP   38453-38500
RC   from lambda, chi site
RA   Sprague K.U., Faulds D.H., Smith G.R.;
RT   "A single base-pair change creates a chi recombinational hotspot in
RT   bacteriophage lambda";
RL   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 75:6182-6186(1978).
RN   [29]
RP   37938-38016; 35589-35666
RC   from lambda, oL/oR
RA   Flashman S.M.;
RT   "Mutational analysis of the operators of bacteriophage lambda";
RL   Mol. Gen. Genet. 166:61-73(1978).
RN   [30]
RP   38597-39688
RC   from lambda, O gene/ori
RA   Scherer G.;
RT   "Nucleotide sequence of the O gene and of the origin of replication
RT   in bacteriophage lambda DNA";
RL   Nucleic Acids Res. 5:3141-3156(1978).
RN   [31]
RP   29711-29811; 31043-31058
RC   lambda b508, lambda b522 from lambda
RC   from lambda b508
RC   pacl 30 from lambda b522 & RSF1050
RA   Davies R.W., Schreier P.H., Buechel D.E.;
RT   "Determination of the endpoints of partial deletion mutants of the
RT   attachment site of bacteriophage lambda by DNA sequencing";
RL   Nucleic Acids Res. 5:3209-3218(1978).
RN   [32]
RP   27711-27826
RC   from lambda, att site
RA   Ross W., Landy A., Kikuchi Y., Nash H.A.;
RT   "Interaction of int protein with specific sites on lambda att DNA";
RL   Cell 18:297-307(1979).
RN   [33]
RP   38008-39328
RC   from lambda, ori
RA   Moore D.D., Denniston-Thompson K., Kruger K.E., Furth M.E.,
RA   Williams B.G., Daniels D.L., Blattner F.R.;
RT   "Dissection and comparative anatomy of the origins of replication of
RT   lambdoid phages";
RL   Cold Spring Harb. Symp. Quant. Biol. 43:155-163(1979).
RN   [34]
RP   38470-39189
RC   from lambda, ori
RA   Hobom G., Grosschedl R., Lusky M., Scherer G., Schwarz E.,
RA   Koessel H.;
RT   "Functional analysis of the replicator structure of lambdoid
RT   bacteriophage DNAs";
RL   Cold Spring Harb. Symp. Quant. Biol. 43:165-178(1979).
RN   [35]
RP   38453-38500
RC   from lambda, chi site
RA   Smith G.R., Faulds D.H., Sprague K.U.;
RT   "Nucleotide-sequence analysis of a chi site";
RL   Cold Spring Harb. Symp. Quant. Biol. 43:1067-1068(1979).
RN   [36]
RP   34957-35615
RC   from lambda, N gene
RA   Franklin N.C., Bennett G.N.;
RT   "The N protein of bacteriophage lambda, defined by its DNA sequence,
RT   is highly basic";
RL   Gene 8:107-119(1979).
RN   [37]
RP   37768-40293
RC   lambda dvh93 from lambda
RA   Schwarz E., Scherer G., Hobom G., Kossel H.;
RT   "The primary structure of the phage lambda P gene completes the
RT   nucleotide sequence of the plasmid lambda-dvh93";
RL   Biochem. Int. 1:386-394(1980).
RN   [38]
RP   37940-38016
RC   from lambda, pRM-
RA   Rosen E.D., Hartley J.L., Matz K., Nichols B.P., Young K.M.,
RA   Donelson J.E., Gussin G.N.;
RT   "DNA sequence analysis of prm- mutations of coliphage lambda";
RL   Gene 11:197-205(1980).
RN   [39]
RP   37305-37352
RC   from lambda, cI repressor gene
RA   Lieb M.;
RT   "Is5 increases recombination in adjacent regions as shown for the
RT   repressor gene of coliphage lambda";
RL   Gene 12:277-280(1980).
RN   [40]
RP   30493-30569
RC   from lambda, chi site
RA   Smith G.R., Schultz D.W., Crasemann J.M.;
RT   "Generalized recombination: Nucleotide sequence homology between chi
RT   recombinational hotspots";
RL   Cell 19:785-793(1980).
RN   [41]
RP   27479-27633
RC   pWR1 from pBR322 & lambda, att site
RC   pWR101 from pWR1
RC   pPH7 from pWR1 & pBR322
RC   pPH10 from pWR1 & pBR322
RC   pPH53, pPH56, pPH50 series from pWR1 & pBR322
RC   pPH300 series from pWR1 & pBR322
RC   pPH500 series from pWR1 & pBR322
RA   Hsu P.L., Ross W., Landy A.;
RT   "The lambda phage att site: functional limits and interaction with
RT   int protein";
RL   Nature 285:85-91(1980).
RN   [42]
RP   28929-29198
RC   pDB106, pDB107 from pBR322 & E.coli trp operon
RC   pDB1083, pDB1086, pDB1088, pDB1089 from pDB106 & lambda, trp gene
RA   Abraham J., Mascarenhas D., Fischer R., Benedik M., Campbell A.,
RA   Echols H.;
RT   "DNA sequence of regulatory region for integration gene of
RT   bacteriophage lambda";
RL   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 77:2477-2481(1980).
RN   [43]
RP   27724-29275
RC   from lambda, int/xis
RA   Hoess R., Foeller C., Bidwell K., Landy A.;
RT   "Site-specific recombination functions of bacteriophage lambda: DNA
RT   sequence of regulatory regions and overlapping structural genes for
RT   int and xis";
RL   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 77:2482-2486(1980).
RN   [44]
RP   27501-27615
RC   pPA214 from pBR322 & lambda, attB-attP
RC   pPA259 from pPA214 & pBR322
RC   pPA series from pBR322 & lambda
RA   Mizuuchi M., Mizuuchi K.;
RT   "Integrative recombination of bacteriophage lambda: extent of the
RT   DNA sequence involved in attachment site function";
RL   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 77:3220-3224(1980).
RN   [45]
RP   38102-38166
RC   from lambda, rho termination site
RA   Calva E., Burgess R.R.;
RT   "Characterization of a rho-dependent termination site within the cro
RT   gene of bacteriophage lambda";
RL   J. Biol. Chem. 255:11017-11022(1980).
RN   [46]
RP   38212-38467
RC   from lambda, cy region
RA   Wulff D.L., Beher M., Izumi S., Beck J., Mahoney M.E., Shimatake H.,
RA   Brady C., Court D., Rosenberg M.;
RT   "Structure and function of the cy control region of bacteriophage
RT   lambda";
RL   J. Mol. Biol. 138:209-230(1980).
RN   [47]
RP   38237-38334
RC   from lambda, rho termination site
RA   Court D., Brady C., Rosenberg M., Wulff D.L., Behr M., Mahoney M.E.,
RA   Izumi S.;
RT   "Control of transcription termination: A rho-dependent termination
RT   site in bacteriophage lambda";
RL   J. Mol. Biol. 138:231-254(1980).
RN   [48]
RP   37940-38023
RC   lambda 132 from lambda, oR
RA   Meyer B.J., Maurer R., Ptashne M.;
RT   "Gene regulation at the right operator (o-r) of bacteriophage
RT   lambda. II. o-r-1, o-r-2, and o-r-3: their roles in mediating the
RT   effects of repressor and cro";
RL   J. Mol. Biol. 139:163-194(1980).
RN   [49]
RP   36245-36343
RC   p21 from pSF2124
RC   pT13 from p21 & lambda, immunity region
RC   pBlambdah3 from pBR322 & lambda, cIts857/oR/pR
RA   Pirrotta V., Ineichen K., Walz A.;
RT   "An unusual polymerase binding site in the immunity region of phage
RT   lambda";
RL   Mol. Gen. Genet. 180:369-376(1980).
RN   [50]
RP   27724-29525
RC   pMG1409 from lambda
RC   pacl 30 from lambda b522 & RSF1050
RC   pacl 29 from lambda, int site/att site
RA   Davies R.W.;
RT   "DNA sequence of the int-xis p-i region of the bacteriophage lambda:
RT   overlap of the int and xis genes";
RL   Nucleic Acids Res. 8:1765-1782(1980).
RN   [51]
RP   23131-23248
RC   from lambda, b2 region
RA   Rosenvold E.C., Calva E., Burgess R.R., Szybalski W.;
RT   "In vitro transcription from the b2 region of bacteriophage lambda";
RL   Virology 107:476-487(1980).
RN   [52]
RP   43681-45634
RC   from lambda, late genes
RA   Daniels D.L.;
RT   "Control of late transcription in bacteriophage lambda";
RL   Thesis [Univ. of Wisconsin] 0:0-0(1981).
RN   [53]
RP   43860-45001
RC   from lambda, pR/gene Q
RA   Petrov N.A., Karginov V.A., Mikryukov N.N., Serpinsky O.I.,
RA   Kravchenko V.V.;
RT   "Complete nucleotide sequence of the bacteriophage lambda DNA region
RT   containing gene Q and promoter p-r";
RL   FEBS Lett. 133:316-320(1981).
RN   [54]
RP   38686-39224
RC   from lambda, ori
RA   Moore D.D., Denniston K.J., Blattner F.R.;
RT   "Sequence organization of the origins of DNA replication in lambdoid
RT   coliphages";
RL   Gene 14:91-101(1981).
RN   [55]
RP   35468-35711
RC   pPLa2 from pBR322 & lambda, pL promoter
RC   pPLa20 from pPLa2
RC   pPLa23 from pPLa2 & pBR322
RC   pPLa2311 from pPLa23 & pMK20, kan
RC   pPLa8 from pPLa2311 & BamHI linker
RC   pPLa83 from pPLa8 & linker
RC   pPLa831 from pPLa83
RC   pPLa832 from pPLa831
RC   pPLc2 from pPLa832 & pBR322
RC   pPLc23 from pPLc2
RC   pPLc236 from pPLc23 & linker
RC   pPLc28 from pPLc236
RC   pPLc24 from pPLc28 & pMS2-7
RC   [pLc245 from pPLc series]
RA   Remaut E., Stanssens P., Fiers W.;
RT   "Plasmid vectors for high-efficiency expression controlled by the pl
RT   promoter of coliphage lambda";
RL   Gene 15:81-93(1981).
RN   [56]
RP   35468-35541
RC   pp-NutL1-galK from galK gene & lambda, Nutl termination
RA   Drahos D., Szybalski W.;
RT   "Antitermination and termination functions of the cloned Nutl, N and
RT   tl1 modules of coliphage lambda";
RL   Gene 16:261-274(1981).
RN   [57]
RP   44972-45057
RC   pDW1 from pBR322 & lambda
RC   pOPII-lambdaPQ from pMB9 & lambda, lacUV5
RC   pKK112lambda from ColE1 & lambda
RA   Smith G.R., Comb M., Schultz D.W., Daniels D.L., Blattner F.R.;
RT   "Nucleotide sequence of the chi recombinational hotspot chi+d in
RT   bacteriophage lambda";
RL   J. Virol. 37:336-342(1981).
RN   [58]
RP   29055-29131
RC   from lambda, int/xis
RA   Miller H.I., Abraham J., Benedik M., Campbell A., Court D.,
RA   Echols H., Fischer R., Galindo J.M., Guarneros G., Hernandez T.,
RA   Mascarenhas D., Montanez C., Schindler D., Schmeissner U.,
RA   Sosa L.;
RT   "Regulation of the integration-excision reaction by bacteriophage
RT   lambda";
RL   Cold Spring Harb. Symp. Quant. Biol. 45:439-445(1981).
RN   [59]
RP   35468-35819
RC   from lambda, pL
RA   Horn G.T., Wells R.D.;
RT   "The leftward promoter of bacteriophage lambda";
RL   J. Biol. Chem. 256:1998-2002(1981).
RN   [60]
RP   29055-29124
RC   from lambda, int gene
RA   Abraham J., Echols H.;
RT   "Regulation of int gene transcription by bacteriophage lambda:
RT   location of the start generated by an int constitutive mutation";
RL   J. Mol. Biol. 146:157-165(1981).
RN   [61]
RP   32503-35905
RC   from lambda, pL/bet gene
RA   Ineichen K., Shepherd J.C., Bickle T.A.;
RT   "The DNA sequence of the phage lambda genome between p-l and the
RT   gene bet";
RL   Nucleic Acids Res. 9:4639-4653(1981).
RN   [62]
RP   31299-31408
RC   pD12 from pKO-3 & lambda, p'R promoter
RA   Luk K.C., Szybalski W.;
RT   "Transcription termination: Sequence and function of the
RT   rho-independent t-l3 terminator in the major leftward operon of
RT   bacteriophage lambda";
RL   Gene 17:247-258(1982).
RN   [63]
RP   2521-3300
RC   from M13mp18
RC   from M13mp19
RA   Hong G.F.;
RT   "Sequencing of large double-stranded DNA using the dideoxy
RT   sequencing technique";
RL   Biosci. Rep. 2:907-912(1982).
RN   [64]
RP   35437-37348
RC   from lambda, rex region
RA   Landsmann J., Kroeger M., Hobom G.;
RT   "The rex region of bacteriophage lambda: Two genes under three-way
RT   control";
RL   Gene 20:11-24(1982).
RN   [65]
RP   40218-43972
RC   from lambda, NinR region
RA   Kroeger M., Hobom G.;
RT   "A chain of interlinked genes in the NinR region of bacteriophage
RT   lambda";
RL   Gene 20:25-38(1982).
RN   [66]
RP   31299-31408
RC   from lambda, tR terminators/tI terminators/nutR antitermination
RA   Luk K.C., Szybalski W.;
RT   "Characterization of the cloned terminators t-r1, t-l3 and t-i, and
RT   the Nutr antitermination site of coliphage lambda";
RL   Gene 20:127-134(1982).
RN   [67]
RP   48424-48500
RC   from lambda, packaging site
RA   Miwa T., Matsubara K.;
RT   "Identification of sequences necessary for packaging DNA into lambda
RT   phage heads";
RL   Gene 20:267-279(1982).
RN   [68]
RP   27650-27741
RC   from lambda, att site
RA   Kravchenko V.V., Mikryukov N.N.;
RT   "Localization of the promoter p-att of the binding site of
RT   Escherichia coli polymerase on phage lambda DNA near the
RT   integration site";
RL   Dokl. Biochem. 264:148-151(1982).
RN   [69]
RP   38262-38386
RC   from lambda, termination site
RA   Lau L.F., Roberts J.W., Wu R.;
RT   "Transcription terminates at lambda tr1 in three clusters";
RL   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 79:6171-6175(1982).
RN   [70]
RP   39219-39338
RC   from lambda, ri c 5b
RA   Moore D.D., Blattner F.R.;
RT   "Appendix: Sequence of lambda ri c 5b";
RL   J. Mol. Biol. 154:81-83(1982).
RN   [71]
RP   37938-38018
RC   from lambda, pRM
RA   Hawley D.K., McClure W.R.;
RT   "Mechanism of activation of transcription initiation from the lambda
RT   p-rm promoter";
RL   J. Mol. Biol. 157:493-525(1982).
RN   [72]
RP   25157-27484
RC   from M13mp18
RC   from M13mp19
RA   Hong G.F.;
RT   "A systematic DNA sequencing strategy";
RL   J. Mol. Biol. 158:539-549(1982).
RN   [73]
RP   1-48502
RC   lambda from E.coli
RA   Sanger F., Coulson A.R., Hong G.F., Hill D.F., Petersen G.B.;
RT   "Nucleotide sequence of bacteriophage lambda DNA";
RL   J. Mol. Biol. 162:729-773(1982).
RN   [74]
RP   35577-35647
RC   pHA10 from pBR322 & lambda, EcoRI-D fragment
RC   pHL10 from pHA10 & lambda
RA   Hyman H.C., Honigman A.;
RT   "The use of the plasmid pha10 in the isolation of lambda pl promoter
RT   mutations";
RL   Mol. Gen. Genet. 185:515-517(1982).
RN   [75]
RP   43682-45218
RC   lambda DD3 from lambda & amp gene & tet gene
RC   lambda c72 from lambda & amp gene & tet gene
RC   pDD9 from pBR322 & lambda DD3
RC   pDD33 from pBR322 & lambda c72
RC   pDD32 from pBR322 & lambda c72
RA   Daniels D.L., Blattner F.R.;
RT   "Nucleotide sequence of the Q gene and the Q to S intergenic region
RT   of bacteriophage lambda";
RL   Virology 117:81-92(1982).
RN   [76]
RP   18414-18746
RC   from lambda, rho-dependent terminator
RA   Luk K.C., Szybalski W.;
RT   "A cluster of leftward, rho-dependent t'j terminators in the J gene
RT   of coliphage lambda";
RL   Gene 21:175-191(1983).
RN   [77]
RP   48469-48498
RC   from lambda, packaging site
RA   Miwa T., Matsubara K.;
RT   "Lambda phage DNA sequences affecting the packaging process";
RL   Gene 24:199-206(1983).
RN   [78]
RP   45901-46443
RC   from lambda, R-z gene
RA   Taylor A., Benedik M., Campbell A.;
RT   "Location of the R-z gene in bacteriophage lambda";
RL   Gene 26:159-163(1983).
RN   [79]
RP   37938-38019
RC   from lambda, pRM
RA   Shih M.C., Gussin G.N.;
RT   "Mutations affecting two different steps in transcription initiation
RT   at the phage lambda p-rm promoter";
RL   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 80:496-500(1983).
RN   [80]
RP   1-56; 48474-48502
RC   pBW8 from pBR322 & lambda, cos2
RA   Feiss M., Kobayashi I., Widner W.;
RT   "Separate sites for binding and nicking of bacteriophage lambda DNA
RT   by terminase";
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RN   [85]
RP   33000-33244; 33420-33543; 33629-34080
RC   pDS34, pDS367, pDS755 from pD12 & lambda, tL2 terminator
RC   pDS33, pDS366, pDS754 from pD12 & lambda, tL2 terminator
RC   pDS30 from pDS34 & pKO-3
RC   pDS29 from pDS33 & pKO-3
RC   pDS360 from pDS367 & pKO-3
RC   pDS359 from pDS366 & pKO-3
RC   pDS750 from pDS755 & pKO-3
RC   pDS749 from pDS754 & pKO-3
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RC   M13mK1 from M13mp9 & galK gene
RC   M13mK115 from M13mK1 & lambda, nutR/tR1
RC   pNTK5 from pBR322 & M13mK115
RC   M13mpLaK from M13mp9 & galK gene
RC   pKS110 from pBR322 & M13mpLaK
RC   pNTK15 from pNTK5 & linker
RC   pNTK30 from pNTK5 & linker
RC   pFW3 from pNTK5 & lambda, tR1
RC   pFW5 from pNTK15 & lambda, tR1
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RN   [91]
RC   [lambda-21 hy 33 from lambda imm21]
RC   [lambda-21 hy 19 1am5 from lambda imm21]
RC   [lambda-21 hy 19 2am143 from lambda imm21]
RC   [lambda-21 hy 19 2am149 from lambda imm21]
RC   pBW33 from pBR322 & lambda-21 hy 33
RC   pVJ5 from lambda-21 hy 19 1am5
RC   pVJ149 from lambda-21 hy 19 2am149
RC   pSF4 from pSF1 & lambda-21 hy 19 2am143
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RT   lambda cII protein and affect the translation efficiency of the cII
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RT   strategy";
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RN   [94]
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RC   pD553 from pp-NutL1-galK & lambda, nutL
RC   pD571 from pp-NutL1-galK & lambda, nutL
RC   pSPT8 from pp-NutL1-galK & lambda, nutL
RC   pSPT5 from pp-NutL1-galK & lambda, nutL
RC   pSPT3 from pp-NutL1-galK & lambda, nutL
RC   pSP60 from pp-NutL1-galK & lambda, nutL
RC   pNP109 from pp-NutL1-galK & lambda, nutL
RC   pDX1 from nutL & pKO-3
RC   pDE3 from nutL & pKO-3
RC   pD553-3 from pD553 & oligo
RC   pBA74nutL-1 from pD553-3 & pDX1 & linker
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RC   pCYC2 from pUC9 & pCR01
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RP   44374-44374
RC   lambda
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RT   ;
RL   Submitted (27-OCT-1982) to the EMBL Data Library by:
RL   Sanger F., .
RN   [97]
RC   lambda
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RL   Submitted (00-XXX-1983) to GenBank on tape by:
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RC   from pBB105
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RT   gene product";
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RC   pRK112lambda from pRK112 & lambda plac5S7
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RN   [105]
RC   pBen3 from lambda, cI857
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RC   pBen6 from pBen5
RC   pBen27 from pAO41
RC   pBen28 from pAO41 & pBR327
RC   pBen29 from pAO41 & pBR327
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RT   for supertwisted DNA in vivo and characterization of int";
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RT   antiterminator in vitro";
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RN   [110]
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RC   pBS77 from pBRcro434
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RT   for expression of lambda imm434 bacteriophage cro repressor]";
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CC   References [3] to [85] are either annotated by [83] or [84].
CC   References [83] to [84] are the sources for the annotations.
CC   Only references [25] through [84] are represented in the feature
CC   table.
CC   This is the best representation to date of the wild-type lambda
CC   l-strand, though much of the sequence was determined for the
CC   cI857s7 strain and changed to wild-type [83].
CC   All reported variations leading to the strains cI857s7, imm21,
CC   imm434, lac5, Nin5, and b2 are included in the annotation.
CC   The first twelve bases are the sticky ends.
CC   A significant fraction of the known mutations
CC   affecting replication and transcription have been annotated [83].
CC   A large number of point mutations, deletions and substitutions have
CC   not been annotated [83].
CC   Each coding sequence belongs to a reading frame (ORF) whose number,
CC   in parentheses, should indicate the number of amino acids coded [73].
CC   The starting points for translation are known with varying
CC   degrees of certainty; for example, the start site for the N
CC   protein, given here as 35438, may be downstream (on the
CC   complementary strand) at 35360 [73].
CC   When direct empirical evidence such as mutation or amino acid sequence
CC   is lacking, the start point is said to be putative.
CC   Intergenic spaces in lambda are typically short and overlapping:
CC   the multiple reading frames (mult) range between a span of 1 and
CC   a span of 103.
CC   In most cases, a start codon precedes a termination codon,
CC   exceptions being the m-l boundary, at 13429, and the 314-194 boundary,
CC   at 21973, which show the E. coli trp operon pattern of
CC   translational coupling (see ECOTRP).
CC   Transcription in the central region, bases 22686 to 37940, is
CC   leftward off the l-strand.
CC   Signals and recognition sites in this region, without judgement made
CC   about their polarity, are treated accordingly, hence their span
CC   should be read toward the left rather than toward the right.
CC   Furthermore some leftward transcription is located outside the
CC   central region is also indicated on the complementary strand.
CC   In general, the estimates for the extent or span of signals like
CC   operators, binding sites like Nutr or int-binding sites, etc.,
CC   and of the attachment site (att) vary in the literature [83].
CC   No attempt is made to annotate promoters as signals
CC   because of the indefiniteness of their span.
CC   However, known promoter mutants are given.
CC   The cII protein is known to bind in the -35 regions of p-i (29091)
CC   and pre(38369).
CC   Transcript termination sites must be understood to be conditional on
CC   the N and Q proteins and less than 100% efficient.
CC   There remain terminators to be found and some of those annotated
CC   may have significance only in vitro.
CC   NM (lambda)
CC   CM (yes)
CC   NA (ds-DNA)
CC   TP (circular)(linear)
CC   ST ()
CC   TY (phage)
CC   HO (E.coli)
CC   CP ()
CC   FN (cloning)
CC   SE ()
CC   PA (lambda wild-type)(lambda strain cI857s7)
CC   BR ()
CC   OF (lambda gt10)(lambda gt102)(lambda gt11)(lambda gt11D)
CC   OF (lambda gt11SN)(lambda gt22A)(lambda dvh93)
CC   OF (lambda 1059)(lambda 2001)(lambda amp3)(lambda spc2)(lambda dl10)
CC   OF (lambda dl11)(lambda DR2)(lambda JK2)(lambda JK4)(lambda cI857R)
CC   OF (lambda SE4)(lambda SE5)(lambda SE6)(lambda SHLX1)(lambda SHLX2)
CC   OF (lambda ZD31)(lambda ZD32)(lambda ZD35)(lambda pi 12)(lambda pi 25)
CC   OF (EMBL12)(EMBL3)(EMBL4)(Charon 4A)
CC   OF (Charon 28)(Charon 40)(Charomid 9-20)(Charomid 9-28)
CC   OR (5' end of l-strand of lambda chromosome - sticky end)
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   misc_feature    0..0
FT                   /note="1. E. coli
FT                   -> lambda 48502bp"
FT   CDS             191..736
FT                   /note="GEN lambda nu1 gene (DNA packaging; 181 bp)"
FT   CDS             711..2636
FT                   /note="GEN lambda A gene (DNA packaging; 641 bp)"
FT   CDS             2633..2839
FT                   /note="GEN lambda W gene (head-tail joining; 68 bp)"
FT   CDS             2836..4437
FT                   /note="GEN lambda B gene (capsid component; 533 bp)"
FT   sig_peptide     2839..2901
FT                   /note="lambda B gene leader peptide"
FT   mat_peptide     2902..4434
FT                   /note="lambda B gene mature peptide"
FT   CDS             4418..5737
FT                   /note="GEN lambda C gene (capsid component; 439 bp)"
FT   CDS             5132..5737
FT                   /note="GEN lambda nu3 gene (capsid assembly; 201 bp)"
FT   CDS             5747..6079
FT                   /note="GEN lambda D gene (head-DNA stabilization;
FT                   110 bp)"
FT   CDS             6135..7160
FT                   /note="GEN lambda E gene (capsid component; 341 bp)"
FT   CDS             7202..7600
FT                   /note="GEN lambda Fi gene (DNA packaging; 117 bp)"
FT   CDS             7612..7965
FT                   /note="GEN lambda Fii gene (head-tail joining;
FT                   117 bp)"
FT   CDS             7977..8555
FT                   /note="GEN lambda Z gene (tail component; 192 bp)"
FT   CDS             8552..8947
FT                   /note="GEN lambda U gene (tail component; 131 bp)"
FT   CDS             8955..9695
FT                   /note="GEN lambda V gene (tail component; 256 bp)"
FT   CDS             9711..10133
FT                   /note="GEN lambda G gene (tail component; 140 bp)"
FT   CDS             10115..10549
FT                   /note="GEN lambda T gene (tail component; 144 bp)"
FT   CDS             10542..13103
FT                   /note="GEN lambda H gene (tail component; 853 bp)"
FT   CDS             13100..13429
FT                   /note="GEN lambda M gene (tail component; 109 bp)"
FT   CDS             13429..14127
FT                   /note="GEN lambda L gene (tail component; 232 bp)"
FT   CDS             14276..14875
FT                   /note="GEN lambda K gene (tail component; 199 bp)"
FT   CDS             14773..15444
FT                   /note="GEN lambda I gene (tail component; 223 bp)"
FT   CDS             15505..18903
FT                   /note="GEN lambda J gene (tail:host specificity;
FT                   1132 bp)"
FT   mRNA            complement(18482..35582)
FT                   /note="RNA mRNA-pl (alt.; via t'j4 terminator)"
FT   mRNA            complement(18597..35582)
FT                   /note="RNA mRNA-pl (alt.; via t'j3 terminator)"
FT   mRNA            complement(18637..35582)
FT                   /note="RNA mRNA-pl (alt.; via t'j2 terminator)"
FT   mRNA            complement(18671..35582)
FT                   /note="RNA mRNA-pl (alt.; via t'j1 terminator)"
FT   CDS             18965..19585
FT                   /note="GEN lambda lom gene (outer host membrane;
FT                   206 bp)"
FT   mutation        19368..23278
FT                   /note="lambda lac5 gene substitution"
FT   CDS             19650..20855
FT                   /note="GEN lambda orf-401"
FT   CDS             21029..21973
FT                   /note="GEN lambda orf-314"
FT   mutation        21737..>21737
FT                   /note="lambda b2 gene substitution,
FT                   terminating at the att site"
FT   CDS             21973..22557
FT                   /note="GEN lambda orf-194"
FT   CDS             complement(22686..23918)
FT                   /note="GEN lambda ea47 gene"
FT   mRNA            complement(<23231..23231)
FT                   /note="RNA mRNA-pbl"
FT   misc_recomb     24389..24390
FT                   /note="SIT lambda::lambdoid hybridization site"
FT   CDS             complement(24509..25399)
FT                   /note="GEN lambda ea31 gene (296 bp)"
FT   CDS             complement(25396..26973)
FT                   /note="GEN lambda ea59 gene (525 bp)"
FT   mutation        27537..27537
FT                   /note="t in sib3; c in wild-type"
FT   mRNA            complement(27538..35582)
FT                   /note="RNA mRNA-pl (alt.; via ti terminator)"
FT   mRNA            complement(27538..29065)
FT                   /note="RNA mRNA lambda int (integration; 356 bp;
FT                   via ti terminator)"
FT   mutation        27547..27547
FT                   /note="a in hef13; g in wild-type"
FT   mutation        27568..27568
FT                   /note="a in sib2; c in wild-type"
FT   mutation        27573..27573
FT                   /note="t in sib1; g in wild-type"
FT   misc_binding    27583..27602
FT                   /note="SIT lambda int binding site 1"
FT   misc_binding    27615..27634
FT                   /note="SIT lambda int binding site 2"
FT   misc_binding    27714..27747
FT                   /note="SIT lambda int binding site 3"
FT   misc_recomb     27723..27738
FT                   /note="SIT lambda attachment core (att) for host
FT                   chromosome insertion"
FT   CDS             complement(27812..28882)
FT                   /note="GEN lambda int gene (integration; 356 bp)"
FT   misc_binding    27814..27854
FT                   /note="SIT lambda int binding site 4"
FT   CDS             complement(28860..29078)
FT                   /note="GEN lambda xis gene (excision; 72 bp)"
FT   mutation        29063..29063
FT                   /note="a in xis am6; g in wild-type"
FT   CDS             complement(29374..29655)
FT                   /note="GEN lambda ea8.5 gene (93 bp)"
FT   CDS             complement(29847..30395)
FT                   /note="GEN lambda ea22 gene (182 bp)"
FT   mRNA            complement(31262..35582)
FT                   /note="RNA mRNA-pl (alt.; via tl3 terminator)"
FT   misc_recomb     31266..31267
FT                   /note="SIT lambda::lambdoid hybridization site"
FT   CDS             complement(31348..32028)
FT                   /note="GEN lambda exo gene (exonuclease; 226 bp)"
FT   CDS             complement(32025..32810)
FT                   /note="GEN lambda bet gene (recombination; 261 bp)"
FT   CDS             complement(32816..33232)
FT                   /note="GEN lambda gam gene (recombination; 138 bp)"
FT   mRNA            complement(33100..35582)
FT                   /note="RNA mRNA-pl (alt.; via tl2d terminator)"
FT   mRNA            complement(33141..35582)
FT                   /note="RNA mRNA-pl (alt.; via tl2c terminator)"
FT   CDS             complement(33187..33330)
FT                   /note="GEN lambda kil gene (host-killing; 54 bp)"
FT   CDS             complement(33299..33463)
FT                   /note="GEN lambda cIII gene (antitermination; 89 bp)"
FT   mRNA            complement(33494..35582)
FT                   /note="RNA mRNA-pl (alt.; via tl2b terminator)"
FT   CDS             complement(33536..33904)
FT                   /note="GEN lambda ea10 gene (ssb; 122 bp)"
FT   mRNA            complement(33930..35582)
FT                   /note="RNA mRNA-pl (alt.; via tl2a terminator)"
FT   CDS             complement(34087..34287)
FT                   /note="GEN lambda ral gene (restriction alleviation;
FT                   66 bp)"
FT   mutation        34378..38617
FT                   /note="lambda imm21 region"
FT   mRNA            complement(34560..35582)
FT                   /note="RNA mRNA-pl (alt.; via tl1 terminator)"
FT   CDS             complement(35037..35438)
FT                   /note="GEN lambda N gene (early gene regulator;
FT                   133 bp)"
FT   misc_binding    complement(35518..35534)
FT                   /note="SIT Nutl (N-utilization leftward) putative
FT                   binding site"
FT   mutation        35528..35528
FT                   /note="a in Nutl63; g in Nutl96; t in Nutl18;
FT                   c in wild-type"
FT   mutation        35530..35530
FT                   /note="g in wild-type; deleted in Nutl3"
FT   mutation        35583..38245
FT                   /note="lambda imm434 region"
FT   misc_signal     complement(35591..35607)
FT                   /note="SIT operator-l1 (first base on comp strand)"
FT   mutation        35596..35596
FT                   /note="a in vir2; t in v003; c in wild-type"
FT   mutation        35606..35606
FT                   /note="c in vir101; t in wild-type"
FT   misc_signal     complement(35615..35631)
FT                   /note="SIT operator-l2 (first base on comp strand)"
FT   mutation        35621..35621
FT                   /note="t in v305; c in wild-type"
FT   mutation        35622..35622
FT                   /note="t in v305; g in wild-type"
FT   misc_signal     complement(35635..35651)
FT                   /note="SIT operator-l3 (first base on comp strand)"
FT   mRNA            complement(35798..37940)
FT                   /note="RNA mRNA-prm (via timm terminator)"
FT   mRNA            complement(35798..38343)
FT                   /note="RNA mRNA-pre (via timm terminator)"
FT   mRNA            complement(35798..36256)
FT                   /note="RNA mRNA-plit (via timm terminator)"
FT   CDS             complement(35825..36259)
FT                   /note="GEN lambda rexb gene (exclusion; 144 bp)"
FT   mutation        35940..35940
FT                   /note="a in rex209; g in wild-type"
FT   mutation        35947..35947
FT                   /note="a in rex111; g in wild-type"
FT   CDS             complement(36275..37114)
FT                   /note="GEN lambda rexa gene (exclusion; 279 bp)"
FT   CDS             complement(37227..37940)
FT                   /note="REP bacteriophage lambda cI repressor gene;
FT                   237 bp"
FT   mutation        37287..37287
FT                   /note="a in cIam14; c in wild-type"
FT   mutation        37308..37308
FT                   /note="c in cIam504; g in wild-type"
FT   mutation        37313..37313
FT                   /note="a in cIam505; g in wild-type"
FT   variation       37589..37589
FT                   /note="t in strain cI857s7 [23]; c in wild type"
FT   mutation        37589..37589
FT                   /note="t in ind1; c in wild-type"
FT   mutation        37629..37629
FT                   /note="c in cIam499; g in wild-type"
FT   mutation        37635..37635
FT                   /note="c in cIam212; a in wild-type"
FT   mutation        37680..37680
FT                   /note="a in cIam34; c in wild-type"
FT   variation       37742..37742
FT                   /note="t in strain ci857s7 [23]; c in wild type"
FT   mutation        37742..37742
FT                   /note="t in ci857; c in wild-type"
FT   mutation        37808..37808
FT                   /note="a in cIam282; g in wild-type"
FT   mutation        37872..37872
FT                   /note="c in cIam302; a in wild-type"
FT   misc_signal     37951..37967
FT                   /note="SIT operator-r3"
FT   mutation        37954..37954
FT                   /note="t in prm-e37; c in wild-type"
FT   mutation        37955..37955
FT                   /note="g in vc3; a in wild-type"
FT   mutation        37957..37957
FT                   /note="t in or3-r1; c in wild-type"
FT   mutation        37958..37958
FT                   /note="t in or3-r2; a in or3-r3 mutants;
FT                   g in wild-type"
FT   mutation        37965..37965
FT                   /note="g in or3-c12; a in wild-type"
FT   mutation        37966..37966
FT                   /note="c in or3-c10; t in wild-type"
FT   mutation        37971..37971
FT                   /note="g in p-rmup-1; a in wild-type"
FT   mutation        37973..37973
FT                   /note="t in prm-m104, 116, u31 mutants;
FT                   c in wild-type"
FT   misc_signal     37974..37990
FT                   /note="SIT operator-r2"
FT   mutation        37978..37978
FT                   /note="t in prm-e104; g in vc3; a in wild-type"
FT   mutation        37979..37979
FT                   /note="a in virl; t in prm-e93; c in wild-type"
FT   mutation        37985..37985
FT                   /note="t in vn; g in wild-type"
FT   mutation        37989..37989
FT                   /note="t deleted in mah4 mutant"
FT   mutation        37990..37990
FT                   /note="g deleted in mch9 mutant"
FT   mutation        37991..37991
FT                   /note="g in pr-x3; a in wild-type"
FT   misc_signal     37998..38014
FT                   /note="SIT operator-r1"
FT   mutation        38003..38003
FT                   /note="a in vs326; c in wild-type"
FT   mutation        38007..38007
FT                   /note="t in prm-uv8; a in vir3; c in wild-type"
FT   mutation        38008..38008
FT                   /note="a in prm-uv93; m36 mutants; g in wild-type"
FT   mutation        38009..38009
FT                   /note="c in vs387; t in vc1; g in wild-type"
FT   mRNA            38023..38135
FT                   /note="RNA mRNA-pr (alt.; via tr0 terminator)"
FT   mRNA            38023..38315
FT                   /note="RNA mRNA-pr (alt.; via tr1a terminator)"
FT   mRNA            38023..38337
FT                   /note="RNA mRNA-pr (alt.; via tr1b terminator)"
FT   mRNA            38023..38370
FT                   /note="RNA mRNA-pr (alt.; via tr1c terminator)"
FT   mRNA            38023..40624
FT                   /note="RNA mRNA-pr (alt.; via tr2 terminator)"
FT   CDS             38041..38241
FT                   /note="GEN lambda cro gene (antirepressor; also tof;
FT                   66 bp)"
FT   misc_feature    38249..38266
FT                   /note="SIT rho utilization site A (rutA)"
FT   misc_binding    38265..38281
FT                   /note="SIT Nutr (N-utilization rightward) putative
FT                   binding site"
FT   misc_feature    38282..38301
FT                   /note="SIT rho utilization site B (rutB)"
FT   mutation        38302..38302
FT                   /note="a in cin-1; g in wild-type"
FT   mutation        38306..38306
FT                   /note="c in cnc1; t in wild-type"
FT   mutation        38307..38307
FT                   /note="g in cnc8; a in wild-type"
FT   mutation        38350..38350
FT                   /note="g in cy3048; a in wild-type"
FT   mutation        38354..38354
FT                   /note="c in cy2001; t in wild-type"
FT   mutation        38357..38357
FT                   /note="t in cy3019; c in wild-type"
FT   CDS             38360..38653
FT                   /note="GEN lambda cII gene (antitermination; 119 bp)"
FT   mutation        38364..38364
FT                   /note="g in can1; t in wild-type"
FT   mutation        38370..38370
FT                   /note="t in cy3003; c in wild-type"
FT   mutation        38371..38371
FT                   /note="t in cy42; a in wild-type"
FT   mutation        38376..38376
FT                   /note="g in cy844; a in wild-type"
FT   mutation        38379..38379
FT                   /note="a in cy3008; g in wild-type"
FT   mutation        38380..38380
FT                   /note="t in cy3001; c in wild-type"
FT   mutation        38430..38430
FT                   /note="c in cII2002; t in wild-type"
FT   misc_signal     38543..38557
FT                   /note="SIT lambda ice gene (inceptor signal for DNA
FT                   replication)"
FT   mRNA            complement(38599..38675)
FT                   /note="RNA mRNA-oop transcription mRNA"
FT   CDS             38686..39585
FT                   /note="GEN lambda O gene (DNA replication; 299 bp)"
FT   misc_binding    39034..39051
FT                   /note="SIT ori iteron 1 (O binding site)"
FT   misc_binding    39054..39071
FT                   /note="SIT ori iteron 2 (O binding site)"
FT   misc_binding    39078..39095
FT                   /note="SIT ori iteron 3 (O binding site)"
FT   misc_binding    39101..39118
FT                   /note="SIT ori iteron 4 (O binding site)"
FT   mutation        39122..39122
FT                   /note="a in ti-12; c in wild-type"
FT   misc_recomb     39157..39158
FT                   /note="SIT lambda::lambdoid hybridization site"
FT   misc_recomb     39165..39166
FT                   /note="SIT lambda::lambdoid hybridization site"
FT   mutation        39268..39268
FT                   /note="t in ric5b; c in wild-type"
FT   mutation        39292..39292
FT                   /note="a in ric5b; g in wild-type"
FT   CDS             39582..40283
FT                   /note="GEN lambda P gene (DNA replication; 233 bp)"
FT   CDS             40280..40570
FT                   /note="GEN lambda ren gene (exclusion; 96 bp)"
FT   mutation        40501..43307
FT                   /note="lambda Nin5 gene substitution"
FT   CDS             40644..41084
FT                   /note="GEN lambda Nin 146 gene (pept unknown; 146 bp)"
FT   CDS             41081..41953
FT                   /note="GEN lambda Nin 290 gene (pept unknown; 290 bp)"
FT   CDS             41950..42123
FT                   /note="GEN lambda Nin 57 gene (pept unknown; 57 bp)"
FT   CDS             42090..42272
FT                   /note="GEN lambda Nin 60 gene (pept unknown; 60 bp)"
FT   CDS             42269..42439
FT                   /note="GEN lambda Nin 56 gene (pept unknown; 56 bp)"
FT   CDS             42429..43043
FT                   /note="GEN lambda Nin 204 gene (pept unknown; 204 bp)"
FT   CDS             43040..43246
FT                   /note="GEN lambda Nin 68 gene (pept unknown; 68 bp)"
FT   variation       43082..43082
FT                   /note="a in strain cI857s7 [23]; g in wild type"
FT   unsure          43082..43082
FT                   /note="g or a, cited in [83]"
FT   CDS             43224..43889
FT                   /note="GEN lambda Nin 221 gene (pept unknown; 221 bp)"
FT   misc_recomb     43884..43885
FT                   /note="SIT lambda::lambdoid hybridization site"
FT   CDS             43886..44509
FT                   /note="GEN lambda Q gene (late gene regulator;
FT                   207 bp)"
FT   mRNA            44587..44780
FT                   /note="RNA mRNA-pr' transcription (late genes) mRNA"
FT   CDS             44621..44815
FT                   /note="GEN lambda orf-64"
FT   CDS             45186..45509
FT                   /note="GEN lambda S gene (cell lysis;107)"
FT   variation       45352..45352
FT                   /note="a in strain cI857s7 [23]; g in wild type"
FT   mutation        45352..45352
FT                   /note="a in sam7; g in wild-type"
FT   CDS             45493..45969
FT                   /note="GEN lambda R gene (cell lysis; 158 bp)"
FT   CDS             45966..46427
FT                   /note="GEN lambda Rz gene (cell lysis; 153 bp)"
SQ   Sequence 48502 BP; 12334 A; 11362 C; 12820 G; 11986 T; 0 other;
     gggcggcgac ctcgcgggtt ttcgctattt atgaaaattt tccggtttaa ggcgtttccg
     ttcttcttcg tcataactta atgtttttat ttaaaatacc ctctgaaaag aaaggaaacg
     acaggtgctg aaagcgaggc tttttggcct ctgtcgtttc ctttctctgt ttttgtccgt
     ggaatgaaca atggaagtca acaaaaagca gctggctgac attttcggtg cgagtatccg
     taccattcag aactggcagg aacagggaat gcccgttctg cgaggcggtg gcaagggtaa
     tgaggtgctt tatgactctg ccgccgtcat aaaatggtat gccgaaaggg atgctgaaat
     tgagaacgaa aagctgcgcc gggaggttga agaactgcgg caggccagcg aggcagatct
     ccagccagga actattgagt acgaacgcca tcgacttacg cgtgcgcagg ccgacgcaca
     ggaactgaag aatgccagag actccgctga agtggtggaa accgcattct gtactttcgt
     gctgtcgcgg atcgcaggtg aaattgccag tattctcgac gggctccccc tgtcggtgca
     gcggcgtttt ccggaactgg aaaaccgaca tgttgatttc ctgaaacggg atatcatcaa
     agccatgaac aaagcagccg cgctggatga actgataccg gggttgctga gtgaatatat
     cgaacagtca ggttaacagg ctgcggcatt ttgtccgcgc cgggcttcgc tcactgttca
     ggccggagcc acagaccgcc gttgaatggg cggatgctaa ttactatctc ccgaaagaat
     ccgcatacca ggaagggcgc tgggaaacac tgccctttca gcgggccatc atgaatgcga
     tgggcagcga ctacatccgt gaggtgaatg tggtgaagtc tgcccgtgtc ggttattcca
     aaatgctgct gggtgtttat gcctacttta tagagcataa gcagcgcaac acccttatct
     ggttgccgac ggatggtgat gccgagaact ttatgaaaac ccacgttgag ccgactattc
     gtgatattcc gtcgctgctg gcgctggccc cgtggtatgg caaaaagcac cgggataaca
     cgctcaccat gaagcgtttc actaatgggc gtggcttctg gtgcctgggc ggtaaagcgg
     caaaaaacta ccgtgaaaag tcggtggatg tggcgggtta tgatgaactt gctgcttttg
     atgatgatat tgaacaggaa ggctctccga cgttcctggg tgacaagcgt attgaaggct
     cggtctggcc aaagtccatc cgtggctcca cgccaaaagt gagaggcacc tgtcagattg
     agcgtgcagc cagtgaatcc ccgcatttta tgcgttttca tgttgcctgc ccgcattgcg
     gggaggagca gtatcttaaa tttggcgaca aagagacgcc gtttggcctc aaatggacgc
     cggatgaccc ctccagcgtg ttttatctct gcgagcataa tgcctgcgtc atccgccagc
     aggagctgga ctttactgat gcccgttata tctgcgaaaa gaccgggatc tggacccgtg
     atggcattct ctggttttcg tcatccggtg aagagattga gccacctgac agtgtgacct
     ttcacatctg gacagcgtac agcccgttca ccacctgggt gcagattgtc aaagactgga
     tgaaaacgaa aggggatacg ggaaaacgta aaaccttcgt aaacaccacg ctcggtgaga
     cgtgggaggc gaaaattggc gaacgtccgg atgctgaagt gatggcagag cggaaagagc
     attattcagc gcccgttcct gaccgtgtgg cttacctgac cgccggtatc gactcccagc
     tggaccgcta cgaaatgcgc gtatggggat gggggccggg tgaggaaagc tggctgattg
     accggcagat tattatgggc cgccacgacg atgaacagac gctgctgcgt gtggatgagg
     ccatcaataa aacctatacc cgccggaatg gtgcagaaat gtcgatatcc cgtatctgct
     gggatactgg cgggattgac ccgaccattg tgtatgaacg ctcgaaaaaa catgggctgt
     tccgggtgat ccccattaaa ggggcatccg tctacggaaa gccggtggcc agcatgccac
     gtaagcgaaa caaaaacggg gtttacctta ccgaaatcgg tacggatacc gcgaaagagc
     agatttataa ccgcttcaca ctgacgccgg aaggggatga accgcttccc ggtgccgttc
     acttcccgaa taacccggat atttttgatc tgaccgaagc gcagcagctg actgctgaag
     agcaggtcga aaaatgggtg gatggcagga aaaaaatact gtgggacagc aaaaagcgac
     gcaatgaggc actcgactgc ttcgtttatg cgctggcggc gctgcgcatc agtatttccc
     gctggcagct ggatctcagt gcgctgctgg cgagcctgca ggaagaggat ggtgcagcaa
     ccaacaagaa aacactggca gattacgccc gtgccttatc cggagaggat gaatgacgcg
     acaggaagaa cttgccgctg cccgtgcggc actgcatgac ctgatgacag gtaaacgggt
     ggcaacagta cagaaagacg gacgaagggt ggagtttacg gccacttccg tgtctgacct
     gaaaaaatat attgcagagc tggaagtgca gaccggcatg acacagcgac gcaggggacc
     tgcaggattt tatgtatgaa aacgcccacc attcccaccc ttctggggcc ggacggcatg
     acatcgctgc gcgaatatgc cggttatcac ggcggtggca gcggatttgg agggcagttg
     cggtcgtgga acccaccgag tgaaagtgtg gatgcagccc tgttgcccaa ctttacccgt
     ggcaatgccc gcgcagacga tctggtacgc aataacggct atgccgccaa cgccatccag
     ctgcatcagg atcatatcgt cgggtctttt ttccggctca gtcatcgccc aagctggcgc
     tatctgggca tcggggagga agaagcccgt gccttttccc gcgaggttga agcggcatgg
     aaagagtttg ccgaggatga ctgctgctgc attgacgttg agcgaaaacg cacgtttacc
     atgatgattc gggaaggtgt ggccatgcac gcctttaacg gtgaactgtt cgttcaggcc
     acctgggata ccagttcgtc gcggcttttc cggacacagt tccggatggt cagcccgaag
     cgcatcagca acccgaacaa taccggcgac agccggaact gccgtgccgg tgtgcagatt
     aatgacagcg gtgcggcgct gggatattac gtcagcgagg acgggtatcc tggctggatg
     ccgcagaaat ggacatggat accccgtgag ttacccggcg ggcgcgcctc gttcattcac
     gtttttgaac ccgtggagga cgggcagact cgcggtgcaa atgtgtttta cagcgtgatg
     gagcagatga agatgctcga cacgctgcag aacacgcagc tgcagagcgc cattgtgaag
     gcgatgtatg ccgccaccat tgagagtgag ctggatacgc agtcagcgat ggattttatt
     ctgggcgcga acagtcagga gcagcgggaa aggctgaccg gctggattgg tgaaattgcc
     gcgtattacg ccgcagcgcc ggtccggctg ggaggcgcaa aagtaccgca cctgatgccg
     ggtgactcac tgaacctgca gacggctcag gatacggata acggctactc cgtgtttgag
     cagtcactgc tgcggtatat cgctgccggg ctgggtgtct cgtatgagca gctttcccgg
     aattacgccc agatgagcta ctccacggca cgggccagtg cgaacgagtc gtgggcgtac
     tttatggggc ggcgaaaatt cgtcgcatcc cgtcaggcga gccagatgtt tctgtgctgg
     ctggaagagg ccatcgttcg ccgcgtggtg acgttacctt caaaagcgcg cttcagtttt
     caggaagccc gcagtgcctg ggggaactgc gactggatag gctccggtcg tatggccatc
     gatggtctga aagaagttca ggaagcggtg atgctgatag aagccggact gagtacctac
     gagaaagagt gcgcaaaacg cggtgacgac tatcaggaaa tttttgccca gcaggtccgt
     gaaacgatgg agcgccgtgc agccggtctt aaaccgcccg cctgggcggc tgcagcattt
     gaatccgggc tgcgacaatc aacagaggag gagaagagtg acagcagagc tgcgtaatct
     cccgcatatt gccagcatgg cctttaatga gccgctgatg cttgaacccg cctatgcgcg
     ggttttcttt tgtgcgcttg caggccagct tgggatcagc agcctgacgg atgcggtgtc
     cggcgacagc ctgactgccc aggaggcact cgcgacgctg gcattatccg gtgatgatga
     cggaccacga caggcccgca gttatcaggt catgaacggc atcgccgtgc tgccggtgtc
     cggcacgctg gtcagccgga cgcgggcgct gcagccgtac tcggggatga ccggttacaa
     cggcattatc gcccgtctgc aacaggctgc cagcgatccg atggtggacg gcattctgct
     cgatatggac acgcccggcg ggatggtggc gggggcattt gactgcgctg acatcatcgc
     ccgtgtgcgt gacataaaac cggtatgggc gcttgccaac gacatgaact gcagtgcagg
     tcagttgctt gccagtgccg cctcccggcg tctggtcacg cagaccgccc ggacaggctc
     catcggcgtc atgatggctc acagtaatta cggtgctgcg ctggagaaac agggtgtgga
     aatcacgctg atttacagcg gcagccataa ggtggatggc aacccctaca gccatcttcc
     ggatgacgtc cgggagacac tgcagtcccg gatggacgca acccgccaga tgtttgcgca
     gaaggtgtcg gcatataccg gcctgtccgt gcaggttgtg ctggataccg aggctgcagt
     gtacagcggt caggaggcca ttgatgccgg actggctgat gaacttgtta acagcaccga
     tgcgatcacc gtcatgcgtg atgcactgga tgcacgtaaa tcccgtctct caggagggcg
     aatgaccaaa gagactcaat caacaactgt ttcagccact gcttcgcagg ctgacgttac
     tgacgtggtg ccagcgacgg agggcgagaa cgccagcgcg gcgcagccgg acgtgaacgc
     gcagatcacc gcagcggttg cggcagaaaa cagccgcatt atggggatcc tcaactgtga
     ggaggctcac ggacgcgaag aacaggcacg cgtgctggca gaaacccccg gtatgaccgt
     gaaaacggcc cgccgcattc tggccgcagc accacagagt gcacaggcgc gcagtgacac
     tgcgctggat cgtctgatgc agggggcacc ggcaccgctg gctgcaggta acccggcatc
     tgatgccgtt aacgatttgc tgaacacacc agtgtaaggg atgtttatga cgagcaaaga
     aacctttacc cattaccagc cgcagggcaa cagtgacccg gctcataccg caaccgcgcc
     cggcggattg agtgcgaaag cgcctgcaat gaccccgctg atgctggaca cctccagccg
     taagctggtt gcgtgggatg gcaccaccga cggtgctgcc gttggcattc ttgcggttgc
     tgctgaccag accagcacca cgctgacgtt ctacaagtcc ggcacgttcc gttatgagga
     tgtgctctgg ccggaggctg ccagcgacga gacgaaaaaa cggaccgcgt ttgccggaac
     ggcaatcagc atcgtttaac tttacccttc atcactaaag gccgcctgtg cggctttttt
     tacgggattt ttttatgtcg atgtacacaa ccgcccaact gctggcggca aatgagcaga
     aatttaagtt tgatccgctg tttctgcgtc tctttttccg tgagagctat cccttcacca
     cggagaaagt ctatctctca caaattccgg gactggtaaa catggcgctg tacgtttcgc
     cgattgtttc cggtgaggtt atccgttccc gtggcggctc cacctctgaa tttacgccgg
     gatatgtcaa gccgaagcat gaagtgaatc cgcagatgac cctgcgtcgc ctgccggatg
     aagatccgca gaatctggcg gacccggctt accgccgccg tcgcatcatc atgcagaaca
     tgcgtgacga agagctggcc attgctcagg tcgaagagat gcaggcagtt tctgccgtgc
     ttaagggcaa atacaccatg accggtgaag ccttcgatcc ggttgaggtg gatatgggcc
     gcagtgagga gaataacatc acgcagtccg gcggcacgga gtggagcaag cgtgacaagt
     ccacgtatga cccgaccgac gatatcgaag cctacgcgct gaacgccagc ggtgtggtga
     atatcatcgt gttcgatccg aaaggctggg cgctgttccg ttccttcaaa gccgtcaagg
     agaagctgga tacccgtcgt ggctctaatt ccgagctgga gacagcggtg aaagacctgg
     gcaaagcggt gtcctataag gggatgtatg gcgatgtggc catcgtcgtg tattccggac
     agtacgtgga aaacggcgtc aaaaagaact tcctgccgga caacacgatg gtgctgggga
     acactcaggc acgcggtctg cgcacctatg gctgcattca ggatgcggac gcacagcgcg
     aaggcattaa cgcctctgcc cgttacccga aaaactgggt gaccaccggc gatccggcgc
     gtgagttcac catgattcag tcagcaccgc tgatgctgct ggctgaccct gatgagttcg
     tgtccgtaca actggcgtaa tcatggccct tcggggccat tgtttctctg tggaggagtc
     catgacgaaa gatgaactga ttgcccgtct ccgctcgctg ggtgaacaac tgaaccgtga
     tgtcagcctg acggggacga aagaagaact ggcgctccgt gtggcagagc tgaaagagga
     gcttgatgac acggatgaaa ctgccggtca ggacacccct ctcagccggg aaaatgtgct
     gaccggacat gaaaatgagg tgggatcagc gcagccggat accgtgattc tggatacgtc
     tgaactggtc acggtcgtgg cactggtgaa gctgcatact gatgcacttc acgccacgcg
     ggatgaacct gtggcatttg tgctgccggg aacggcgttt cgtgtctctg ccggtgtggc
     agccgaaatg acagagcgcg gcctggccag aatgcaataa cgggaggcgc tgtggctgat
     ttcgataacc tgttcgatgc tgccattgcc cgcgccgatg aaacgatacg cgggtacatg
     ggaacgtcag ccaccattac atccggtgag cagtcaggtg cggtgatacg tggtgttttt
     gatgaccctg aaaatatcag ctatgccgga cagggcgtgc gcgttgaagg ctccagcccg
     tccctgtttg tccggactga tgaggtgcgg cagctgcggc gtggagacac gctgaccatc
     ggtgaggaaa atttctgggt agatcgggtt tcgccggatg atggcggaag ttgtcatctc
     tggcttggac ggggcgtacc gcctgccgtt aaccgtcgcc gctgaaaggg ggatgtatgg
     ccataaaagg tcttgagcag gccgttgaaa acctcagccg tatcagcaaa acggcggtgc
     ctggtgccgc cgcaatggcc attaaccgcg ttgcttcatc cgcgatatcg cagtcggcgt
     cacaggttgc ccgtgagaca aaggtacgcc ggaaactggt aaaggaaagg gccaggctga
     aaagggccac ggtcaaaaat ccgcaggcca gaatcaaagt taaccggggg gatttgcccg
     taatcaagct gggtaatgcg cgggttgtcc tttcgcgccg caggcgtcgt aaaaaggggc
     agcgttcatc cctgaaaggt ggcggcagcg tgcttgtggt gggtaaccgt cgtattcccg
     gcgcgtttat tcagcaactg aaaaatggcc ggtggcatgt catgcagcgt gtggctggga
     aaaaccgtta ccccattgat gtggtgaaaa tcccgatggc ggtgccgctg accacggcgt
     ttaaacaaaa tattgagcgg atacggcgtg aacgtcttcc gaaagagctg ggctatgcgc
     tgcagcatca actgaggatg gtaataaagc gatgaaacat actgaactcc gtgcagccgt
     actggatgca ctggagaagc atgacaccgg ggcgacgttt tttgatggtc gccccgctgt
     ttttgatgag gcggattttc cggcagttgc cgtttatctc accggcgctg aatacacggg
     cgaagagctg gacagcgata cctggcaggc ggagctgcat atcgaagttt tcctgcctgc
     tcaggtgccg gattcagagc tggatgcgtg gatggagtcc cggatttatc cggtgatgag
     cgatatcccg gcactgtcag atttgatcac cagtatggtg gccagcggct atgactaccg
     gcgcgacgat gatgcgggct tgtggagttc agccgatctg acttatgtca ttacctatga
     aatgtgagga cgctatgcct gtaccaaatc ctacaatgcc ggtgaaaggt gccgggacca
     ccctgtgggt ttataagggg agcggtgacc cttacgcgaa tccgctttca gacgttgact
     ggtcgcgtct ggcaaaagtt aaagacctga cgcccggcga actgaccgct gagtcctatg
     acgacagcta tctcgatgat gaagatgcag actggactgc gaccgggcag gggcagaaat
     ctgccggaga taccagcttc acgctggcgt ggatgcccgg agagcagggg cagcaggcgc
     tgctggcgtg gtttaatgaa ggcgataccc gtgcctataa aatccgcttc ccgaacggca
     cggtcgatgt gttccgtggc tgggtcagca gtatcggtaa ggcggtgacg gcgaaggaag
     tgatcacccg cacggtgaaa gtcaccaatg tgggacgtcc gtcgatggca gaagatcgca
     gcacggtaac agcggcaacc ggcatgaccg tgacgcctgc cagcacctcg gtggtgaaag
     ggcagagcac cacgctgacc gtggccttcc agccggaggg cgtaaccgac aagagctttc
     gtgcggtgtc tgcggataaa acaaaagcca ccgtgtcggt cagtggtatg accatcaccg
     tgaacggcgt tgctgcaggc aaggtcaaca ttccggttgt atccggtaat ggtgagtttg
     ctgcggttgc agaaattacc gtcaccgcca gttaatccgg agagtcagcg atgttcctga
     aaaccgaatc atttgaacat aacggtgtga ccgtcacgct ttctgaactg tcagccctgc
     agcgcattga gcatctcgcc ctgatgaaac ggcaggcaga acaggcggag tcagacagca
     accggaagtt tactgtggaa gacgccatca gaaccggcgc gtttctggtg gcgatgtccc
     tgtggcataa ccatccgcag aagacgcaga tgccgtccat gaatgaagcc gttaaacaga
     ttgagcagga agtgcttacc acctggccca cggaggcaat ttctcatgct gaaaacgtgg
     tgtaccggct gtctggtatg tatgagtttg tggtgaataa tgcccctgaa cagacagagg
     acgccgggcc cgcagagcct gtttctgcgg gaaagtgttc gacggtgagc tgagttttgc
     cctgaaactg gcgcgtgaga tggggcgacc cgactggcgt gccatgcttg ccgggatgtc
     atccacggag tatgccgact ggcaccgctt ttacagtacc cattattttc atgatgttct
     gctggatatg cacttttccg ggctgacgta caccgtgctc agcctgtttt tcagcgatcc
     ggatatgcat ccgctggatt tcagtctgct gaaccggcgc gaggctgacg aagagcctga
     agatgatgtg ctgatgcaga aagcggcagg gcttgccgga ggtgtccgct ttggcccgga
     cgggaatgaa gttatccccg cttccccgga tgtggcggac atgacggagg atgacgtaat
     gctgatgaca gtatcagaag ggatcgcagg aggagtccgg tatggctgaa ccggtaggcg
     atctggtcgt tgatttgagt ctggatgcgg ccagatttga cgagcagatg gccagagtca
     ggcgtcattt ttctggtacg gaaagtgatg cgaaaaaaac agcggcagtc gttgaacagt
     cgctgagccg acaggcgctg gctgcacaga aagcggggat ttccgtcggg cagtataaag
     ccgccatgcg tatgctgcct gcacagttca ccgacgtggc cacgcagctt gcaggcgggc
     aaagtccgtg gctgatcctg ctgcaacagg gggggcaggt gaaggactcc ttcggcggga
     tgatccccat gttcaggggg cttgccggtg cgatcaccct gccgatggtg ggggccacct
     cgctggcggt ggcgaccggt gcgctggcgt atgcctggta tcagggcaac tcaaccctgt
     ccgatttcaa caaaacgctg gtcctttccg gcaatcaggc gggactgacg gcagatcgta
     tgctggtcct gtccagagcc gggcaggcgg cagggctgac gtttaaccag accagcgagt
     cactcagcgc actggttaag gcgggggtaa gcggtgaggc tcagattgcg tccatcagcc
     agagtgtggc gcgtttctcc tctgcatccg gcgtggaggt ggacaaggtc gctgaagcct
     tcgggaagct gaccacagac ccgacgtcgg ggctgacggc gatggctcgc cagttccata
     acgtgtcggc ggagcagatt gcgtatgttg ctcagttgca gcgttccggc gatgaagccg
     gggcattgca ggcggcgaac gaggccgcaa cgaaagggtt tgatgaccag acccgccgcc
     tgaaagagaa catgggcacg ctggagacct gggcagacag gactgcgcgg gcattcaaat
     ccatgtggga tgcggtgctg gatattggtc gtcctgatac cgcgcaggag atgctgatta
     aggcagaggc tgcgtataag aaagcagacg acatctggaa tctgcgcaag gatgattatt
     ttgttaacga tgaagcgcgg gcgcgttact gggatgatcg tgaaaaggcc cgtcttgcgc
     ttgaagccgc ccgaaagaag gctgagcagc agactcaaca ggacaaaaat gcgcagcagc
     agagcgatac cgaagcgtca cggctgaaat ataccgaaga ggcgcagaag gcttacgaac
     ggctgcagac gccgctggag aaatataccg cccgtcagga agaactgaac aaggcactga
     aagacgggaa aatcctgcag gcggattaca acacgctgat ggcggcggcg aaaaaggatt
     atgaagcgac gctgaaaaag ccgaaacagt ccagcgtgaa ggtgtctgcg ggcgatcgtc
     aggaagacag tgctcatgct gccctgctga cgcttcaggc agaactccgg acgctggaga
     agcatgccgg agcaaatgag aaaatcagcc agcagcgccg ggatttgtgg aaggcggaga
     gtcagttcgc ggtactggag gaggcggcgc aacgtcgcca gctgtctgca caggagaaat
     ccctgctggc gcataaagat gagacgctgg agtacaaacg ccagctggct gcacttggcg
     acaaggttac gtatcaggag cgcctgaacg cgctggcgca gcaggcggat aaattcgcac
     agcagcaacg ggcaaaacgg gccgccattg atgcgaaaag ccgggggctg actgaccggc
     aggcagaacg ggaagccacg gaacagcgcc tgaaggaaca gtatggcgat aatccgctgg
     cgctgaataa cgtcatgtca gagcagaaaa agacctgggc ggctgaagac cagcttcgcg
     ggaactggat ggcaggcctg aagtccggct ggagtgagtg ggaagagagc gccacggaca
     gtatgtcgca ggtaaaaagt gcagccacgc agacctttga tggtattgca cagaatatgg
     cggcgatgct gaccggcagt gagcagaact ggcgcagctt cacccgttcc gtgctgtcca
     tgatgacaga aattctgctt aagcaggcaa tggtggggat tgtcgggagt atcggcagcg
     ccattggcgg ggctgttggt ggcggcgcat ccgcgtcagg cggtacagcc attcaggccg
     ctgcggcgaa attccatttt gcaaccggag gatttacggg aaccggcggc aaatatgagc
     cagcggggat tgttcaccgt ggtgagtttg tcttcacgaa ggaggcaacc agccggattg
     gcgtggggaa tctttaccgg ctgatgcgcg gctatgccac cggcggttat gtcggtacac
     cgggcagcat ggcagacagc cggtcgcagg cgtccgggac gtttgagcag aataaccatg
     tggtgattaa caacgacggc acgaacgggc agataggtcc ggctgctctg aaggcggtgt
     atgacatggc ccgcaagggt gcccgtgatg aaattcagac acagatgcgt gatggtggcc
     tgttctccgg aggtggacga tgaagacctt ccgctggaaa gtgaaacccg gtatggatgt
     ggcttcggtc ccttctgtaa gaaaggtgcg ctttggtgat ggctattctc agcgagcgcc
     tgccgggctg aatgccaacc tgaaaacgta cagcgtgacg ctttctgtcc cccgtgagga
     ggccacggta ctggagtcgt ttctggaaga gcacgggggc tggaaatcct ttctgtggac
     gccgccttat gagtggcggc agataaaggt gacctgcgca aaatggtcgt cgcgggtcag
     tatgctgcgt gttgagttca gcgcagagtt tgaacaggtg gtgaactgat gcaggatatc
     cggcaggaaa cactgaatga atgcacccgt gcggagcagt cggccagcgt ggtgctctgg
     gaaatcgacc tgacagaggt cggtggagaa cgttattttt tctgtaatga gcagaacgaa
     aaaggtgagc cggtcacctg gcaggggcga cagtatcagc cgtatcccat tcaggggagc
     ggttttgaac tgaatggcaa aggcaccagt acgcgcccca cgctgacggt ttctaacctg
     tacggtatgg tcaccgggat ggcggaagat atgcagagtc tggtcggcgg aacggtggtc
     cggcgtaagg tttacgcccg ttttctggat gcggtgaact tcgtcaacgg aaacagttac
     gccgatccgg agcaggaggt gatcagccgc tggcgcattg agcagtgcag cgaactgagc
     gcggtgagtg cctcctttgt actgtccacg ccgacggaaa cggatggcgc tgtttttccg
     ggacgtatca tgctggccaa cacctgcacc tggacctatc gcggtgacga gtgcggttat
     agcggtccgg ctgtcgcgga tgaatatgac cagccaacgt ccgatatcac gaaggataaa
     tgcagcaaat gcctgagcgg ttgtaagttc cgcaataacg tcggcaactt tggcggcttc
     ctttccatta acaaactttc gcagtaaatc ccatgacaca gacagaatca gcgattctgg
     cgcacgcccg gcgatgtgcg ccagcggagt cgtgcggctt cgtggtaagc acgccggagg
     gggaaagata tttcccctgc gtgaatatct ccggtgagcc ggaggctatt tccgtatgtc
     gccggaagac tggctgcagg cagaaatgca gggtgagatt gtggcgctgg tccacagcca
     ccccggtggt ctgccctggc tgagtgaggc cgaccggcgg ctgcaggtgc agagtgattt
     gccgtggtgg ctggtctgcc gggggacgat tcataagttc cgctgtgtgc cgcatctcac
     cgggcggcgc tttgagcacg gtgtgacgga ctgttacaca ctgttccggg atgcttatca
     tctggcgggg attgagatgc cggactttca tcgtgaggat gactggtggc gtaacggcca
     gaatctctat ctggataatc tggaggcgac ggggctgtat caggtgccgt tgtcagcggc
     acagccgggc gatgtgctgc tgtgctgttt tggttcatca gtgccgaatc acgccgcaat
     ttactgcggc gacggcgagc tgctgcacca tattcctgaa caactgagca aacgagagag
     gtacaccgac aaatggcagc gacgcacaca ctccctctgg cgtcaccggg catggcgcgc
     atctgccttt acggggattt acaacgattt ggtcgccgca tcgaccttcg tgtgaaaacg
     ggggctgaag ccatccgggc actggccaca cagctcccgg cgtttcgtca gaaactgagc
     gacggctggt atcaggtacg gattgccggg cgggacgtca gcacgtccgg gttaacggcg
     cagttacatg agactctgcc tgatggcgct gtaattcata ttgttcccag agtcgccggg
     gccaagtcag gtggcgtatt ccagattgtc ctgggggctg ccgccattgc cggatcattc
     tttaccgccg gagccaccct tgcagcatgg ggggcagcca ttggggccgg tggtatgacc
     ggcatcctgt tttctctcgg tgccagtatg gtgctcggtg gtgtggcgca gatgctggca
     ccgaaagcca gaactccccg tatacagaca acggataacg gtaagcagaa cacctatttc
     tcctcactgg ataacatggt tgcccagggc aatgttctgc ctgttctgta cggggaaatg
     cgcgtggggt cacgcgtggt ttctcaggag atcagcacgg cagacgaagg ggacggtggt
     caggttgtgg tgattggtcg ctgatgcaaa atgttttatg tgaaaccgcc tgcgggcggt
     tttgtcattt atggagcgtg aggaatgggt aaaggaagca gtaaggggca taccccgcgc
     gaagcgaagg acaacctgaa gtccacgcag ttgctgagtg tgatcgatgc catcagcgaa
     gggccgattg aaggtccggt ggatggctta aaaagcgtgc tgctgaacag tacgccggtg
     ctggacactg aggggaatac caacatatcc ggtgtcacgg tggtgttccg ggctggtgag
     caggagcaga ctccgccgga gggatttgaa tcctccggct ccgagacggt gctgggtacg
     gaagtgaaat atgacacgcc gatcacccgc accattacgt ctgcaaacat cgaccgtctg
     cgctttacct tcggtgtaca ggcactggtg gaaaccacct caaagggtga caggaatccg
     tcggaagtcc gcctgctggt tcagatacaa cgtaacggtg gctgggtgac ggaaaaagac
     atcaccatta agggcaaaac cacctcgcag tatctggcct cggtggtgat gggtaacctg
     ccgccgcgcc cgtttaatat ccggatgcgc aggatgacgc cggacagcac cacagaccag
     ctgcagaaca aaacgctctg gtcgtcatac actgaaatca tcgatgtgaa acagtgctac
     ccgaacacgg cactggtcgg cgtgcaggtg gactcggagc agttcggcag ccagcaggtg
     agccgtaatt atcatctgcg cgggcgtatt ctgcaggtgc cgtcgaacta taacccgcag
     acgcggcaat acagcggtat ctgggacgga acgtttaaac cggcatacag caacaacatg
     gcctggtgtc tgtgggatat gctgacccat ccgcgctacg gcatggggaa acgtcttggt
     gcggcggatg tggataaatg ggcgctgtat gtcatcggcc agtactgcga ccagtcagtg
     ccggacggct ttggcggcac ggagccgcgc atcacctgta atgcgtacct gaccacacag
     cgtaaggcgt gggatgtgct cagcgatttc tgctcggcga tgcgctgtat gccggtatgg
     aacgggcaga cgctgacgtt cgtgcaggac cgaccgtcgg ataagacgtg gacctataac
     cgcagtaatg tggtgatgcc ggatgatggc gcgccgttcc gctacagctt cagcgccctg
     aaggaccgcc ataatgccgt tgaggtgaac tggattgacc cgaacaacgg ctgggagacg
     gcgacagagc ttgttgaaga tacgcaggcc attgcccgtt acggtcgtaa tgttacgaag
     atggatgcct ttggctgtac cagccggggg caggcacacc gcgccgggct gtggctgatt
     aaaacagaac tgctggaaac gcagaccgtg gatttcagcg tcggcgcaga agggcttcgc
     catgtaccgg gcgatgttat tgaaatctgc gatgatgact atgccggtat cagcaccggt
     ggtcgtgtgc tggcggtgaa cagccagacc cggacgctga cgctcgaccg tgaaatcacg
     ctgccatcct ccggtaccgc gctgataagc ctggttgacg gaagtggcaa tccggtcagc
     gtggaggttc agtccgtcac cgacggcgtg aaggtaaaag tgagccgtgt tcctgacggt
     gttgctgaat acagcgtatg ggagctgaag ctgccgacgc tgcgccagcg actgttccgc
     tgcgtgagta tccgtgagaa cgacgacggc acgtatgcca tcaccgccgt gcagcatgtg
     ccggaaaaag aggccatcgt ggataacggg gcgcactttg acggcgaaca gagtggcacg
     gtgaatggtg tcacgccgcc agcggtgcag cacctgaccg cagaagtcac tgcagacagc
     ggggaatatc aggtgctggc gcgatgggac acaccgaagg tggtgaaggg cgtgagtttc
     ctgctccgtc tgaccgtaac agcggacgac ggcagtgagc ggctggtcag cacggcccgg
     acgacggaaa ccacataccg cttcacgcaa ctggcgctgg ggaactacag gctgacagtc
     cgggcggtaa atgcgtgggg gcagcagggc gatccggcgt cggtatcgtt ccggattgcc
     gcaccggcag caccgtcgag gattgagctg acgccgggct attttcagat aaccgccacg
     ccgcatcttg ccgtttatga cccgacggta cagtttgagt tctggttctc ggaaaagcag
     attgcggata tcagacaggt tgaaaccagc acgcgttatc ttggtacggc gctgtactgg
     atagccgcca gtatcaatat caaaccgggc catgattatt acttttatat ccgcagtgtg
     aacaccgttg gcaaatcggc attcgtggag gccgtcggtc gggcgagcga tgatgcggaa
     ggttacctgg attttttcaa aggcaagata accgaatccc atctcggcaa ggagctgctg
     gaaaaagtcg agctgacgga ggataacgcc agcagactgg aggagttttc gaaagagtgg
     aaggatgcca gtgataagtg gaatgccatg tgggctgtca aaattgagca gaccaaagac
     ggcaaacatt atgtcgcggg tattggcctc agcatggagg acacggagga aggcaaactg
     agccagtttc tggttgccgc caatcgtatc gcatttattg acccggcaaa cgggaatgaa
     acgccgatgt ttgtggcgca gggcaaccag atattcatga acgacgtgtt cctgaagcgc
     ctgacggccc ccaccattac cagcggcggc aatcctccgg ccttttccct gacaccggac
     ggaaagctga ccgctaaaaa tgcggatatc agtggcagtg tgaatgcgaa ctccgggacg
     ctcagtaatg tgacgatagc tgaaaactgt acgataaacg gtacgctgag ggcggaaaaa
     atcgtcgggg acattgtaaa ggcggcgagc gcggcttttc cgcgccagcg tgaaagcagt
     gtggactggc cgtcaggtac ccgtactgtc accgtgaccg atgaccatcc ttttgatcgc
     cagatagtgg tgcttccgct gacgtttcgc ggaagtaagc gtactgtcag cggcaggaca
     acgtattcga tgtgttatct gaaagtactg atgaacggtg cggtgattta tgatggcgcg
     gcgaacgagg cggtacaggt gttctcccgt attgttgaca tgccagcggg tcggggaaac
     gtgatcctga cgttcacgct tacgtccaca cggcattcgg cagatattcc gccgtatacg
     tttgccagcg atgtgcaggt tatggtgatt aagaaacagg cgctgggcat cagcgtggtc
     tgagtgtgtt acagaggttc gtccgggaac gggcgtttta ttataaaaca gtgagaggtg
     aacgatgcgt aatgtgtgta ttgccgttgc tgtctttgcc gcacttgcgg tgacagtcac
     tccggcccgt gcggaaggtg gacatggtac gtttacggtg ggctattttc aagtgaaacc
     gggtacattg ccgtcgttgt cgggcgggga taccggtgtg agtcatctga aagggattaa
     cgtgaagtac cgttatgagc tgacggacag tgtgggggtg atggcttccc tggggttcgc
     cgcgtcgaaa aagagcagca cagtgatgac cggggaggat acgtttcact atgagagcct
     gcgtggacgt tatgtgagcg tgatggccgg accggtttta caaatcagta agcaggtcag
     tgcgtacgcc atggccggag tggctcacag tcggtggtcc ggcagtacaa tggattaccg
     taagacggaa atcactcccg ggtatatgaa agagacgacc actgccaggg acgaaagtgc
     aatgcggcat acctcagtgg cgtggagtgc aggtatacag attaatccgg cagcgtccgt
     cgttgttgat attgcttatg aaggctccgg cagtggcgac tggcgtactg acggattcat
     cgttggggtc ggttataaat tctgattagc caggtaacac agtgttatga cagcccgccg
     gaaccggtgg gcttttttgt ggggtgaata tggcagtaaa gatttcagga gtcctgaaag
     acggcacagg aaaaccggta cagaactgca ccattcagct gaaagccaga cgtaacagca
     ccacggtggt ggtgaacacg gtgggctcag agaatccgga tgaagccggg cgttacagca
     tggatgtgga gtacggtcag tacagtgtca tcctgcaggt tgacggtttt ccaccatcgc
     acgccgggac catcaccgtg tatgaagatt cacaaccggg gacgctgaat gattttctct
     gtgccatgac ggaggatgat gcccggccgg aggtgctgcg tcgtcttgaa ctgatggtgg
     aagaggtggc gcgtaacgcg tccgtggtgg cacagagtac ggcagacgcg aagaaatcag
     ccggcgatgc cagtgcatca gctgctcagg tcgcggccct tgtgactgat gcaactgact
     cagcacgcgc cgccagcacg tccgccggac aggctgcatc gtcagctcag gaagcgtcct
     ccggcgcaga agcggcatca gcaaaggcca ctgaagcgga aaaaagtgcc gcagccgcag
     agtcctcaaa aaacgcggcg gccaccagtg ccggtgcggc gaaaacgtca gaaacgaatg
     ctgcagcgtc acaacaatca gccgccacgt ctgcctccac cgcggccacg aaagcgtcag
     aggccgccac ttcagcacga gatgcggtgg cctcaaaaga ggcagcaaaa tcatcagaaa
     cgaacgcatc atcaagtgcc ggtcgtgcag cttcctcggc aacggcggca gaaaattctg
     ccagggcggc aaaaacgtcc gagacgaatg ccaggtcatc tgaaacagca gcggaacgga
     gcgcctctgc cgcggcagac gcaaaaacag cggcggcggg gagtgcgtca acggcatcca
     cgaaggcgac agaggctgcg ggaagtgcgg tatcagcatc gcagagcaaa agtgcggcag
     aagcggcggc aatacgtgca aaaaattcgg caaaacgtgc agaagatata gcttcagctg
     tcgcgcttga ggatgcggac acaacgagaa aggggatagt gcagctcagc agtgcaacca
     acagcacgtc tgaaacgctt gctgcaacgc caaaggcggt taaggtggta atggatgaaa
     cgaacagaaa agcccactgg acagtccggc actgaccgga acgccaacag caccaaccgc
     gctcagggga acaaacaata cccagattgc gaacaccgct tttgtactgg ccgcgattgc
     agatgttatc gacgcgtcac ctgacgcact gaatacgctg aatgaactgg ccgcagcgct
     cgggaatgat ccagattttg ctaccaccat gactaacgcg cttgcgggta aacaaccgaa
     gaatgcgaca ctgacggcgc tggcagggct ttccacggcg aaaaataaat taccgtattt
     tgcggaaaat gatgccgcca gcctgactga actgactcag gttggcaggg atattctggc
     aaaaaattcc gttgcagatg ttcttgaata ccttggggcc ggtgagaatt cggcctttcc
     ggcaggtgcg ccgatcccgt ggccatcaga tatcgttccg tctggctacg tcctgatgca
     ggggcaggcg tttgacaaat cagcctaccc aaaacttgct gtcgcgtatc catcgggtgt
     gcttcctgat atgcgaggct ggacaatcaa ggggaaaccc gccagcggtc gtgctgtatt
     gtctcaggaa caggatggaa ttaagtcgca cacccacagt gccagtgcat ccggtacgga
     tttggggacg aaaaccacat cgtcgtttga ttacgggacg aaaacaacag gcagtttcga
     ttacggcacc aaatcgacga ataacacggg ggctcatgct cacagtctga gcggttcaac
     aggggccgcg ggtgctcatg cccacacaag tggtttaagg atgaacagtt ctggctggag
     tcagtatgga acagcaacca ttacaggaag tttatccaca gttaaaggaa ccagcacaca
     gggtattgct tatttatcga aaacggacag tcagggcagc cacagtcact cattgtccgg
     tacagccgtg agtgccggtg cacatgcgca tacagttggt attggtgcgc accagcatcc
     ggttgttatc ggtgctcatg cccattcttt cagtattggt tcacacggac acaccatcac
     cgttaacgct gcgggtaacg cggaaaacac cgtcaaaaac attgcattta actatattgt
     gaggcttgca taatggcatt cagaatgagt gaacaaccac ggaccataaa aatttataat
     ctgctggccg gaactaatga atttattggt gaaggtgacg catatattcc gcctcatacc
     ggtctgcctg caaacagtac cgatattgca ccgccagata ttccggctgg ctttgtggct
     gttttcaaca gtgatgaggc atcgtggcat ctcgttgaag accatcgggg taaaaccgtc
     tatgacgtgg cttccggcga cgcgttattt atttctgaac tcggtccgtt accggaaaat
     tttacctggt tatcgccggg aggggaatat cagaagtgga acggcacagc ctgggtgaag
     gatacggaag cagaaaaact gttccggatc cgggaggcgg aagaaacaaa aaaaagcctg
     atgcaggtag ccagtgagca tattgcgccg cttcaggatg ctgcagatct ggaaattgca
     acgaaggaag aaacctcgtt gctggaagcc tggaagaagt atcgggtgtt gctgaaccgt
     gttgatacat caactgcacc tgatattgag tggcctgctg tccctgttat ggagtaatcg
     ttttgtgata tgccgcagaa acgttgtatg aaataacgtt ctgcggttag ttagtatatt
     gtaaagctga gtattggttt atttggcgat tattatcttc aggagaataa tggaagttct
     atgactcaat tgttcatagt gtttacatca ccgccaattg cttttaagac tgaacgcatg
     aaatatggtt tttcgtcatg ttttgagtct gctgttgata tttctaaagt cggttttttt
     tcttcgtttt ctctaactat tttccatgaa atacattttt gattattatt tgaatcaatt
     ccaattacct gaagtctttc atctataatt ggcattgtat gtattggttt attggagtag
     atgcttgctt ttctgagcca tagctctgat atccaaatga agccataggc atttgttatt
     ttggctctgt cagctgcata acgccaaaaa atatatttat ctgcttgatc ttcaaatgtt
     gtattgatta aatcaattgg atggaattgt ttatcataaa aaattaatgt ttgaatgtga
     taaccgtcct ttaaaaaagt cgtttctgca agcttggctg tatagtcaac taactcttct
     gtcgaagtga tatttttagg cttatctacc agttttagac gctctttaat atcttcagga
     attattttat tgtcatattg tatcatgcta aatgacaatt tgcttatgga gtaatctttt
     aattttaaat aagttattct cctggcttca tcaaataaag agtcgaatga tgttggcgaa
     atcacatcgt cacccattgg attgtttatt tgtatgccaa gagagttaca gcagttatac
     attctgccat agattatagc taaggcatgt aataattcgt aatcttttag cgtattagcg
     acccatcgtc tttctgattt aataatagat gattcagtta aatatgaagg taatttcttt
     tgtgcaagtc tgactaactt ttttatacca atgtttaaca tactttcatt tgtaataaac
     tcaatgtcat tttcttcaat gtaagatgaa ataagagtag cctttgcctc gctatacatt
     tctaaatcgc cttgtttttc tatcgtattg cgagaatttt tagcccaagc cattaatgga
     tcatttttcc atttttcaat aacattattg ttataccaaa tgtcatatcc tataatctgg
     tttttgtttt tttgaataat aaatgttact gttcttgcgg tttggaggaa ttgattcaaa
     ttcaagcgaa ataattcagg gtcaaaatat gtatcaatgc agcatttgag caagtgcgat
     aaatctttaa gtcttctttc ccatggtttt ttagtcataa aactctccat tttgataggt
     tgcatgctag atgctgatat attttagagg tgataaaatt aactgcttaa ctgtcaatgt
     aatacaagtt gtttgatctt tgcaatgatt cttatcagaa accatatagt aaattagtta
     cacaggaaat ttttaatatt attattatca ttcattatgt attaaaatta gagttgtggc
     ttggctctgc taacacgttg ctcataggag atatggtaga gccgcagaca cgtcgtatgc
     aggaacgtgc tgcggctggc tggtgaactt ccgatagtgc gggtgttgaa tgatttccag
     ttgctaccga ttttacatat tttttgcatg agagaatttg taccacctcc caccgaccat
     ctatgactgt acgccactgt ccctaggact gctatgtgcc ggagcggaca ttacaaacgt
     ccttctcggt gcatgccact gttgccaatg acctgcctag gaattggtta gcaagttact
     accggatttt gtaaaaacag ccctcctcat ataaaaagta ttcgttcact tccgataagc
     gtcgtaattt tctatctttc atcatattct agatccctct gaaaaaatct tccgagtttg
     ctaggcactg atacataact cttttccaat aattggggaa gtcattcaaa tctataatag
     gtttcagatt tgcttcaata aattctgact gtagctgctg aaacgttgcg gttgaactat
     atttccttat aacttttacg aaagagtttc tttgagtaat cacttcactc aagtgcttcc
     ctgcctccaa acgatacctg ttagcaatat ttaatagctt gaaatgatga agagctctgt
     gtttgtcttc ctgcctccag ttcgccgggc attcaacata aaaactgata gcacccggag
     ttccggaaac gaaatttgca tatacccatt gctcacgaaa aaaaatgtcc ttgtcgatat
     agggatgaat cgcttggtgt acctcatcta ctgcgaaaac ttgacctttc tctcccatat
     tgcagtcgcg gcacgatgga actaaattaa taggcatcac cgaaaattca ggataatgtg
     caataggaag aaaatgatct atattttttg tctgtcctat atcaccacaa aatggacatt
     tttcacctga tgaaacaagc atgtcatcgt aatatgttct agcgggtttg tttttatctc
     ggagattatt ttcataaagc ttttctaatt taacctttgt caggttacca actactaagg
     ttgtaggctc aagagggtgt gtcctgtcgt aggtaaataa ctgacctgtc gagcttaata
     ttctatattg ttgttctttc tgcaaaaaag tggggaagtg agtaatgaaa ttatttctaa
     catttatctg catcatacct tccgagcatt tattaagcat ttcgctataa gttctcgctg
     gaagaggtag ttttttcatt gtactttacc ttcatctctg ttcattatca tcgcttttaa
     aacggttcga ccttctaatc ctatctgacc attataattt tttagaatgg tttcataaga
     aagctctgaa tcaacggact gcgataataa gtggtggtat ccagaatttg tcacttcaag
     taaaaacacc tcacgagtta aaacacctaa gttctcaccg aatgtctcaa tatccggacg
     gataatattt attgcttctc ttgaccgtag gactttccac atgcaggatt ttggaacctc
     ttgcagtact actggggaat gagttgcaat tattgctaca ccattgcgtg catcgagtaa
     gtcgcttaat gttcgtaaaa aagcagagag caaaggtgga tgcagatgaa cctctggttc
     atcgaataaa actaatgact tttcgccaac gacatctact aatcttgtga tagtaaataa
     aacaattgca tgtccagagc tcattcgaag cagatatttc tggatattgt cataaaacaa
     tttagtgaat ttatcatcgt ccacttgaat ctgtggttca ttacgtctta actcttcata
     tttagaaatg aggctgatga gttccatatt tgaaaagttt tcatcactac ttagtttttt
     gatagcttca agccagagtt gtctttttct atctactctc atacaaccaa taaatgctga
     aatgaattct aagcggagat cgcctagtga ttttaaacta ttgctggcag cattcttgag
     tccaatataa aagtattgtg taccttttgc tgggtcaggt tgttctttag gaggagtaaa
     aggatcaaat gcactaaacg aaactgaaac aagcgatcga aaatatccct ttgggattct
     tgactcgata agtctattat tttcagagaa aaaatattca ttgttttctg ggttggtgat
     tgcaccaatc attccattca aaattgttgt tttaccacac ccattccgcc cgataaaagc
     atgaatgttc gtgctgggca tagaattaac cgtcacctca aaaggtatag ttaaatcact
     gaatccggga gcactttttc tattaaatga aaagtggaaa tctgacaatt ctggcaaacc
     atttaacaca cgtgcgaact gtccatgaat ttctgaaaga gttacccctc taagtaatga
     ggtgttaagg acgctttcat tttcaatgtc ggctaatcga tttggccata ctactaaatc
     ctgaatagct ttaagaaggt tatgtttaaa accatcgctt aatttgctga gattaacata
     gtagtcaatg ctttcaccta aggaaaaaaa catttcaggg agttgactga attttttatc
     tattaatgaa taagtgctta cttcttcttt ttgacctaca aaaccaattt taacatttcc
     gatatcgcat ttttcaccat gctcatcaaa gacagtaaga taaaacattg taacaaagga
     atagtcattc caaccatctg ctcgtaggaa tgccttattt ttttctactg caggaatata
     cccgcctctt tcaataacac taaactccaa catatagtaa cccttaattt tattaaaata
     accgcaattt atttggcggc aacacaggat ctctctttta agttactctc tattacatac
     gttttccatc taaaaattag tagtattgaa cttaacgggg catcgtattg tagttttcca
     tatttagctt tctgcttcct tttggataac ccactgttat tcatgttgca tggtgcactg
     tttataccaa cgatatagtc tattaatgca tatatagtat cgccgaacga ttagctcttc
     aggcttctga agaagcgttt caagtactaa taagccgata gatagccacg gacttcgtag
     ccatttttca taagtgttaa cttccgctcc tcgctcataa cagacattca ctacagttat
     ggcggaaagg tatgcatgct gggtgtgggg aagtcgtgaa agaaaagaag tcagctgcgt
     cgtttgacat cactgctatc ttcttactgg ttatgcaggt cgtagtgggt ggcacacaaa
     gctttgcact ggattgcgag gctttgtgct tctctggagt gcgacaggtt tgatgacaaa
     aaattagcgc aagaagacaa aaatcacctt gcgctaatgc tctgttacag gtcactaata
     ccatctaagt agttgattca tagtgactgc atatgttgtg ttttacagta ttatgtagtc
     tgttttttat gcaaaatcta atttaatata ttgatattta tatcatttta cgtttctcgt
     tcagcttttt tatactaagt tggcattata aaaaagcatt gcttatcaat ttgttgcaac
     gaacaggtca ctatcagtca aaataaaatc attatttgat ttcaattttg tcccactccc
     tgcctctgtc atcacgatac tgtgatgcca tggtgtccga cttatgcccg agaagatgtt
     gagcaaactt atcgcttatc tgcttctcat agagtcttgc agacaaactg cgcaactcgt
     gaaaggtagg cggatcccct tcgaaggaaa gacctgatgc ttttcgtgcg cgcataaaat
     accttgatac tgtgccggat gaaagcggtt cgcgacgagt agatgcaatt atggtttctc
     cgccaagaat ctctttgcat ttatcaagtg tttccttcat tgatattccg agagcatcaa
     tatgcaatgc tgttgggatg gcaattttta cgcctgtttt gctttgctcg acataaagat
     atccatctac gatatcagac cacttcattt cgcataaatc accaactcgt tgcccggtaa
     caacagccag ttccattgca agtctgagcc aacatggtga tgattctgct gcttgataaa
     ttttcaggta ttcgtcagcc gtaagtcttg atctccttac ctctgatttt gctgcgcgag
     tggcagcgac atggtttgtt gttatatggc cttcagctat tgcctctcgg aatgcatcgc
     tcagtgttga tctgattaac ttggctgacg ccgccttgcc ctcgtctatg tatccattga
     gcattgccgc aatttctttt gtggtgatgt cttcaagtgg agcatcaggc agacccctcc
     ttattgcttt aattttgctc atgtaattta tgagtgtctt ctgcttgatt cctctgctgg
     ccaggatttt ttcgtagcga tcaagccatg aatgtaacgt aacggaatta tcactgttga
     ttctcgctgt cagaggcttg tgtttgtgtc ctgaaaataa ctcaatgttg gcctgtatag
     cttcagtgat tgcgattcgc ctgtctctgc ctaatccaaa ctctttaccc gtccttgggt
     ccctgtagca gtaatatcca ttgtttctta tataaaggtt agggggtaaa tcccggcgct
     catgacttcg ccttcttccc atttctgatc ctcttcaaaa ggccacctgt tactggtcga
     tttaagtcaa cctttaccgc tgattcgtgg aacagatact ctcttccatc cttaaccgga
     ggtgggaata tcctgcattc ccgaacccat cgacgaactg tttcaaggct tcttggacgt
     cgctggcgtg cgttccactc ctgaagtgtc aagtacatcg caaagtctcc gcaattacac
     gcaagaaaaa accgccatca ggcggcttgg tgttctttca gttcttcaat tcgaatattg
     gttacgtctg catgtgctat ctgcgcccat atcatccagt ggtcgtagca gtcgttgatg
     ttctccgctt cgataactct gttgaatggc tctccattcc attctcctgt gactcggaag
     tgcatttatc atctccataa aacaaaaccc gccgtagcga gttcagataa aataaatccc
     cgcgagtgcg aggattgtta tgtaatattg ggtttaatca tctatatgtt ttgtacagag
     agggcaagta tcgtttccac cgtactcgtg ataataattt tgcacggtat cagtcatttc
     tcgcacattg cagaatgggg atttgtcttc attagactta taaaccttca tggaatattt
     gtatgccgac tctatatcta taccttcatc tacataaaca ccttcgtgat gtctgcatgg
     agacaagaca ccggatctgc acaacattga taacgcccaa tctttttgct cagactctaa
     ctcattgata ctcatttata aactccttgc aatgtatgtc gtttcagcta aacggtatca
     gcaatgttta tgtaaagaaa cagtaagata atactcaacc cgatgtttga gtacggtcat
     catctgacac tacagactct ggcatcgctg tgaagacgac gcgaaattca gcattttcac
     aagcgttatc ttttacaaaa ccgatctcac tctcctttga tgcgaatgcc agcgtcagac
     atcatatgca gatactcacc tgcatcctga acccattgac ctccaacccc gtaatagcga
     tgcgtaatga tgtcgatagt tactaacggg tcttgttcga ttaactgccg cagaaactct
     tccaggtcac cagtgcagtg cttgataaca ggagtcttcc caggatggcg aacaacaaga
     aactggtttc cgtcttcacg gacttcgttg ctttccagtt tagcaatacg cttactccca
     tccgagataa caccttcgta atactcacgc tgctcgttga gttttgattt tgctgtttca
     agctcaacac gcagtttccc tactgttagc gcaatatcct cgttctcctg gtcgcggcgt
     ttgatgtatt gctggtttct ttcccgttca tccagcagtt ccagcacaat cgatggtgtt
     accaattcat ggaaaaggtc tgcgtcaaat ccccagtcgt catgcattgc ctgctctgcc
     gcttcacgca gtgcctgaga gttaatttcg ctcacttcga acctctctgt ttactgataa
     gttccagatc ctcctggcaa cttgcacaag tccgacaacc ctgaacgacc aggcgtcttc
     gttcatctat cggatcgcca cactcacaac aatgagtggc agatatagcc tggtggttca
     ggcggcgcat ttttattgct gtgttgcgct gtaattcttc tatttctgat gctgaatcaa
     tgatgtctgc catctttcat taatccctga actgttggtt aatacgcttg agggtgaatg
     cgaataataa aaaaggagcc tgtagctccc tgatgatttt gcttttcatg ttcatcgttc
     cttaaagacg ccgtttaaca tgccgattgc caggcttaaa tgagtcggtg tgaatcccat
     cagcgttacc gtttcgcggt gcttcttcag tacgctacgg caaatgtcat cgacgttttt
     atccggaaac tgctgtctgg ctttttttga tttcagaatt agcctgacgg gcaatgctgc
     gaagggcgtt ttcctgctga ggtgtcattg aacaagtccc atgtcggcaa gcataagcac
     acagaatatg aagcccgctg ccagaaaaat gcattccgtg gttgtcatac ctggtttctc
     tcatctgctt ctgctttcgc caccatcatt tccagctttt gtgaaaggga tgcggctaac
     gtatgaaatt cttcgtctgt ttctactggt attggcacaa acctgattcc aatttgagca
     aggctatgtg ccatctcgat actcgttctt aactcaacag aagatgcttt gtgcatacag
     cccctcgttt attatttatc tcctcagcca gccgctgtgc tttcagtgga tttcggataa
     cagaaaggcc gggaaatacc cagcctcgct ttgtaacgga gtagacgaaa gtgattgcgc
     ctacccggat attatcgtga ggatgcgtca tcgccattgc tccccaaata caaaaccaat
     ttcagccagt gcctcgtcca ttttttcgat gaactccggc acgatctcgt caaaactcgc
     catgtacttt tcatcccgct caatcacgac ataatgcagg ccttcacgct tcatacgcgg
     gtcatagttg gcaaagtacc aggcattttt tcgcgtcacc cacatgctgt actgcacctg
     ggccatgtaa gctgacttta tggcctcgaa accaccgagc cggaacttca tgaaatcccg
     ggaggtaaac gggcatttca gttcaaggcc gttgccgtca ctgcataaac catcgggaga
     gcaggcggta cgcatacttt cgtcgcgata gatgatcggg gattcagtaa cattcacgcc
     ggaagtgaat tcaaacaggg ttctggcgtc gttctcgtac tgttttcccc aggccagtgc
     tttagcgtta acttccggag ccacaccggt gcaaacctca gcaagcaggg tgtggaagta
     ggacattttc atgtcaggcc acttctttcc ggagcggggt tttgctatca cgttgtgaac
     ttctgaagcg gtgatgacgc cgagccgtaa tttgtgccac gcatcatccc cctgttcgac
     agctctcaca tcgatcccgg tacgctgcag gataatgtcc ggtgtcatgc tgccaccttc
     tgctctgcgg ctttctgttt caggaatcca agagctttta ctgcttcggc ctgtgtcagt
     tctgacgatg cacgaatgtc gcggcgaaat atctgggaac agagcggcaa taagtcgtca
     tcccatgttt tatccagggc gatcagcaga gtgttaatct cctgcatggt ttcatcgtta
     accggagtga tgtcgcgttc cggctgacgt tctgcagtgt atgcagtatt ttcgacaatg
     cgctcggctt catccttgtc atagatacca gcaaatccga aggccagacg ggcacactga
     atcatggctt tatgacgtaa catccgtttg ggatgcgact gccacggccc cgtgatttct
     ctgccttcgc gagttttgaa tggttcgcgg cggcattcat ccatccattc ggtaacgcag
     atcggatgat tacggtcctt gcggtaaatc cggcatgtac aggattcatt gtcctgctca
     aagtccatgc catcaaactg ctggttttca ttgatgatgc gggaccagcc atcaacgccc
     accaccggaa cgatgccatt ctgcttatca ggaaaggcgt aaatttcttt cgtccacgga
     ttaaggccgt actggttggc aacgatcagt aatgcgatga actgcgcatc gctggcatca
     cctttaaatg ccgtctggcg aagagtggtg atcagttcct gtgggtcgac agaatccatg
     ccgacacgtt cagccagctt cccagccagc gttgcgagtg cagtactcat tcgttttata
     cctctgaatc aatatcaacc tggtggtgag caatggtttc aaccatgtac cggatgtgtt
     ctgccatgcg ctcctgaaac tcaacatcgt catcaaacgc acgggtaatg gattttttgc
     tggccccgtg gcgttgcaaa tgatcgatgc atagcgattc aaacaggtgc tggggcaggc
     ctttttccat gtcgtctgcc agttctgcct ctttctcttc acgggcgagc tgctggtagt
     gacgcgccca gctctgagcc tcaagacgat cctgaatgta ataagcgttc atggctgaac
     tcctgaaata gctgtgaaaa tatcgcccgc gaaatgccgg gctgattagg aaaacaggaa
     agggggttag tgaatgcttt tgcttgatct cagtttcagt attaatatcc attttttata
     agcgtcgacg gcttcacgaa acatcttttc atcgccaata aaagtggcga tagtgaattt
     agtctggata gccataagtg tttgatccat tctttgggac tcctggctga ttaagtatgt
     cgataaggcg tttccatccg tcacgtaatt tacgggtgat tcgttcaagt aaagattcgg
     aagggcagcc agcaacaggc caccctgcaa tggcatattg catggtgtgc tccttattta
     tacataacga aaaacgcctc gagtgaagcg ttattggtat gcggtaaaac cgcactcagg
     cggccttgat agtcatatca tctgaatcaa atattcctga tgtatcgata tcggtaattc
     ttattccttc gctaccatcc attggaggcc atccttcctg accatttcca tcattccagt
     cgaactcaca cacaacacca tatgcattta agtcgcttga aattgctata agcagagcat
     gttgcgccag catgattaat acagcattta atacagagcc gtgtttattg agtcggtatt
     cagagtctga ccagaaatta ttaatctggt gaagtttttc ctctgtcatt acgtcatggt
     cgatttcaat ttctattgat gctttccagt cgtaatcaat gatgtatttt ttgatgtttg
     acatctgttc atatcctcac agataaaaaa tcgccctcac actggagggc aaagaagatt
     tccaataatc agaacaagtc ggctcctgtt tagttacgag cgacattgct ccgtgtattc
     actcgttgga atgaatacac agtgcagtgt ttattctgtt atttatgcca aaaataaagg
     ccactatcag gcagctttgt tgttctgttt accaagttct ctggcaatca ttgccgtcgt
     tcgtattgcc catttatcga catatttccc atcttccatt acaggaaaca tttcttcagg
     cttaaccatg cattccgatt gcagcttgca tccattgcat cgcttgaatt gtccacacca
     ttgattttta tcaatagtcg tagtcatacg gatagtcctg gtattgttcc atcacatcct
     gaggatgctc ttcgaactct tcaaattctt cttccatata tcaccttaaa tagtggattg
     cggtagtaaa gattgtgcct gtcttttaac cacatcaggc tcggtggttc tcgtgtaccc
     ctacagcgag aaatcggata aactattaca acccctacag tttgatgagt atagaaatgg
     atccactcgt tattctcgga cgagtgttca gtaatgaacc tctggagaga accatgtata
     tgatcgttat ctgggttgga cttctgcttt taagcccaga taactggcct gaatatgtta
     atgagagaat cggtattcct catgtgtggc atgttttcgt ctttgctctt gcattttcgc
     tagcaattaa tgtgcatcga ttatcagcta ttgccagcgc cagatataag cgatttaagc
     taagaaaacg cattaagatg caaaacgata aagtgcgatc agtaattcaa aaccttacag
     aagagcaatc tatggttttg tgcgcagccc ttaatgaagg caggaagtat gtggttacat
     caaaacaatt cccatacatt agtgagttga ttgagcttgg tgtgttgaac aaaacttttt
     cccgatggaa tggaaagcat atattattcc ctattgagga tatttactgg actgaattag
     ttgccagcta tgatccatat aatattgaga taaagccaag gccaatatct aagtaactag
     ataagaggaa tcgattttcc cttaattttc tggcgtccac tgcatgttat gccgcgttcg
     ccaggcttgc tgtaccatgt gcgctgattc ttgcgctcaa tacgttgcag gttgctttca
     atctgtttgt ggtattcagc cagcactgta aggtctatcg gatttagtgc gctttctact
     cgtgatttcg gtttgcgatt cagcgagaga atagggcggt taactggttt tgcgcttacc
     ccaaccaaca ggggatttgc tgctttccat tgagcctgtt tctctgcgcg acgttcgcgg
     cggcgtgttt gtgcatccat ctggattctc ctgtcagtta gctttggtgg tgtgtggcag
     ttgtagtcct gaacgaaaac cccccgcgat tggcacattg gcagctaatc cggaatcgca
     cttacggcca atgcttcgtt tcgtatcaca caccccaaag ccttctgctt tgaatgctgc
     ccttcttcag ggcttaattt ttaagagcgt caccttcatg gtggtcagtg cgtcctgctg
     atgtgctcag tatcaccgcc agtggtattt atgtcaacac cgccagagat aatttatcac
     cgcagatggt tatctgtatg ttttttatat gaatttattt tttgcagggg ggcattgttt
     ggtaggtgag agatctgaat tgctatgttt agtgagttgt atctatttat ttttcaataa
     atacaattgg ttatgtgttt tgggggcgat cgtgaggcaa agaaaacccg gcgctgaggc
     cgggttattc ttgttctctg gtcaaattat atagttggaa aacaaggatg catatatgaa
     tgaacgatgc agaggcaatg ccgatggcga tagtgggtat catgtagccg cttatgctgg
     aaagaagcaa taacccgcag aaaaacaaag ctccaagctc aacaaaacta agggcataga
     caataactac cgatgtcata tacccatact ctctaatctt ggccagtcgg cgcgttctgc
     ttccgattag aaacgtcaag gcagcaatca ggattgcaat catggttcct gcatatgatg
     acaatgtcgc cccaagacca tctctatgag ctgaaaaaga aacaccagga atgtagtggc
     ggaaaaggag atagcaaatg cttacgataa cgtaaggaat tattactatg taaacaccag
     gcatgattct gttccgcata attactcctg ataattaatc cttaactttg cccacctgcc
     ttttaaaaca ttccagtata tcacttttca ttcttgcgta gcaatatgcc atctcttcag
     ctatctcagc attggtgacc ttgttcagag gcgctgagag atggcctttt tctgatagat
     aatgttctgt taaaatatct ccggcctcat cttttgcccg caggctaatg tctgaaaatt
     gaggtgacgg gttaaaaata atatccttgg caaccttttt tatatccctt ttaaattttg
     gcttaatgac tatatccaat gagtcaaaaa gctccccttc aatatctgtt gcccctaaga
     cctttaatat atcgccaaat acaggtagct tggcttctac cttcaccgtt gttcggccga
     tgaaatgcat atgcataaca tcgtctttgg tggttcccct catcagtggc tctatctgaa
     cgcgctctcc actgcttaat gacattcctt tcccgattaa aaaatctgtc agatcggatg
     tggtcggccc gaaaacagtt ctggcaaaac caatggtgtc gccttcaaca aacaaaaaag
     atgggaatcc caatgattcg tcatctgcga ggctgttctt aatatcttca actgaagctt
     tagagcgatt tatcttctga accagactct tgtcatttgt tttggtaaag agaaaagttt
     ttccatcgat tttatgaata tacaaataat tggagccaac ctgcaggtga tgattatcag
     ccagcagaga attaaggaaa acagacaggt ttattgagcg cttatctttc cctttatttt
     tgctgcggta agtcgcataa aaaccattct tcataattca atccatttac tatgttatgt
     tctgagggga gtgaaaattc ccctaattcg atgaagattc ttgctcaatt gttatcagct
     atgcgccgac cagaacacct tgccgatcag ccaaacgtct cttcaggcca ctgactagcg
     ataactttcc ccacaacgga acaactctca ttgcatggga tcattgggta ctgtgggttt
     agtggttgta aaaacacctg accgctatcc ctgatcagtt tcttgaaggt aaactcatca
     cccccaagtc tggctatgca gaaatcacct ggctcaacag cctgctcagg gtcaacgaga
     attaacattc cgtcaggaaa gcttggcttg gagcctgttg gtgcggtcat ggaattacct
     tcaacctcaa gccagaatgc agaatcactg gcttttttgg ttgtgcttac ccatctctcc
     gcatcacctt tggtaaaggt tctaagctca ggtgagaaca tccctgcctg aacatgagaa
     aaaacagggt actcatactc acttctaagt gacggctgca tactaaccgc ttcatacatc
     tcgtagattt ctctggcgat tgaagggcta aattcttcaa cgctaacttt gagaattttt
     gcaagcaatg cggcgttata agcatttaat gcattgatgc cattaaataa agcaccaacg
     cctgactgcc ccatccccat cttgtctgcg acagattcct gggataagcc aagttcattt
     ttcttttttt cataaattgc tttaaggcga cgtgcgtcct caagctgctc ttgtgttaat
     ggtttctttt ttgtgctcat acgttaaatc tatcaccgca agggataaat atctaacacc
     gtgcgtgttg actattttac ctctggcggt gataatggtt gcatgtacta aggaggttgt
     atggaacaac gcataaccct gaaagattat gcaatgcgct ttgggcaaac caagacagct
     aaagatctcg gcgtatatca aagcgcgatc aacaaggcca ttcatgcagg ccgaaagatt
     tttttaacta taaacgctga tggaagcgtt tatgcggaag aggtaaagcc cttcccgagt
     aacaaaaaaa caacagcata aataaccccg ctcttacaca ttccagccct gaaaaagggc
     atcaaattaa accacaccta tggtgtatgc atttatttgc atacattcaa tcaattgtta
     tctaaggaaa tacttacata tggttcgtgc aaacaaacgc aacgaggctc tacgaatcga
     gagtgcgttg cttaacaaaa tcgcaatgct tggaactgag aagacagcgg aagctgtggg
     cgttgataag tcgcagatca gcaggtggaa gagggactgg attccaaagt tctcaatgct
     gcttgctgtt cttgaatggg gggtcgttga cgacgacatg gctcgattgg cgcgacaagt
     tgctgcgatt ctcaccaata aaaaacgccc ggcggcaacc gagcgttctg aacaaatcca
     gatggagttc tgaggtcatt actggatcta tcaacaggag tcattatgac aaatacagca
     aaaatactca acttcggcag aggtaacttt gccggacagg agcgtaatgt ggcagatctc
     gatgatggtt acgccagact atcaaatatg ctgcttgagg cttattcggg cgcagatctg
     accaagcgac agtttaaagt gctgcttgcc attctgcgta aaacctatgg gtggaataaa
     ccaatggaca gaatcaccga ttctcaactt agcgagatta caaagttacc tgtcaaacgg
     tgcaatgaag ccaagttaga actcgtcaga atgaatatta tcaagcagca aggcggcatg
     tttggaccaa ataaaaacat ctcagaatgg tgcatccctc aaaacgaggg aaaatcccct
     aaaacgaggg ataaaacatc cctcaaattg ggggattgct atccctcaaa acagggggac
     acaaaagaca ctattacaaa agaaaaaaga aaagattatt cgtcagagaa ttctggcgaa
     tcctctgacc agccagaaaa cgacctttct gtggtgaaac cggatgctgc aattcagagc
     ggcagcaagt gggggacagc agaagacctg accgccgcag agtggatgtt tgacatggtg
     aagactatcg caccatcagc cagaaaaccg aattttgctg ggtgggctaa cgatatccgc
     ctgatgcgtg aacgtgacgg acgtaaccac cgcgacatgt gtgtgctgtt ccgctgggca
     tgccaggaca acttctggtc cggtaacgtg ctgagcccgg ccaaactccg cgataagtgg
     acccaactcg aaatcaaccg taacaagcaa caggcaggcg tgacagccag caaaccaaaa
     ctcgacctga caaacacaga ctggatttac ggggtggatc tatgaaaaac atcgccgcac
     agatggttaa ctttgaccgt gagcagatgc gtcggatcgc caacaacatg ccggaacagt
     acgacgaaaa gccgcaggta cagcaggtag cgcagatcat caacggtgtg ttcagccagt
     tactggcaac tttcccggcg agcctggcta accgtgacca gaacgaagtg aacgaaatcc
     gtcgccagtg ggttctggct tttcgggaaa acgggatcac cacgatggaa caggttaacg
     caggaatgcg cgtagcccgt cggcagaatc gaccatttct gccatcaccc gggcagtttg
     ttgcatggtg ccgggaagaa gcatccgtta ccgccggact gccaaacgtc agcgagctgg
     ttgatatggt ttacgagtat tgccggaagc gaggcctgta tccggatgcg gagtcttatc
     cgtggaaatc aaacgcgcac tactggctgg ttaccaacct gtatcagaac atgcgggcca
     atgcgcttac tgatgcggaa ttacgccgta aggccgcaga tgagcttgtc catatgactg
     cgagaattaa ccgtggtgag gcgatccctg aaccagtaaa acaacttcct gtcatgggcg
     gtagacctct aaatcgtgca caggctctgg cgaagatcgc agaaatcaaa gctaagttcg
     gactgaaagg agcaagtgta tgacgggcaa agaggcaatt attcattacc tggggacgca
     taatagcttc tgtgcgccgg acgttgccgc gctaacaggc gcaacagtaa ccagcataaa
     tcaggccgcg gctaaaatgg cacgggcagg tcttctggtt atcgaaggta aggtctggcg
     aacggtgtat taccggtttg ctaccaggga agaacgggaa ggaaagatga gcacgaacct
     ggtttttaag gagtgtcgcc agagtgccgc gatgaaacgg gtattggcgg tatatggagt
     taaaagatga ccatctacat tactgagcta ataacaggcc tgctggtaat cgcaggcctt
     tttatttggg ggagagggaa gtcatgaaaa aactaacctt tgaaattcga tctccagcac
     atcagcaaaa cgctattcac gcagtacagc aaatccttcc agacccaacc aaaccaatcg
     tagtaaccat tcaggaacgc aaccgcagct tagaccaaaa caggaagcta tgggcctgct
     taggtgacgt ctctcgtcag gttgaatggc atggtcgctg gctggatgca gaaagctgga
     agtgtgtgtt taccgcagca ttaaagcagc aggatgttgt tcctaacctt gccgggaatg
     gctttgtggt aataggccag tcaaccagca ggatgcgtgt aggcgaattt gcggagctat
     tagagcttat acaggcattc ggtacagagc gtggcgttaa gtggtcagac gaagcgagac
     tggctctgga gtggaaagcg agatggggag acagggctgc atgataaatg tcgttagttt
     ctccggtggc aggacgtcag catatttgct ctggctaatg gagcaaaagc gacgggcagg
     taaagacgtg cattacgttt tcatggatac aggttgtgaa catccaatga catatcggtt
     tgtcagggaa gttgtgaagt tctgggatat accgctcacc gtattgcagg ttgatatcaa
     cccggagctt ggacagccaa atggttatac ggtatgggaa ccaaaggata ttcagacgcg
     aatgcctgtt ctgaagccat ttatcgatat ggtaaagaaa tatggcactc catacgtcgg
     cggcgcgttc tgcactgaca gattaaaact cgttcccttc accaaatact gtgatgacca
     tttcgggcga gggaattaca ccacgtggat tggcatcaga gctgatgaac cgaagcggct
     aaagccaaag cctggaatca gatatcttgc tgaactgtca gactttgaga aggaagatat
     cctcgcatgg tggaagcaac aaccattcga tttgcaaata ccggaacatc tcggtaactg
     catattctgc attaaaaaat caacgcaaaa aatcggactt gcctgcaaag atgaggaggg
     attgcagcgt gtttttaatg aggtcatcac gggatcccat gtgcgtgacg gacatcggga
     aacgccaaag gagattatgt accgaggaag aatgtcgctg gacggtatcg cgaaaatgta
     ttcagaaaat gattatcaag ccctgtatca ggacatggta cgagctaaaa gattcgatac
     cggctcttgt tctgagtcat gcgaaatatt tggagggcag cttgatttcg acttcgggag
     ggaagctgca tgatgcgatg ttatcggtgc ggtgaatgca aagaagataa ccgcttccga
     ccaaatcaac cttactggaa tcgatggtgt ctccggtgtg aaagaacacc aacaggggtg
     ttaccactac cgcaggaaaa ggaggacgtg tggcgagaca gcgacgaagt atcaccgaca
     taatctgcga aaactgcaaa taccttccaa cgaaacgcac cagaaataaa cccaagccaa
     tcccaaaaga atctgacgta aaaaccttca actacacggc tcacctgtgg gatatccggt
     ggctaagacg tcgtgcgagg aaaacaaggt gattgaccaa aatcgaagtt acgaacaaga
     aagcgtcgag cgagctttaa cgtgcgctaa ctgcggtcag aagctgcatg tgctggaagt
     tcacgtgtgt gagcactgct gcgcagaact gatgagcgat ccgaatagct cgatgcacga
     ggaagaagat gatggctaaa ccagcgcgaa gacgatgtaa aaacgatgaa tgccgggaat
     ggtttcaccc tgcattcgct aatcagtggt ggtgctctcc agagtgtgga accaagatag
     cactcgaacg acgaagtaaa gaacgcgaaa aagcggaaaa agcagcagag aagaaacgac
     gacgagagga gcagaaacag aaagataaac ttaagattcg aaaactcgcc ttaaagcccc
     gcagttactg gattaaacaa gcccaacaag ccgtaaacgc cttcatcaga gaaagagacc
     gcgacttacc atgtatctcg tgcggaacgc tcacgtctgc tcagtgggat gccggacatt
     accggacaac tgctgcggca cctcaactcc gatttaatga acgcaatatt cacaagcaat
     gcgtggtgtg caaccagcac aaaagcggaa atctcgttcc gtatcgcgtc gaactgatta
     gccgcatcgg gcaggaagca gtagacgaaa tcgaatcaaa ccataaccgc catcgctgga
     ctatcgaaga gtgcaaggcg atcaaggcag agtaccaaca gaaactcaaa gacctgcgaa
     atagcagaag tgaggccgca tgacgttctc agtaaaaacc attccagaca tgctcgttga
     agcatacgga aatcagacag aagtagcacg cagactgaaa tgtagtcgcg gtacggtcag
     aaaatacgtt gatgataaag acgggaaaat gcacgccatc gtcaacgacg ttctcatggt
     tcatcgcgga tggagtgaaa gagatgcgct attacgaaaa aattgatggc agcaaatacc
     gaaatatttg ggtagttggc gatctgcacg gatgctacac gaacctgatg aacaaactgg
     atacgattgg attcgacaac aaaaaagacc tgcttatctc ggtgggcgat ttggttgatc
     gtggtgcaga gaacgttgaa tgcctggaat taatcacatt cccctggttc agagctgtac
     gtggaaacca tgagcaaatg atgattgatg gcttatcaga gcgtggaaac gttaatcact
     ggctgcttaa tggcggtggc tggttcttta atctcgatta cgacaaagaa attctggcta
     aagctcttgc ccataaagca gatgaacttc cgttaatcat cgaactggtg agcaaagata
     aaaaatatgt tatctgccac gccgattatc cctttgacga atacgagttt ggaaagccag
     ttgatcatca gcaggtaatc tggaaccgcg aacgaatcag caactcacaa aacgggatcg
     tgaaagaaat caaaggcgcg gacacgttca tctttggtca tacgccagca gtgaaaccac
     tcaagtttgc caaccaaatg tatatcgata ccggcgcagt gttctgcgga aacctaacat
     tgattcaggt acagggagaa ggcgcatgag actcgaaagc gtagctaaat ttcattcgcc
     aaaaagcccg atgatgagcg actcaccacg ggccacggct tctgactctc tttccggtac
     tgatgtgatg gctgctatgg ggatggcgca atcacaagcc ggattcggta tggctgcatt
     ctgcggtaag cacgaactca gccagaacga caaacaaaag gctatcaact atctgatgca
     atttgcacac aaggtatcgg ggaaataccg tggtgtggca aagcttgaag gaaatactaa
     ggcaaaggta ctgcaagtgc tcgcaacatt cgcttatgcg gattattgcc gtagtgccgc
     gacgccgggg gcaagatgca gagattgcca tggtacaggc cgtgcggttg atattgccaa
     aacagagctg tgggggagag ttgtcgagaa agagtgcgga agatgcaaag gcgtcggcta
     ttcaaggatg ccagcaagcg cagcatatcg cgctgtgacg atgctaatcc caaaccttac
     ccaacccacc tggtcacgca ctgttaagcc gctgtatgac gctctggtgg tgcaatgcca
     caaagaagag tcaatcgcag acaacatttt gaatgcggtc acacgttagc agcatgattg
     ccacggatgg caacatatta acggcatgat attgacttat tgaataaaat tgggtaaatt
     tgactcaacg atgggttaat tcgctcgttg tggtagtgag atgaaaagag gcggcgctta
     ctaccgattc cgcctagttg gtcacttcga cgtatcgtct ggaactccaa ccatcgcagg
     cagagaggtc tgcaaaatgc aatcccgaaa cagttcgcag gtaatagtta gagcctgcat
     aacggtttcg ggatttttta tatctgcaca acaggtaaga gcattgagtc gataatcgtg
     aagagtcggc gagcctggtt agccagtgct ctttccgttg tgctgaatta agcgaatacc
     ggaagcagaa ccggatcacc aaatgcgtac aggcgtcatc gccgcccagc aacagcacaa
     cccaaactga gccgtagcca ctgtctgtcc tgaattcatt agtaatagtt acgctgcggc
     cttttacaca tgaccttcgt gaaagcgggt ggcaggaggt cgcgctaaca acctcctgcc
     gttttgcccg tgcatatcgg tcacgaacaa atctgattac taaacacagt agcctggatt
     tgttctatca gtaatcgacc ttattcctaa ttaaatagag caaatcccct tattgggggt
     aagacatgaa gatgccagaa aaacatgacc tgttggccgc cattctcgcg gcaaaggaac
     aaggcatcgg ggcaatcctt gcgtttgcaa tggcgtacct tcgcggcaga tataatggcg
     gtgcgtttac aaaaacagta atcgacgcaa cgatgtgcgc cattatcgcc tggttcattc
     gtgaccttct cgacttcgcc ggactaagta gcaatctcgc ttatataacg agcgtgttta
     tcggctacat cggtactgac tcgattggtt cgcttatcaa acgcttcgct gctaaaaaag
     ccggagtaga agatggtaga aatcaataat caacgtaagg cgttcctcga tatgctggcg
     tggtcggagg gaactgataa cggacgtcag aaaaccagaa atcatggtta tgacgtcatt
     gtaggcggag agctatttac tgattactcc gatcaccctc gcaaacttgt cacgctaaac
     ccaaaactca aatcaacagg cgccggacgc taccagcttc tttcccgttg gtgggatgcc
     taccgcaagc agcttggcct gaaagacttc tctccgaaaa gtcaggacgc tgtggcattg
     cagcagatta aggagcgtgg cgctttacct atgattgatc gtggtgatat ccgtcaggca
     atcgaccgtt gcagcaatat ctgggcttca ctgccgggcg ctggttatgg tcagttcgag
     cataaggctg acagcctgat tgcaaaattc aaagaagcgg gcggaacggt cagagagatt
     gatgtatgag cagagtcacc gcgattatct ccgctctggt tatctgcatc atcgtctgcc
     tgtcatgggc tgttaatcat taccgtgata acgccattac ctacaaagcc cagcgcgaca
     aaaatgccag agaactgaag ctggcgaacg cggcaattac tgacatgcag atgcgtcagc
     gtgatgttgc tgcgctcgat gcaaaataca cgaaggagtt agctgatgct aaagctgaaa
     atgatgctct gcgtgatgat gttgccgctg gtcgtcgtcg gttgcacatc aaagcagtct
     gtcagtcagt gcgtgaagcc accaccgcct ccggcgtgga taatgcagcc tccccccgac
     tggcagacac cgctgaacgg gattatttca ccctcagaga gaggctgatc actatgcaaa
     aacaactgga aggaacccag aagtatatta atgagcagtg cagatagagt tgcccatatc
     gatgggcaac tcatgcaatt attgtgagca atacacacgc gcttccagcg gagtataaat
     gcctaaagta ataaaaccga gcaatccatt tacgaatgtt tgctgggttt ctgttttaac
     aacattttct gcgccgccac aaattttggc tgcatcgaca gttttcttct gcccaattcc
     agaaacgaag aaatgatggg tgatggtttc ctttggtgct actgctgccg gtttgttttg
     aacagtaaac gtctgttgag cacatcctgt aataagcagg gccagcgcag tagcgagtag
     catttttttc atggtgttat tcccgatgct ttttgaagtt cgcagaatcg tatgtgtaga
     aaattaaaca aaccctaaac aatgagttga aatttcatat tgttaatatt tattaatgta
     tgtcaggtgc gatgaatcgt cattgtattc ccggattaac tatgtccaca gccctgacgg
     ggaacttctc tgcgggagtg tccgggaata attaaaacga tgcacacagg gtttagcgcg
     tacacgtatt gcattatgcc aacgccccgg tgctgacacg gaagaaaccg gacgttatga
     tttagcgtgg aaagatttgt gtagtgttct gaatgctctc agtaaatagt aatgaattat
     caaaggtata gtaatatctt ttatgttcat ggatatttgt aacccatcgg aaaactcctg
     ctttagcaag attttccctg tattgctgaa atgtgatttc tcttgatttc aacctatcat
     aggacgtttc tataagatgc gtgtttcttg agaatttaac atttacaacc tttttaagtc
     cttttattaa cacggtgtta tcgttttcta acacgatgtg aatattatct gtggctagat
     agtaaatata atgtgagacg ttgtgacgtt ttagttcaga ataaaacaat tcacagtcta
     aatcttttcg cacttgatcg aatatttctt taaaaatggc aacctgagcc attggtaaaa
     ccttccatgt gatacgaggg cgcgtagttt gcattatcgt ttttatcgtt tcaatctggt
     ctgacctcct tgtgttttgt tgatgattta tgtcaaatat taggaatgtt ttcacttaat
     agtattggtt gcgtaacaaa gtgcggtcct gctggcattc tggagggaaa tacaaccgac
     agatgtatgt aaggccaacg tgctcaaatc ttcatacaga aagatttgaa gtaatatttt
     aaccgctaga tgaagagcaa gcgcatggag cgacaaaatg aataaagaac aatctgctga
     tgatccctcc gtggatctga ttcgtgtaaa aaatatgctt aatagcacca tttctatgag
     ttaccctgat gttgtaattg catgtataga acataaggtg tctctggaag cattcagagc
     aattgaggca gcgttggtga agcacgataa taatatgaag gattattccc tggtggttga
     ctgatcacca taactgctaa tcattcaaac tatttagtct gtgacagagc caacacgcag
     tctgtcactg tcaggaaagt ggtaaaactg caactcaatt actgcaatgc cctcgtaatt
     aagtgaattt acaatatcgt cctgttcgga gggaagaacg cgggatgttc attcttcatc
     acttttaatt gatgtatatg ctctcttttc tgacgttagt ctccgacggc aggcttcaat
     gacccaggct gagaaattcc cggacccttt ttgctcaaga gcgatgttaa tttgttcaat
     catttggtta ggaaagcgga tgttgcgggt tgttgttctg cgggttctgt tcttcgttga
     catgaggttg ccccgtattc agtgtcgctg atttgtattg tctgaagttg tttttacgtt
     aagttgatgc agatcaatta atacgatacc tgcgtcataa ttgattattt gacgtggttt
     gatggcctcc acgcacgttg tgatatgtag atgataatca ttatcacttt acgggtcctt
     tccggtgatc cgacaggtta cg