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ID   PT181      preliminary; circular DNA; PRO; 4437 BP.
AC   J01764; J01765;
DT   01-OCT-1993 (Rel. 7, Created)
DT   01-JUL-1995 (Rel. 12, Last updated, Version 1)
DE   Staphylococcus plasmid vector pT181 - complete.
KW   cloning vector.
OS   Staphylococcus aureus
OC   Prokaryota; Bacteria; Firmicutes; Gram-positive cocci;
OC   Micrococcaceae.
RN   [1]
RP   1-875, 3881-4437
RC   pRN6010 from pT181 & pE194
RC   pRN6012 from pRN6010
RC   pRN6116 from pRN6012
RC   pRN6157 from pRN6012
RC   pRN6233 from pRN6010
RC   pRN6238 from pRN6233
RA   Novick R.P., Adler G.K., Majumder S., Khan S.A., Carleton S.,
RA   Rosenblum W.D., Iordanescu S.;
RT   "Coding sequence for the pt181 repc product: a plasmid-coded
RT   protein uniquely required for replication";
RL   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 79:4108-4112(1982).
RN   [2]
RP   4058-4437
RC   pRN8008 from pT181
RC   pRN6038 from pT181
RC   pRN6256 from pRN8008 & pE194
RA   Khan S.A., Adler G.K., Novick R.P.;
RT   "Functional origin of replication of pt181 plasmid dna is
RT   contained within a 168-base-pair segment";
RL   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 79:4580-4584(1982).
RN   [3]
RP   1-4437
RC   pT181 from Staphylococcus aureus
RC   pT181, pT127, pSN1 from Staphylococcus tet plasmids
RA   Khan S.A., Novick R.P.;
RT   "Complete nucleotide sequence of pt181, a tetracycline-resistance
RT   plasmid from Staphylococcus aureus";
RL   Plasmid 10:251-259(1983).
RN   [4]
RC   pRN6321 from pE194
RC   pSA3320 from pCW48
RC   pSA6470 from pUB110 & pT181
RC   pSA7420 from pUB110 & pC221 & pT181
RC   pSA7600 from pC221 & pRN6321
RC   pSA7650 from pSA7600 & pE5, palA gene
RC   pSA7655 from pSA7650 & pT181
RC   pSA7657 from pSA7650 & pC221 & pT181
RC   pSA7644 from pSA7600 & pC221 & pT181
RC   pSA7622 from pT181 & pSA6470
RA   Iordanescu S., Projan S.J.;
RT   "Replication termination for staphylococcal plasmids: plasmids pT181
RT   and pC221 cross-react in the termination process";
RL   J. Bacteriol. 170:3427-3434(1988).
RN   [5]
RC   pSA2800 from pSA0302 & pC221
RC   pSA2900 from pSA0501 & pUB112
RC   pSA3600 from pSA0302 & pC223
RA   Iordanescu S., Surdeanu M., Della Latta P., Novick R.P.;
RT   "Incompatibility and molecular relationships between small
RT   staphylococcal plasmids carrying the same resistance marker";
RL   Plasmid 1:468-479(1978).
RN   [6]
RC   pRN5501, pRN5505, pRN5518, pRN5508, pRN5509, pRN5519 from pC221
RC   pRN6325 from pE194 & pT181
RC   pRN6385 from pRN5101 & pC221
RC   pRN8099 from pT181
RC   pRN8216 from pRN8099 & pC221
RC   pRN8220 from pRN8099 & pC221
RA   Projan S.J., Kornblum J., Moghazeh S.L., Edelman I., Gennaro M.L.,
RA   Novick R.P.;
RT   "Comparative sequence and functional analysis of pT181 and pC221,
RT   cognate plasmid replicons from Staphylococcus aureus";
RL   Mol. Gen. Genet. 199:452-464(1985).
RN   [7]
RC   pRN5101 from pE194 & tsr gene
RC   pRN6010 from pT181 & pE194
RC   pRN6012 from pRN6010
RC   pRN6019 from pRN6010
RC   pRN6116 from pRN6012
RC   pRN6146 from pT181
RC   pRN6154 from pT181
RC   pRN6157, pRN6158 from pT181
RC   pRN6233 from pT181
RC   pRN6238 from pT181
RC   pRN6264 from pT181
RC   pRN6287 from pT181
RC   pRN6308 from pT181
RC   pRN6321 from pT181
RC   pRN6322, pRN6326 from pT181 & pE194
RC   pRN6323 from pRN6322
RC   pRN8008, pRN8018, pRN8032, pRN8109 from pRN6010
RA   Novick R.P., Adler G.K., Projan S.J., Carleton S., Highlander S.K.,
RA   Gruss A., Khan S.A., Iordanescu S.;
RT   "Control of pT181 replication. I. the pT181 copy control function
RT   acts by inhibiting the synthesis of a replication protein";
RL   EMBO J. 3:2399-2405(1984).
RN   [8]
RC   pSA0373 from pT181
RC   pSA0342 from pT181
RC   pSA0382 from pSA0342
RC   pSA5061 from pSA5000
RC   pSA5034 from pSA5000 & pSA0342
RC   pSA5065 from pSA5034
RA   Iordanescu S.;
RT   "Effect of the deletion of a fragment dispensable for the autonomous
RT   maintenance of plasmid pT181 on the competition between incompatible
RT   plasmids";
RL   Plasmid 15:191-198(1986).
RN   [9]
RC   pCW15 from pCW3 & pC221
RC   pCW16 from pCW2 & pC221
RC   pCW41 from pC221
RC   pCW46 from pC221
RC   pCW48 from pCW3 & pCW41
RC   pCW55 from pCW48
RC   pCW59 from pCW3 & pCW7
RC   pCW66 from pCW59
RC   pCW68 from pCW59
RC   pCW36 from pCW15 & pC221
RC   pCW40 from pCW15 & pC221
RA   Wilson C.R., Skinner S.E., Shaw W.V.;
RT   "Analysis of two chloramphenicol resistance plasmids from
RT   Staphylococcus aureus";
RL   Plasmid 5:245-258(1981).
RN   [10]
RC   pSA0311, pSA0321, pSA0331, pSA0341 from pT181
RC   pSA0313 from pC221 & pSA0301
RC   pSA2300 from pSA0501 & pSA0301
RC   pSA3200 from pSA2100 & pSA0302 & pC221
RC   pSA3202, pSA3204 from pSA3200
RC   [pSA4000 from pSA series]
RC   pSA4400 from pSA2100 & pSA0313 & pC221
RC   pSA4401, pSA4402 from pSA4400
RA   Iordanescu S.;
RT   "Incompatibility-deficient derivatives of a small staphylococcal
RT   plasmid";
RL   Plasmid 2:207-215(1979).
RN   [11]
RC   pSA3300 from pC221 & pT181 & pSA0501
RC   pSA3310 from pSA3300
RC   pSA5000 from pSA3310 & pT181
RC   pSA5120 from pSA5000 & pSA0301
RA   Iordanescu S., Surdeanu M.;
RT   "Complementation of a plasmid replication defect by autonomous
RT   incompatible plasmids in Staphylococcus aureus";
RL   Plasmid 4:1-7(1980).
RN   [12]
RC   pSA4500, pSA4510, pSA4520, pSA4540 from pSA0301 & pE194
RC   pSA4501, pSA4502 from pSA4500
RC   pSA5500, pSA5510, pSA5520 from pT181 & pE194
RC   pSA5521, pSA5522 from pSA5520
RC   pSA5600, pSA5610, pSA5620, pSA5660 from pC194 & pSA0301
RC   pSA5601, pSA5602 from pSA5600
RC   pSA5700, pSA5710 from pC194 & pE194
RC   pSA5701, pSA5702 from pSA5700
RC   pSA6000, pSA6010, pSA6030 from pC194 & pSA4500
RC   pSA6100, pSA6110, pSA6130 from pUB110 & pSA0301
RC   pSA6101, pSA6102 from pSA6100
RA   Novick R.P., Iordanescu S., Surdeanu M., Edelman I.;
RT   "Transduction-related cointegrate formation between Staphylococcal
RT   plasmids: a new type of site-specific recombination";
RL   Plasmid 6:159-172(1981).
RN   [13]
RC   pT169 from Staphylococcus aureus, tet gene
RC   pS169 from Staphylococcus aureus, strep gene
RC   pI169 from Staphylococcus aureus, cadmium resistance gene
RA   May J.W., Houghton R.H., Perret C.J.;
RT   "The effect of growth at elevated temperatures on some heritable
RT   propeties of Staphylococcus aureus";
RL   J. Gen. Microbiol. 37:157-169(1964).
RN   [14]
RC   pIM13 from Bacillus subtilis
RA   Mahler I., Halvorson H.O.;
RT   "Two erythromycin-resistance plasmids of diverse origin and their
RT   effect on sporulation in Bacillus subtilis";
RL   J. Gen. Microbiol. 120:259-263(1980).
RN   [15]
RC   pE5 from Bacillus subtilis
RC   pBD90 from Bacillus subtilis ery gene
RA   Docherty A., Grandi G., Grandi R., Gryzcan T.J., Shivakumar A.G.,
RA   Dubnau D.;
RT   "Naturally occurring macrolide-licosamide-streptogramin B resistance
RT   in Bacillus licheniformis";
RL   J. Bacteriol. 145:129-137(1981).
RN   [16]
RC   pEM96 from Staphylococcus aureus
RA   Murphy E.;
RT   "Nucleotide sequence of ermA, a macrolide-licosamide-streptogramin B
RT   determinant in Staphylococcus aureus";
RL   J. Bacteriol. 162:633-640(1985).
RN   [17]
RC   from pRN6116
RC   pRN8099 from pT181
RC   pRN8008, pRN8061, pRN8023, pRN8110, pRN8133 from pT181
RC   pRN8044, pRN8045 from pT181
RC   pRN8000 series from pT181
RC   pRN8157 from pT181
RC   [pRN6397 from pRN5101 & pT181]
RA   Carleton S., Projan S.J., Highlander S.K., Moghazeh S., Novick R.P.;
RT   "Control of pT181 replication II. mutational analysis";
RL   EMBO J. 3:2407-2414(1984).
RN   [18]
RC   pRN8237 from pT181 & linker
RA   Gruss A.D., Ross H.F., Novick R.P.;
RT   "Functional analysis of a palindromic sequence required for normal
RT   replication of several staphylococcal plasmids";
RL   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 84:2165-2169(1987).
RN   [19]
RC   pRN8118 from pT181
RA   Gennaro M.L., Novick R.P.;
RT   "Cmp, a cis-acting plasmid locus that increases the interaction
RT   between replication origin and initiator protein";
RL   J. Bacteriol. 168:160-166(1986).
RN   [20]
RC   pC221 from Staphylococcus, cat gene
RC   pC223 from Staphylococcus, cat gene
RC   pS169 from Staphylococcus, strep gene
RC   pUB109 from Staphylococcus, strep gene
RC   pUB111 from Staphylococcus, tet gene
RC   pUB112 from Staphylococcus, cat gene
RA   Novick R.P.;
RT   "Plasmid-protein relaxation complexes in Staphylococcus aureus";
RL   J. Bacteriol. 127:1177-1187(1976).
RN   [21]
RC   pS177 from Staphylococcus, strep gene
RC   pT127 from Staphylococcus, tet gene
RC   pK545 from Staphylococcus, kan gene
RA   Ruby C., Novick R.P.;
RT   "Plasmid interactions in Staphylococcus aureus: non-additivity of
RT   compatible plasmid DNA pools";
RL   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 72:5031-5035(1975).
RN   [22]
RC   pCW16 from pCW2 & pC221
RA   Wilson C.R.;
RT   ;
RL   Thesis [University of Georgia] 0:0-0(1978).
RN   [23]
RC   pRN3025 from pI258
RC   pRN2003 from pII147
RA   Novick R.P.;
RT   "Studies on plasmid replication. III. Isolation and characterization
RT   of replication-defective mutants";
RL   Mol. Gen. Genet. 135:131-147(1974).
RN   [24]
RC   pEM9592 from S.aureus ery gene
RA   Murphy E., Lofdahl S.;
RT   "Transposition of Tn554 does not generate a target duplication";
RL   Nature 307:292-294(1984).
RN   [25]
RC   pI524 from S.aureus pen gene
RA   Peyru G., Wexler L.F., Novick R.P.;
RT   "Naturally occurring penicillinase plasmids in Staphylococcus aureus";
RL   J. Bacteriol. 98:215-221(1969).
CC   pT181 occurs naturally in staphylococcus aureus and encodes
CC   inducible resistance to tetracycline. it contains four open reading
CC   frames encoding four putative polypeptides a, 37.5 kda; b, 35 kda;
CC   c, 23 kda, and d, 18 kda [3]. polypeptide a is the repc protein [2]
CC   (bases 3563-557). polypeptides b and d (bases 2595-3482 and
CC   2180-2638, respectively) are involved in tetracycline resistance
CC   [3]. there is no known function for polypeptide c and deletion of a
CC   large portion of it causes no noticeable changes [3].
CC   Replication, originating in a 168 bp span, proceeds
CC   unidirectionally and clockwise (anticlockwise as the map is
CC   conventionally drawn) [2].
CC   NM (pT181)
CC   CM (yes)
CC   NA (ds-DNA)
CC   TP (circular)
CC   ST ()
CC   TY (plasmid)
CC   SP ()
CC   HO (Staphylococcus aureus)(Staphylococcus)
CC   CP ()
CC   FN (cloning)
CC   SE ()
CC   PA (Staphylococcus)
CC   BR (pC221)(pE194)
CC   OF (pSA series from pRN5101 from pE194)
CC   OR ()
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   misc_feature    0..0
FT                   /note="1. Staphylococcus aureus
FT                   -> pT181 4437bp"
FT   rep_origin      0..0
FT                   /note="ORI E. coli pMB1 (ColE1 and pBR322)"
FT   CDS             complement(794..4287)
FT                   /note="GEN E. coli Repc gene (polypeptide a)"
SQ   Sequence 4437 BP; 1647 A; 542 C; 796 G; 1452 T; 0 other;
     ttggaaatct caaccgagac aacgctcaag ccctttctaa atttatgagt gtagagcccc
     aaataagact ttgggatatt cttcaaacaa agtttaaagc taaagcactt caagaaaaag
     tttatattga atatgacaaa gtgaaagcag atagttggga tagacgtaat atgcgtattg
     aatttaatcc aaacaaactt acacgagatg aaatgatttg gttaaaacaa aatataataa
     gctacatgga agatgacggt tttacaagat tagatttagc ctttgatttt gaagaagatt
     tgagtgacta ctatgcaatg tctgataaag cagttaagaa aactattttt tatggtcgta
     atggtaagcc agaaacaaaa tattttggcg tgagagatag taatagattt attagaattt
     ataataaaaa gcaagaacgt aaagataatg cagatgctga agttatgtct gaacatttat
     ggcgtgtaga aatcgaactt aaaagagata tggtggatta ctggaatgat tgctttagtg
     atttacatat cttgcaacca gattggaaaa ctatccaacg cactgcggat agagcaatag
     tttttatgtt attgagtgat gaagaagaat ggggaaagct tcacagaaat tctagaacaa
     aatataagaa tttgataaaa gaaatttcgc cagtcgattt aacggactta atgaaatcga
     ctttaaaagc gaacgaaaaa caattgcaaa aacaaatcga tttttggcaa catgaattta
     aattttggaa atagtgtaca tattaatatt actgaacaaa aatgatatat ttaaactatt
     ctaatttagg aggatttttt tatgaagtgt ctatttaaaa atttggggaa tttatatgag
     gtgaaagaat aatttacccc tataaacttt agtcacctca agtaaagagg taaaattgtt
     tagtttatat aaaaaattta aaggtttgtt ttatagcgtt ttattttggc tttgtattct
     ttcatttttt agtgtattaa atgaaatggt tttaaatgtt tctttacctg atattgcaaa
     tcattttaat actactcctg gaattacaaa ctgggtaaac actgcatata tgttaacttt
     ttcgatagga acagcagtat atggaaaatt atctgattat ataaatataa aaaaattgtt
     aattattggt attagtttga gctgtcttgg ttcattgatt gcttttattg gtcacaatca
     cttttttatt ttgatttttg gtaggttagt acaaggagta ggatctgctg cattcccttc
     actgattatg gtggttgtag ctagaaatat tacaagaaaa aaacaaggca aagcctttgg
     ttttatagga tcaattgtag ctttaggtga agggttaggt ccttcaatag ggggaataat
     agcacattat attcattggt cttacctact tatacttcct atgattacaa tagtaactat
     accttttctt attaaagtaa tggtacctgg taaatcaaca aaaaatacat tagatatcgt
     aggtattgtt ttaatgtcta taagtattat atgttttatg ttatttacga caaattataa
     ttggactttt ttaatactct tcacaatctt ttttgtgatt tttattaaac atatttcaag
     agtttctaac ccttttatta atcctaaact agggaaaaac attccgttta tgcttggttt
     gttttctggt tgggctaata ttttctatag tagctggttt tatatcaatg gtgccttata
     tgatgaaaac tatttatcat gtaaatgtag cgacaatagg taatagtgtt atttttcctg
     gaaccatgag tgttattgtt tttggttatt ttggtggttt tttagtggat agaaaaggat
     cattatttgt ttttatttta ggatcattgt ctatctctat aagtttttta actattgcat
     tttttgttga gtttagtatg tggttgacta cttttatgtt tatatttgtt atgggcgaat
     tatcttttac taaaacagtt atatcaaaaa tagtatcaag tagtctttct gaagaagaag
     ttgcttctgg aatgagtttg ctaaatttca caagtttttt atcagaggga acaggtatag
     caattgtagg aggtttattg tcactacaat tgattaatcg taaactagtt ctggaattta
     taaattattc ttctggagtg tatagtaata ttctgtagcc atggctaacc ttattattta
     agttgtcttt tgacgattat tgtatttaaa acgttctgaa aagcagtttg aatagttata
     ttatattttg gtttagaact atgagtggct agcattttgc cactcatttt ttgcgttagc
     aaaaacaggt ttaagcctcg cagagcacac gtattaacga cttattaaaa ataagtctag
     tgtgttagac ttaaactatt aaatacacat aaaacctttg tgcttaggag tgatttttat
     atgtcttatt ccattgttag agtttcaaaa gttaaatctg gaacaaatac aacgggcata
     caaaaacatg ttcaaagaga aaataataat tatgaaaatg aagatataga ccatagtaaa
     acttacttaa attatgattt ggtaaatgct aataaacaga attttaataa cttgattgat
     gaaaaaatcg aacagaatta tacaggcaaa agaaaaatta gaacagacgc gattaaacac
     attgatggtt taattacatc agacaatgat ttctttgata atcaaacgcc agaagataca
     aagcagtttt ttgaatatgc taaagagttt ttagaacaag aatacggtaa agataattta
     ttatatgcaa cagttcacat ggacgaaaaa acaccacaat gcattatggc gttgttccaa
     tacttgatga tggtcgttta agtgctaaag aagttgtagg taataaaaag ctttaacagc
     gtttcaagat agatttaatg agcatgttaa acaacgagga tatggtttag aacgtgggca
     atcaagacaa gtaacaaatg ctaaacatga gcaaataagt cagtataaac aaaaaacaga
     atatcataag caagaatatg aacgtgagag ccaaaaaaca gaccatataa agcaaaagaa
     cgataaatta atgcaagagt accaaaaatc gttaaatacg cttaaaaagc ctataaatgt
     tccgtatgag caagaaactg aaaaagtagg tggtttattt agcaaagaga tacaagaagc
     tggaaatgtt gtaataagcc aaaaagattt caatgaattt cagaaacaga taaaagctgc
     tcaagatatt tcggaagatt acgagtatat aaagtctggt agagccttag atgataaaga
     taaggaaata cgagagaaag atgatttatt aaataaagca gttgagcgta ttgaaaacgc
     agacgataat tttaaccaac tttacgaaaa tgcaaagcca cttaaagaga atatagaaat
     agcgttaaag cttttaaaaa tcttactaaa agagttagaa cgagttttag gaagaaatac
     ctttgcggga agagttagta agttaacaga agatgaacca aagctaaatg gtttagcagg
     aaacttagat aaaaaaatga atccagaatt atattcagaa caggaacagc aacaagaaca
     acaaaagaat caaaaacgag atagaggtat gcacttatag aacatgcatt tatgccgaga
     aaacttattg gttggaatgg gctatgtgtt agctaacttg ttagcgagtt ggttggactt
     gaattgggat taatcccaag aaagtaccaa ctcaacaaca cataaagccc tgtaggttcc
     gaccaataag gaaattggaa taaagcaata aaaggagttg aagaaatgaa attcagagaa
     gcctttgaga attttataac aagtaagtat gtacttggtg ttttagtagt tttaactgtt
     taccagataa tacaaatgct taaataaaaa aagacttgat ctgattagac caaatctttt
     gatagtgtta tattaataac aaaataaaaa ggagtcgctc acgccctgac caaagtttgt
     gaacgacatc attcaaagaa aaaaacactg agttgttttt ataatcttgt atatttagat
     attaaacgat atttaaatat acatcaagat atatatttgg gtgagcgatt ccttaaacga
     aattgagatt aaggagtcga ttttttatgt ataaaaacaa tcatgcaaat cattcaaatc
     atttggaaaa tcacgattta gacaattttt ctaaaaccgg ctactctaat agccggttgg
     acgcacatac tgtgtgcata tctgatccaa aattaagttt tgatgcaatg acgatcg