lambda EMBL3

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General : phage ds-DNA 20067 BP
Functions : (cloning 8000-23000 bp)(chromosome walking)
Selection : ()
Copy Number :
Hosts : (E.coli LE392)(E.coli O358)(E.coli O359)(E.coli K803)(E.coli NM538)(E.coli NM539)(E.coli KW251)(E.coli XL-1-Blue MRA)(E.coli XL-1-Blue MRA P2)
Suppliers : (CLONTECH)(Promega)(Stratagene)(ATCC)
Misc.Comments : EMBL3 size is between 43000 and 44000 bp. left arm is 19300. right arm is 9200 bp. The stuffer is 14000 bp. Phage with inserts have the Spi- phenotype. [3] lambdaEMBL3 (ATCC 37266) and lambdaEMBL4 (ATCC 37267) differ only in the orientation of the MCS surrounding the stuffer fragment. Medium is 1592 SM buffer. This sequence has been compiled from information in the sequence databases, published literature and other sources; this vector has not been completely sequenced. If you suspect there is an error in this sequence, please contact CLONTECH's Technical Service Department at (415) 424-8222 or (800) 662-2566, extension 3 or E-mail CLONTECH@BIOTECHNET.COM. NCBI gi: 413791 NCBI gi: 413819
Parents : (lambda 1059)
Siblings : (EMBL4)
Descendents : ()


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