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General : phage filamentous ss-DNA)(ds-DNA 6407 BP
Functions : (cloning)(sequencing)
Selection : ()
Copy Number :
Hosts : (E.coli)
Suppliers : (USB)
Misc.Comments : Sequence was compared to the sumex tape. Known differences from Suggs & Ray are: 5538a (inserted), 5558-5559ca (tc). Replicative form is duplex. Nucleotides 5725-5997 from the origin region of the M13 duplex replicative form DNA confer an M13-dependent replication mechanism upon the plasmid vector pBR322 [3]. This M13 insert permits M13 helper-dependent replication of the hybrid plasmid in polA cells which are unable to replicate the pBR322 replicon alone [3]. The segment required for high frequency transformation by oriM13 plasmids extends a maximum of 41 nucleotides beyond the HaeIII site at positions 5867-5870, but does not include most of the 'at'-rich DNA at the right hand end of the DNA [3].
Parents : (M13)
Siblings : (fd)(f1)
Descendents : ()


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