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General : phage ds-DNA 6871 BP
Functions : (cloning)
Selection : (beta-galactosidase)
Copy Number :
Hosts : (E.coli)
Suppliers : ()
Misc.Comments : These data and their annotation were supplied to GenBank by Will Gilbert under the auspices of the GenBank Currator Program. Assembled from M13, GenBank:ECOLCMB and GenBank:ECOLCM13D by F. Pfeiffer The lac region was cloned into another site of the M13 intergenic region, compared to the M13mp series. From the cloning sites EcoRI-HindIII-EcoRI in mWB23, the FIRST EcoRI-site was destroyed in mWB2341, thus leaving HindIII-EcoRI.
Parents : (mWB23)
Siblings : (mWB2342)
Descendents : ()


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