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ID   PDUAL      preliminary; circular DNA; SYN; 7900 BP.
AC   IG6011; ATCC86961;
DT   02-NOV-1993 (Rel. 7, Created)
DT   01-JUL-1995 (Rel. 12, Last updated, Version 1)
DE   E. coli cosmid vector pDUAL or pIF328 or pJANUS - incomplete.
KW   cloning vector.
OS   Cloning vector
OC   Artificial sequences; Cloning vehicles.
RN   [1]
RC   pIF300 from pUC19 & gammadelta transposon
RC   pIF328 or pDUAL from pIF300 & pLAW168
RC   pDUAL or pJANUS from pIF300 & pLAW168
RC   pDELTA1 from pDUAL
RA   Wang G., Blakesley R.W., Berg D.E., Berg C.M.;
RT   "pDUAL: a transposon-based cosmid cloning vector for generating
RT   nested deletions and DNA sequencing templates in vivo";
RL   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 90:7874-7878(1993).
RN   [2]
RC   pDUAL or pJANUS from pXRD4043
RA   Wang G., Berg D.E., Blakesley R.W., Berg C.M.;
RT   ;
RL   Microbiology 1992:226-226(1992).
RL   . ., Am. Soc. Microbiol., Washington DC.
RN   [3]
RC   Tn1000 or gammadelta [Tn3 family] from E. coli
RC   Tn1001 from Tn1000 & pUC4K
RC   Tn1005 from Tn1000
RC   pXRD3705 from pUC4K & pOX16, Tn1000
RC   pXRD4043 from pACYC184 & pDR540 & pOX13, Tn1000 tnpA gene
RC   pXRD4061 from pUC8 & Tn1001 & M13mp18
RC   pXRD4000 series from pXRD4043 & pXRD4061 & pOX38
RA   Tsai M.M., Wong R.Y., Hoang A.T., Deonier R.C.;
RT   "Transposition of Tn1000: in vivo properties";
RL   J. Bacteriol. 169:5556-5562(1987).
RN   [4]
RC   plasmid from M13mp19 & gammadelta
RC   pLAW36 from pBR322 & linker & Tn903, kan gene
RC   pLAW108 from pACYC184 & linker & gammadelta
RC   pLAW116 from pUC19 & Tn903, kan gene
RC   pLAW120 from pUC19 & Tn903, kan gene
RC   from pLAW116 & plasmid
RC   from pLAW120 & pNN388 & gammadelta
RC   pLAW146 from R388 & gammadelta
RC   pLAW153, pLAW159, pLAW161, pLAW163 from pBR322 & gammadelta & Tn903
RC   pLAW168 from pLAW153
RC   pLAW176 from pLAW159
RC   pLAW178 from pLAW161
RC   pLAW180 from pLAW163
RC   pLAW166 from pLAW161 & pLAW153
RC   pLAW167 from pLAW159 & pLAW163
RA   Wiater L.A., Grindley N.D.;
RT   "Integration host factor increases the transpositional immunity
RT   conferred by gamma delta ends";
RL   J. Bacteriol. 172:4951-4958(1990).
RN   [5]
RC   pMS421 from pSC101 & strep gene & lacIq gene
RA   Susskind M.;
RT   ;
RL   Unpublished (1987).
RN   [6]
RC   pNN388 from R388
RA   Elledge S.J., Davis R.W.;
RT   "Position and density effects on repression by stationary and
RT   mobile DNA-binding proteins";
RL   Genes Dev. 3:185-197(1989).
CC   Cosmid cloning vector for generating nested deletions and
CC   sequencing templates in both directions in vivo.  Based on the
CC   transposon gamma-delta (Tn1000), and contains paired selectable and
CC   counterselectable markers. Deletions of a pDUAL clone can be obtained
CC   by transforming into a host expressing the gamma-delta transposase,
CC   such as E. coli CBK884(pXRD4043) (ATCC 47073), followed by antibiotic
CC   selection and sensitivity screening. Deletion derivatives may be
CC   sequenced from the SP6 or T7 promoters engineered within the ends of
CC   the gamma-delta component.
CC   The order of the major features is:  RsrII - SP6 promoter -
CC   Tn end - sacB (sucrose sensitivity) - kanR - (lacZalpha -
CC   EcoRI/MCS/HindIII - lacZalpha) - tetR - cos - rpsL/strA (strS) -
CC   Tn end - T7 promoter - NotI - pMB1 ori - Tn1000 - ampR. [1]
CC   Deposited by: C.M.Berg
CC   Growth media: LB plus ampicillin (ATCC medium number 1227) 37C
CC   CM (no)
CC   NA (ds-DNA)
CC   TP (circular)
CC   ST ()
CC   TY (plasmid)
CC   SP ()
CC   HO (E.coli)
CC   CP ()
CC   FN (cloning)(RNA synthesis in vitro)
CC   SE ()
CC   PA (pXRD4043)(pACYC184)
CC   BR ()
CC   OF ()
CC   OR ()
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   misc_feature    0..0
FT                   /note="1. Tn1000, tnpA gene
FT                   -> pOX13
FT                   1. pACYC184 remove HindIII-HincII 624bp 1525..2149,
FT                   \ 3621bp
FT                   2. pDR540 HindIII 4063bp 2..2, tac promoter
FT                   3. linker HindIII-SD-tnpA-SalI 16bp aagcttnnnngtcgac
FT                   4. pOX13 SalI-HaeIII, Tn1000 tnpA gene
FT                   -> pXRD4043
FT                   1. pBR322 EcoRI 4361bp 4360..4360
FT                   alkaline phosphatase
FT                   2. pXRD4043 EcoRI-HindIII, gammadelta left end
FT                   3. pXRD4043 EcoRI-HindIII, gammadelta right end
FT                   4. Tn903 950bp, kan gene/#V00359
FT                   -> pLAW153
FT                   1. pLAW153 remove EcoRV-PvuII, not transposon
FT                   -> pLAW168
FT                   1. pUC19 2011bp 689..2686..14,
FT                   \ Tn1000-Sp6-RsrII-ori-amp-NotI-T7-Tn1000
FT                   Tn1000-PCR-Tn1000
FT                   2. pNO1523 690bp 130..820, EcoRI-strA-BamHI
FT                   PCR
FT                   3. pHC79 208bp 60..268, BamHI-cos-BglII
FT                   PCR
FT                   4. pUC19 448bp 238..686, BglII-lacZalpha-BglII
FT                   PCR
FT                   5. I-a BamHI-BamHI 2000bp, sacB gene
FT                   -> pIF300 5500bp
FT                   1. pIF300 HindIII 5500bp, between lacZalpha and sacB
FT                   2. pLAW168 HindIII-HindIII 1000bp, kan gene
FT                   -> plasmid 6500bp
FT                   1. pBR322, tet gene
FT                   -> pSelect-1
FT                   1. plasmid remove BamHI-HindIII 30bp, end of lacZalpha
FT                   \ pUC19 30bp 418..448/6500bp
FT                   2. pSelect-1 BamHI-tet-HindIII 1482bp 458..1940,
FT                   \ [1400bp]
FT                   PCR
FT                   -> pDUAL 7900bp"
FT   misc_binding    0..0
FT                   /note="MCS EcoRI-SstI-KpnI-BamHI-SalI-PstI-SphI-
FT                   HindIII"
FT   promoter        0..0
FT                   /note="PRO Sp6"
FT   promoter        0..0
FT                   /note="PRO T7"
FT   rep_origin      0..0
FT                   /note="ORI E. coli pMB1 (ColE1 and pBR322)"
FT   CDS             0..0
FT                   /note="ANT E. coli amp gene"
FT   CDS             0..0
FT                   /note="ANT E. coli kan gene"
FT   CDS             0..0
FT                   /note="ANT E. coli tet gene"
FT   CDS             0..0
FT                   /note="ANT E. coli strep gene"
FT   CDS             0..0
FT                   /note="GEN E. coli sucS gene"
SQ   Sequence 1 BP; 0 A; 0 C; 0 G; 0 T; 1 other;