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ID   PEG5005    preliminary; circular DNA; SYN; 10200 BP.
AC   ATCC67463;
DT   01-FEB-1995 (Rel. 11, Created)
DT   01-JUL-1995 (Rel. 12, Last updated, Version 1)
DE   E. coli plasmid pEG5005 - incomplete.
KW   cloning vector.
OS   Cloning vector
OC   Artificial sequences; Cloning vehicles.
RN   [1]
RC   pEG5005 from pBR322 & phage Mu & lambda, pL
RA   Balakrishnan R., Bolten B., Backman K.C.;
RT   "A gene cassette for adapting Escherichia coli strains as hosts
RT   for att-Int-mediated rearrangement and pL expression vectors";
RL   Gene 138:101-104(1994).
CC   Restriction digests of the clone give the following sizes (kb):
CC   ClaI--10.2,; EcoRI--8.8, 1.5; HindIII--5.2, 5.0. (ATCC staff)
CC   Mini-bacteriophage Mu-based integration vector (transposon) with a
CC   pMB1 replicon.  Defective for morphogenic functions. To maintain the
CC   plasmid, grow at 30C with ampicillin and kanamycin selection. Thermal
CC   induction (42C) of the Mu cts lysogen containing the plasmid yields a
CC   low titer phage lysate.  Lysates should be used within 1 week of
CC   preparation since the clones can be unstable. Infection of sensitive,
CC   Mu cts lysogenic E. coli strains and growth at 30C yields two types of
CC   kanamycin-resistant isolates: ampicillin-sensitive strains
CC   (integrants) that carry no plasmid DNA, and ampicillin-resistant
CC   strains that contain the plasmid. [1]
CC   Note: This material is cited in a U.S and/or other Patent and may not
CC   be used to infringe the patent claims.
CC   Growth: LB plus amp (50ug/ml) plus kan (20ug/ml)(ATCC med num 1948)30C
CC   NM (pEG5005)
CC   CM (no)
CC   NA (ds-DNA)
CC   TP (circular)
CC   ST ()
CC   TY (plasmid)
CC   SP (ATCC)(Omnigene, Inc.)
CC   HO (E.coli)(E.coli KB358)
CC   CP ()
CC   FN (cloning)(integrating)
CC   SE ()
CC   PA ()
CC   BR ()
CC   OF ()
CC   OR ()
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   misc_feature    0..0
FT                   /note="1. pBR322 4361bp, ori/amp
FT                   2. phage Mu, kan
FT                   3. lambda, pL
FT                   -> pEG5005 10200bp"
FT   rep_origin      0..0
FT                   /note="ORI E. coli pMB1 (ColE1 and pBR322)"
FT   CDS             0..0
FT                   /note="ANT E. coli amp gene"
FT   CDS             0..0
FT                   /note="ANT E. coli kan gene"
FT   CDS             0..0
FT                   /note="REP phage Mu cts62"
FT   CDS             0..0
FT                   /note="REP phage Mu A"
FT   CDS             0..0
FT                   /note="REP phage Mu B"
FT   misc_binding    0..0
FT                   /note="MCS PstI-SalI-BamHI-EcoRI-SmaI-BamHI"
FT   misc_binding    0..0
FT                   /note="SIT ClaI"
FT   misc_binding    0..0
FT                   /note="SIT SstI"
FT   promoter        0..0
FT                   /note="PRO lambda pL"
SQ   Sequence 1 BP; 0 A; 0 C; 0 G; 0 T; 1 other;