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ID   PGPD1      preliminary; circular DNA; SYN; 1 BP.
AC   M13807;
DT   01-OCT-1993 (Rel. 7, Created)
DT   01-APR-1995 (Rel. 11, Last updated, Version 1)
DE   E. coli plasmid vector pGPD1 - incomplete.
KW   cloning vector.
OS   Cloning vector
OC   Artificial sequences; Cloning vehicles.
RN   [1]
RC   pHBsAg from YRp7 & pHBV-8, HBV genome
RC   pHBs-1 from pHBsAg
RC   pHBs-2 from pHBs-1 & oligo
RC   pHBs-1(GPD) from pHBs-1 & pp6y, GAPDH gene
RC   pHBs-2(GPD) from pHBs-2 & pp6y, GAPDH gene
RC   p(GPD-HBs)-2 from pHBs-1(GPD) & pGT40, yeast 2 micron
RC   p(GPD-HBs)-3 from pHBs-1(GPD) & pGT41, yeast 2 micron
RC   p(GPD-HBs)-4 from pHBs-2(GPD) & pGT41, yeast 2 micron
RC   M13/GPD-3 from M13 & GPD-3 gene
RC   pGPD-1 from M13/GPD-3 & pGT41
RC   pPG70 from pBR322 & TRP1 gene
RC   pGPD-2 from pPG70
RA   Bitter G.A., Egan K.M.;
RT   "Expression of heterologous genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae from
RT   vectors utilizing the glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase gene
RT   promoter";
RL   Gene 32:263-274(1984).
RN   [2]
RC   pp6y from pBR322 & phage 6y GAPDH gene
RC   pp17y from pBR322 & phage 17y GAPDH gene
RA   Musti A.M., Zehner Z., Bostian K.A., Patterson B.M., Kramer R.A.;
RT   "Transcriptional mapping of two yeast genes coding for
RT   glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase isolated by sequence
RT   homology with the chicken gene";
RL   Gene 25:133-143(1983).
RN   [3]
RC   plasmid from pLC544 & yeast chromosome III CEN3
RC   pGT39, pGT41. pGT42 from plasmid & pBR322
RC   pGT38, pGT40 from plasmid & pBR322
RC   pGT44 from plasmid & pBR322
RA   Tschumper G., Carbon J.;
RT   "Copy number control by a yeast centromere";
RL   Gene 23:221-232(1983).
RN   [4]
RC   pHBV-8 from HBV
RA   Overby L.;
RT   ;
RL   Unpublished (1984).
CC   GPD promoter. new. in GenBank.
CC   NM (pGPD1)
CC   CM (no)
CC   NA (ds-DNA)
CC   TP (circular)
CC   ST ()
CC   TY (plasmid)
CC   SP ()
CC   HO (E.coli)
CC   CP ()
CC   FN (cloning)
CC   SE ()
CC   PA (M13mp9)(pBR322)(pp6y)(YRp7)(pGT40)(pGT41)(pHBV-8)
CC   BR (pGPD2)
CC   OF ()
CC   OR ()
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   misc_feature    0..0
FT                   /note="1. pLC544 BamHI
FT                   2. yeast chromosome III, CEN3
FT                   sheared with dA.dT connection
FT                   -> plasmid
FT                   1. plasmid BamHI-HindIII 2000bp, CEN3
FT                   2. pBR322 remove small BamHI-HindIII
FT                   -> pGT41 12500bp
FT                   1. M13mp9 AccI
FT                   2. GPD-3 gene TaqI-TaqI 650bp, GPD promoter
FT                   -> M13/GPD-3
FT                   1. M13/GPD-3 HindIII-BamHI, GPD promoter
FT                   2. pGT41 BamHI
FT                   3. yeast EcoRI-BglII 852bp, TRP1 gene
FT                   -> pGPD-1"
FT   rep_origin      0..0
FT                   /note="ORI E. coli pMB1 (ColE1 and pBR322)"
SQ   Sequence 1 BP; 0 A; 0 C; 0 G; 0 T; 1 other;