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ID   PGVL120    preliminary; circular DNA; SYN; 6428 BP.
AC   M35007;
DT   26-JUL-1990 (Rel. 5, Created)
DT   01-JUL-1995 (Rel. 12, Last updated, Version 1)
DE   Agrobacterium plasmid vector pGVL120 - incomplete, T-DNA.
KW   cloning vector.
OS   Cloning vector
OC   Artificial sequences; Cloning vehicles.
RN   [1]
RP   1-6428
RC   pGV1503 from pGV1500
RC   pL1, pL3 from pGVL202
RC   pL4 from Nicotiana tabacum T19
RC   pL5 from pGV1503
RA   Gheysen D., Herman L., Breyne P., Gielen J., Van Montagu M.M.,
RA   Depicker A.;
RT   "Cloning and sequence analysis of truncated T-DNA inserts from
RT   Nicotiana tabacum";
RL   Gene 94:155-163(1990).
RN   [2]
RP   1-6428
RC   pGVL120
RA   Gheysen D.;
RT   ;
RL   Submitted (01-JUN-1990) to GenBank on computer-readable media by:
RL   Gheysen D., .
RN   [3]
RC   pGVL91 from pGV815 & pGV0600 or pGV600
RC   pGVL104 from pGVL91 & pGV073, spect gene
RC   pGVL106 from pGVL104 & pKC7
RC   pGVL118 from pGVL106 & pLGVneo2103, neo gene
RC   pGVL120 from pGVL118 & pGVL106
RC   pGVL136 from pGVL120 & pGV081, Pn gene
RC   pGVL150 from pGVL120 & pAGV40, ocs gene
RC   pGVL160 from pGVL150 & pGV081, Pn gene
RC   pGVL202 from pGVL120 & pGVL91
RA   Herman L.M., Van Montagu M.M., Depicker A.;
RT   "Isolation of tobacco DNA segments with plant promoter activity";
RL   Mol. Cell. Biol. 6:4486-4492(1986).
RN   [4]
RC   pGV1500 from pGV825
RC   pVS1 from Pseudomonas ori & sulf gene & mer gene
RC   pGV867 from pBR325 & strep gene
RC   mGV2 from M13mp7 & kan gene
RC   pGV922 from pVS1 & pGV867
RC   pGV943 from pGV922 & pGV815
RC   pGV941 from pGV943 & mGV2
RC   pGSH160 from pGV1500 & kan gene
RC   pGSJ280 from pGV1500 & kan gene
RA   Deblaere R., Reynaerts A., Hofte H., Hernalsteens J.P., Leemans J.,
RA   Van Montagu M.;
RT   "Vectors for cloning in plant cells";
RL   Meth. Enzymol. 153:277-292(1987).
RN   [5]
RC   pTiAch5 from Agrobacterium Ti plasmid
RC   pTiB6S3 from Agrobacterium Ti plasmid
RC   mGV1 from M13mp7 & pGV99, ocs gene
RC   pGV0600 or pGV600 from pBR322
RC   pGV700 from pBR325 & pTiAch5
RC   pGV710 from pBR325 & pHC79 & R702, spec gene
RC   pGV742 from pGV700 & pGV600
RC   pGV744 from pGV742
RC   pGV749 from pGV744
RC   pGV815 from pGV749 & pGV710
RC   pGV825 from pGV815
RC   pGV831 from pKC7 & pGV825
RC   pGV746 from pBR322 & pTiB6S3
RC   pGV2260 from pGV2217 & pGV746
RC   pGV833 from pGV831 & mGV1
RC   pGV2435 from pGV833 & pGV2260
RA   Deblaere R., Bytebier B., De Greve H., Deboeck F., Schell M.,
RA   Van Montagu M., Leemans J.;
RT   "Efficient octopine Ti plasmid-derived vectors for
RT   Agrobacterium-mediated gene transfer to plants";
RL   Nucleic Acids Res. 13:4777-4788(1985).
RN   [6]
RC   pGV600 from R702 & pBR322
RC   pGV2201 from pTiC58 & R702, spec gene
RC   pGV2206 from pTiB6S3 & pGV1106, kan gene
RA   Leemans J., Shaw C., Deblaere R., De Greve H., Hernalsteens J.P.,
RA   Maes M., Van Montagu M., Schell J.;
RT   "Site-specific mutagenesis of Agrobacterium Ti plasmids and transfer
RT   of genes to plant cells";
RL   J. Mol. Appl. Genet. 1:149-164(1981).
RN   [7]
RC   pGV073 from Ti spect gene
RA   Van Haute E., Joos H., Maes M., Warren G., Van Montagu M., Schell J.;
RT   "Intergeneric transfer and exchange recombination of restriction
RT   fragments cloned in pBR322: a novel strategy for the reversed
RT   genetics of Ti plasmids of Agrobacterium tumefaciens";
RL   EMBO J. 2:411-418(1983).
RN   [8]
RC   pGVneo2103 from neo gene
RA   Hain R., Stabel P., Czernilofsky A.P., Steinbliss H.H.,
RA   Herrera-Estrella L., Schell J.;
RT   "Uptake, integration, expression an dgenetic transmission of a
RT   selectable chimaeric gene to plant protoplasts";
RL   Mol. Gen. Genet. 199:161-168(1985).
RN   [9]
RC   pGV081 from Ti nopaline synthase gene
RC   [pLGV2381 from pLGV series]
RC   pAGV10 from kan gene
RC   pAGV30 from kan gene
RC   pAGV40 from kan gene
RA   Herrera-Estrella L., Depicker A., Van Montagu M., Schell J.;
RT   "Expression of chimaeric genes transferred into plants cells using
RT   a Ti-plasmid-derived vector";
RL   Nature 303:209-213(1983).
RN   [10]
RC   pLGV23neo from pKC7 & pLGV2381
RC   pLGVTi23neo from pLGV23neo & pTiC58
RC   pLGV081 from pUR222 & pLGV2381
RC   pLGV2383 from pASK4155 & pLGV081
RC   pLGV2382 from pKC7 & pLGV2383
RC   pLGV23DHFR from pLGV2382 & pHG, DHFR gene
RC   [pLGV2318 from pBR322 & Ti plasmid, nos promoter]
RC   [pLGVneo2103 from neo gene]
RC   [pLGV1103 from Tn1831, NPT II gene]
RA   Herrera-Estella L., De Block M., Messens E., Hernalsteens J.P.,
RA   Van Montagu M., Schell J.;
RT   "Chimeric genes as dominant selectable markers in plant cells";
RL   EMBO J. 2:987-995(1983).
RN   [11]
RC   pGV2275 from pTiB6S3 & Tn5
RA   Dubois M.;
RT   ;
RL   Unpublished (1986).
RN   [12]
RC   from pGV3101 or pMP90RK
RC   p6M3 from pBR322 & pGV0153, pTiAch5 iaaH gene
RC   pUC9-pro/b from pUC9 & p6M3
RC   pUC19* from pUC19
RC   DOVE from pUC19* & pUC9-pro/b
RC   pUC-hyg from pUC19 & pVU1011, HPT gene
RC   pGDW11 from pUC-hyg
RC   plasmid from pGDW11 & pCV5013
RC   pGDW31 from plasmid & pPCV002
RC   pGDW32 from pUC19* & pGDW31
RC   pKM109/9-pAd from pGV0153 & pKM109/90, iaaH gene polyA
RC   plasmid2 from pKM109/9-pAd & DOVE
RC   pGDW44 from pGDW31 & plasmid2
RC   pD811, pD821, pD831, pD841 from pHS-neo & DOVE
RA   Wing D., Koncz C., Schell J.;
RT   "Conserved function in Nicotiana tabacum of a single Drosophila
RT   hsp70 promoter heat shock element when fused to a minimal T-DNA
RT   promoter";
RL   Mol. Gen. Genet. 219:9-16(1989).
RN   [13]
RC   pTiC58 from Ti plasmid
RA   Von Larebeke N., Engler G., Holsters M., Van Den Elsacker S.,
RA   Zaenen I., Schilperoort R.A., Schell J.;
RT   "Large plasmid in Agrobacterium tumefaciens essential for crown
RT   gall-inducing ability";
RL   Nature 252:169-170(1974).
RN   [14]
RC   pGV2217 from pTiB6S3, traC
RA   Leemans J., Deblaere R., Willmitzer L., De Greve H.,
RA   Hernalsteens J.P., Van Montagu M., Schell J.;
RT   "Genetic identification of functions of TL-DNA transcripts in
RT   octopine crown galls";
RL   EMBO J. 1:147-152(1982).
RN   [15]
RC   pGV316 from pTiC58
RC   pGV354 from pTiC58
RC   pGV357 from pTiC58
RA   Depicker A., De Block M., Inze D., Van Montagu M., Schell J.;
RT   "IS-like element IS8 in RP4 plasmid and its involvement in
RT   cointegration";
RL   Gene 10:329-338(1980).
RN   [16]
RC   from pTiAch5
RC   from pTiB6S3
RC   Charon 21A::rGV-1 from Charon 21A & rGV-1 plant genome
RC   pGV717 from pBR322 & Charon 21A::rGV-1
RA   Holsters M., Villaroel R., Gielen J., Seurinck J., De Greve H.,
RA   Van Montagu M., Schell J.;
RT   "An analysis of the boundaries of the octopine TL-DNA in tumors
RT   induced by Agrobacterium tumefaciens";
RL   Mol. Gen. Genet. 190:35-41(1983).
RN   [17]
RC   pGV0153 from pTiAch5
RC   pGV0201 from pTiAch5
RC   from pTiB6S3
RA   De Vos G., De Beuckeleer M., Van Montagu M., Schell J.;
RT   "Restriction endonuclease mapping of the octopine tumor inducing
RT   plasmid pTiAch5 of Agrobacterium tumefaciens";
RL   Plasmid 6:249-253(1981).
RN   [18]
RC   pGV718 from pTiAch5
RA   Dhaese P., De Greve H., Gielen J., Seurinck J., Van Montagu M.,
RA   Schell J.;
RT   "Identification of sequences involved in the polyadenylation of
RT   higher plant nuclear transcripts using Agrobacterium T-DNA genes
RT   as models";
RL   EMBO J. 2:419-426(1983).
RN   [19]
RC   pVU1011 from HPT gene
RA   Van Den Elzen P.;
RT   ;
RL   Unpublished (1989).
RN   [20]
RC   pCV5013 from Ti plasmid
RA   Koncz C.;
RT   ;
RL   Unpublished (1989).
RN   [21]
RC   pHS-neo from Drosophila hsp70 gene
RA   Spena A., Hain R., Ziervogel U., Saedler H., Schell J.;
RT   "Construction of a heat-inducible gene for plants. Demonstration of
RT   heat-inducible activity of the Drosophila hsp70 promoter in plants";
RL   EMBO J. 4:2739-2743(1985).
RN   [22]
RC   pAcgB from pKC7 & bom site
RC   pGV3850 from pGV3839 & pAcgB
RA   Zambryski P., Joos H., Genetello C., Leemans J., Van Montagu M.,
RA   Schell J.;
RT   "Ti plasmid vector for the introduction of DNA into plant cells
RT   without alteration of their normal regeneration capacity";
RL   EMBO J. 2:2143-2150(1983).
RN   [23]
RC   pGV3170, pGV3840, pGV3320, pGV3839, pGV3101 from pTiC58 & pBR322
RC   pGV3843, pGV3845, pGV3842, pGV3881, pGV3880 from pTiC58 & pBR322
RA   Joos H., Inze D., Caplan A., Sorman M., Van Montagu M., Schell J.;
RT   "Genetic analysis of T-DNA transcripts in nopaline crown galls";
RL   Cell 32:1057-1067(1983).
RN   [24]
RC   pGV99 from Ti plasmid
RA   De Greve H., Decraemer H., Seurinck J., Van Montagu M., Schell J.;
RT   "The functional organization of the octopine Agrobacterium
RT   tumefaciens plasmid pTiB6s3";
RL   Plasmid 6:235-248(1981).
RN   [25]
RC   pASK4155 from pBR322 & pTiC58
RA   Shaw C.H., Leemans J., Shaw C.H., Van Montagu M., Schell J.;
RT   "A general method for the transfer of cloned genes to plant cells";
RL   Gene 23:315-330(1984).
CC   NCBI gi: 209480
CC   NM (pGVL120)
CC   CM (no)
CC   NA (ds-DNA)
CC   TP (circular)
CC   ST ()
CC   TY (plasmid)
CC   SP ()
CC   HO (A.tumefaciens)
CC   CP ()
CC   FN (cloning)
CC   SE ()
CC   PA (Agrobacterium tumefaciens octopine synthase)(A.tumefaciens Ti)
CC   PA (Nicotiana tabacum T-DNA)
CC   BR ()
CC   OF ()
CC   OR ()
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   misc_feature    0..0
FT                   /note="1. Agrobacterium tumefaciens, crown gall
FT                   -> pTiAch5
FT                   1. Agrobacterium tumefaciens, crown gall
FT                   -> pTiC58 [Ti nopaline synthase NOS gene]
FT                   1. pTiC58, Ti nopaline synthase NOS gene
FT                   -> pLGV2381
FT                   1. pKC7 BamHI 5835bp 1848..1848, neo/kan gene
FT                   2. pLGV2381 BamHI-BamHI, NOS gene
FT                   -> pLGV23neo
FT                   1. pBR322 BamHI 4361bp 376..376
FT                   2. R702 BamHI-BamHI 3500bp, spec gene
FT                   -> pGV0600 7900bp
FT                   1. pBR325 HindIII 5994bp 30..30
FT                   2. pTiAch5 HindIII-HindIII, HindIII 18 fragment
FT                   HindIII-BglII 1000bp
FT                   3. pTiAch5 HindIII-HindIII, HindIII 1 fragment
FT                   BglII-HindIII 6500bp
FT                   -> pGV700 18400bp
FT                   1. pBR322 BamHI 4361bp 376..376
FT                   fill in
FT                   -> pGV600 4360bp
FT                   1. pGV700 HindIII-HindIII 7500bp
FT                   2. pGV600 HindIII 4360bp 30..30
FT                   -> pGV742 17800bp
FT                   1. pGV742 remove BamHI-BamHI, left T-DNA
FT                   -> pGV744 12200bp
FT                   1. pGV744 remove EcoRI-EcoRI, right T-DNA
FT                   -> pGV749 9100bp
FT                   1. pBR325 PstI-HindIII 2412bp 3612..5994..30, cat gene
FT                   2. pHC79 HindIII-PstI 779bp 5775..6524..30, lambda cos
FT                   -> plasmid 3191bp
FT                   1. plasmid remove BglII-BglII 1719bp 2111..3830,
FT                   \ lambda cos/1472bp
FT                   2. R702 BamHI-BamHI 3450bp, spec gene/strep gene
FT                   -> pGV710 5200bp
FT                   1. pGV749 HindIII-NruI 1870bp, T-DNA
FT                   2. pGV710 EcoRI-HindIII 5200bp, pBR325 4780..5996..30
FT                   DNA polymerase I:
FT                   -> pGV815 7100bp
FT                   1. pGV815 EcoRI-HindIII 7100bp, no spec/no cbr
FT                   2. pGV0600 remove small EcoRI-HindIII, 7900bp
FT                   calf intestinal alkaline phosphatase
FT                   -> pGVL91 15000bp
FT                   1. Ti, spec gene
FT                   -> pGV073
FT                   1. pGVL91 remove small BglII-BamHI, 15000bp
FT                   2. pGV073 BglII-BamHI, spec gene/sulf gene
FT                   calf intestinal alkaline phosphatase
FT                   -> pGVL104
FT                   1. pGVL104 BglII, 3' to spec gene
FT                   2. Tn5 BglII-BamHI 1541bp 1516..3057, neo/kan gene
FT                   -> pGVL106
FT                   1. Tn5 BglII-BamHI 1541bp 1516..3057, neo/kan gene
FT                   -> pLGVneo2103
FT                   1. pGVL106 remove small XhoI-BclI
FT                   calf intestinal alkaline phosphatase
FT                   2. pLGVneo2103 BclI-SalI 1164bp 1521..2685, neo/kan
FT                   -> pGVL118 3000bp
FT                   1. pGVL118 BclI 3000bp
FT                   2. pGVL106 BclI-BclI 3500bp, spec gene
FT                   calf intestinal alkaline phosphatase
FT                   -> pGVL120 6428bp"
FT   misc_feature    1..24
FT                   /note="N. tabacum left T-DNA border"
FT   misc_recomb     40..41
FT                   /note="N. tabacum plant DNA end/N. tabacum T-DNA
FT                   start"
FT   misc_feature    372..395
FT                   /note="N. tabacum 24 bp border-like sequence"
FT   misc_recomb     1094..1095
FT                   /note="N. tabacum plant DNA end/N. tabacum T-DNA
FT                   start"
FT   mRNA            complement(1105..1811)
FT                   /note="A. tumefaciens octopine synthase (3' end)"
FT   misc_feature    1569..1592
FT                   /note="N. tabacum 24 bp border-like sequence"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(1645..1650)
FT                   /note="PLA A. tumefaciens octopine synthase"
FT   misc_feature    1669..1692
FT                   /note="N. tabacum 24 bp border-like sequence"
FT   polyA_signal    complement(1681..1686)
FT                   /note="PLA A. tumefaciens octopine synthase"
FT   misc_feature    complement(1756..1779)
FT                   /note="N. tabacum 24 bp border-like sequence"
FT   CDS             complement(1985..2782)
FT                   /note="ANT A. tumefaciens neomycin phosphotransferase
FT                   gene (NPT), neomycin resistance gene (neo);
FT                   NCBI gi: 209481"
FT   misc_feature    complement(2105..2128)
FT                   /note="N. tabacum 24 bp border-like sequence"
FT   misc_feature    2449..2472
FT                   /note="N. tabacum 24 bp border-like sequence"
FT   misc_feature    complement(2462..2485)
FT                   /note="N. tabacum 24 bp border-like sequence"
FT   misc_recomb     2786..2787
FT                   /note="N. tabacum T-DNA end/N. tabacum plant DNA
FT                   start"
FT   misc_recomb     3045..3046
FT                   /note="N. tabacum T-DNA end/N. tabacum plant DNA
FT                   start"
FT   misc_recomb     3355..3356
FT                   /note="N. tabacum plant DNA end/N. tabacum T-DNA
FT                   start"
FT   misc_feature    3661..3684
FT                   /note="N. tabacum 24 bp border-like sequence"
FT   misc_feature    3876..3899
FT                   /note="N. tabacum 24 bp border-like sequence"
FT   CDS             complement(4045..5055)
FT                   /note="ANT A. tumefaciens streptomycin
FT                   adenyltransferase gene; streptomycin resistance gene
FT                   (str); NCBI gi: 209482"
FT   CDS             complement(4045..5055)
FT                   /note="ANT A. tumefaciens spectinomycin
FT                   adenyltransferase gene; spectinomycin resistance gene
FT                   (spc); NCBI gi: 209482"
FT   misc_feature    complement(4339..4362)
FT                   /note="N. tabacum 24 bp border-like sequence"
FT   misc_recomb     5588..5589
FT                   /note="N. tabacum T-DNA end/N. tabacum DNA start"
FT   misc_feature    5871..5894
FT                   /note="N. tabacum 24 bp border-like sequence"
FT   misc_recomb     6392..6393
FT                   /note="N. tabacum T-DNA end/N. tabacum plant DNA
FT                   start"
FT   misc_feature    6405..6428
FT                   /note="N. tabacum right T-DNA border"
SQ   Sequence 6428 BP; 1510 A; 1758 C; 1711 G; 1449 T; 0 other;
     cggcaggata tattcaattg taaatggctt catgtccggg aaatctacat ggatcagcaa
     tgagtatgat ggtcaatatg gagaaaaaga aagagtaatt accaattttt tttcaattca
     aaaatgtaga tgtccgcagc gttattataa aatgaaagta cattttgata aaacgacaaa
     ttacgatccg tcgtatttat aggcgaaagc aataaacaaa ttattctaat tcggaaatct
     ttatttcgac gtgtctacat tcacgtccaa atgggggctt agatgagaaa cttcacgatc
     gatgccttga tttcgccatt cccagatacc catttcatct tcagattggt ctgagattat
     gcgaaaatat acactcatat acataaatac tgacagtttg agctaccaat tcagtgtagc
     ccattacctc acataattca ctcaaatgct aggcagtctg tcaactcggc gtcaatttgt
     cggccactat acgatagttg cgcaaatttt caaagtcctg gcctaacatc acacctctgt
     cggcggcggg tcccatttgt gataaatcca ccatcacaat agatagtcta atggacgaaa
     aaggcgaata tttcgatgct gagattcgac gcaattaatt cgagaaaaat cccgtgattg
     atgctgttga gttaccaata atatgggcag cgaaggccat ttaattataa gatcctgcaa
     gcctcgtcgt cctggccgga ccacgctatc tgtgcaaggt ccccggcccc ggacgcgcgc
     tccatgagca gagcgcccgc cgccgaggcg aagagtcggg cggcgccctg cccgtcccac
     caggtcaaca ggcggtaacc ggcctcttca tcgggaatgc gcgcgacctt cagcatcgcc
     ggcatgtccc cctggcggac gggaagtatc cagctcgacc aaagcggcca tcgtgcctcc
     ccactcctgc agttcggggg catggatgcg cggatagccg ctgctggttt cctggatgcc
     gacggatttg cactgccggt agaactccgc gaggtcgtcc agcctcaggc agcagctgaa
     ccaactcgcg aggggatcga gcccctgctg agcctcgaca tgttgtcgca aaattcgccc
     tggacccgcc caacgatttg tcgtcactgt caaggtttga cctgcacttc atttggggcc
     cacatacacc aaaaaaatgc tgcataattc tcggggcagc aagtcggtta cccggccgcc
     gtgctggacc gggttgaatg gtgcccgtaa ctttcggtag agcggacggc caatactcaa
     cttcaaggaa tctcacccat gcgcgccggc ggggaaccgg agttcccttc agtgaacgtt
     attagttcgc cgctcggtgt gtcgtagata ctagcccctg gggccttttg aaatttgaat
     aagatttatg taatcagtct tttaggtttg accggttctg ccgctttttt taaaattgga
     tttgtaataa taaaacgcaa ttgtttgtta ttgtggcgct ctatcataga tgtcgctata
     aacctattca gcacaatata ttgttttcat tttaatattg tacatataag tagtagggta
     caatcagtaa attgaacgga gaatattatt cataaaaata cgatagtaac gggtgatata
     ttcattagaa tgaaccgaaa ccggcggtaa ggatctgagc tacacatgct caggtttttt
     acaacgtgca caacagaatt gaaagcaaat atcatgcgat cataggcgtc tcgcatatct
     cattaaagca gggggtgggc gaagaactcc agcatgagat ccccgcgctg gaggatcatc
     cagccggcgt cccggaaaac gattccgaag cccaaccttt catagaaggc ggcggtggaa
     tcgaaatctc gtgatggcag gttgggcgtc gcttggtcgg tcatttcgaa ccccagagtc
     ccgctcagaa gaactcgtca agaaggcgat agaaggcgat gcgctgcgaa tcgggagcgg
     cgataccgta aagcacgagg aagcggtcag cccattcgcc gccaagctct tcagcaatat
     cacgggtagc caacgctatg tcctgatagc ggtccgccac acccagccgg ccacagtcga
     tgaatccaga aaagcggcca ttttccacca tgatattcgg caagcaggca tcgccatggg
     tcacgacgag atcctcgccg tcgggcatgc gcgccttgag cctggcgaac agttcggctg
     gcgcgagccc ctgatgctct tcgtccagat catcctgatc gacaagaccg gcttccatcc
     gagtacgtgc tcgctcgatg cgatgtttcg cttggtggtc gaatgggcag gtagccggat
     caagcgtatg cagccgccgc attgcatcag ccatgatgga tactttctcg gcaggagcaa
     ggtgagatga caggagatcc tgccccggca cttcgcccaa tagcagccag tcccttcccg
     cttcagtgac aacgtcgagc acagctgcgc aaggaacgcc cgtcgtggcc agccacgata
     gccgcgctgc ctcgtcctgc agttcattca gggcaccgga caggtcggtc ttgacaaaaa
     gaaccgggcg cccctgcgct gacagccgga acacggcggc atcagagcag ccgattgtct
     gttgtgccca gtcatagccg aatagcctct ccacccaagc ggccggagaa cctgcgtgca
     atccatcttg ttcaatccac atgatcagat ctccaggcgc gtgggtgcgg acgtagtcag
     cgccattgcc gatcgcgtga agttccgccg caaggcacgc tggacccaga tcctttacag
     gaaggccaac ggtggcgccc aagaaggatt tccgcgacac cgagaccaat agcggaagcc
     ccaacgccga cttcagcttt tgaaggttcg acagcacgtg cagcgatgtt tccggtgcgg
     ggctcaagaa aaatcccatc cccggatcga ggatgagccg gtcggcagcg accccgctcc
     gtcgcaaggc ggaaacccgc gcctcgaaga accgcacaat ctcgtcgagc gcgtcttcgg
     gtcgaaggtg accggtgcgg gtggcgatgc catcccctgc gctgagtgca taaccaccag
     cctgcagtcc gcctcagcaa tatcgggata gagcgcaggg tcaggaaatc cttggatatc
     gttcaggtag cccacgccgc gcttgagcgc tagcgcgggt ttccggttgg aagctgtcga
     ttgaaacacg gtgcatctga tcggacaggg cgtctaagag cggcgcaata cgtctgatct
     catcggccgg cgatacaggc ctcgcgtccg gatggctggc ggccggtccg acatccacga
     cgtctgatcc gactcgcagc atttcgaccg ccgcggtgac agcgttggtg gggtctagca
     gtacgtcaat cgaagaagga gtcctcggtg agattcagaa tgccgaacac cgtcaccatg
     gcgtcggcct ccgcagcgac ttccacgatg gggatcgggc gagcaaaaag gcagcaatta
     tgagccccat acctacaaag ccccacgcat caagcttttg accctgaagc aactaggcaa
     tggctgtaat tatgacgacg ccgagtcccg aaccagactg cataagcaac aaccgacaga
     atggatttcg aaaccagaga aagaaaataa atgcgatgcc ataaccgatt atgaacaacg
     gcggaagggg caagcttagt aaagccctcg ctagatttta atgcggatgt tgcgattact
     tcgccaacta ttgcgataac aagaaaaagc cagcctttca tgatatatct cccaatttgt
     gtagggctta ttatgcacgc ttaaaaataa taaaagcaga cttgacctga tagtttggct
     gtgagcaatt atgtgcttag tgcatctaac gcttgagtta agccgcgccg cgaagcggcg
     tcggcttgaa cgaattgtta gacattattt gccgactacc ttggtgatct cgcctttcac
     gtagtggaca aattcttcca actgatctgc gcgcgaggcc aagcgatctt cttcttgtcc
     aagataagcc tgtctagctt caagtatgac gggctgatac tgggccggca ggcgctccat
     tgcccagtcg gcagcgacat ccttcggcgc gattttgccg gttactgcgc tgtaccaaat
     gcgggacaac gtaagcacta catttcgctc atcgccagcc cagtcgggcg gcgagttcca
     tagcgttaag gtttcattta gcgcctcaaa tagatcctgt tcaggaaccg gatcaaagag
     ttcctccgcc gctggaccta ccaaggcaac gctatgttct cttgcttttg tcagcaagat
     agccagatca atgtcgatcg tggctggctc gaagatacct gcaagaatgt cattgcgctg
     ccattctcca aattgcagtt cgcgcttagc tggataacgc cacggaatga tgtcgtcgtg
     cacaacaatg gtgacttcta cagcgcggag aatctcgctc tctccagggg aagccgaagt
     ttccaaaagg tcgttgatca aagctcgccg cgttgtttca tcaagcctta cggtcaccgt
     aaccagcaaa tcaatatcac tgtgtggctt caggccgcca tccactgcgg agccgtacaa
     atgtacggcc agcaacgtcg gttcgagatg gcgctcgatg acgccaacta cctctgatag
     ttgagtcgat acttcggcga tcaccgcttc cctcatgatg tttaactttg ttttagggcg
     actgccctgc tgcgtaacat cgttgctgct ccataacatc aaacatcgac ccacggcgta
     acgcgcttgc tgcttggatg cccgaggcat agactgtacc ccaaaaaaac agtcataaca
     agccatgaaa accgccactg cgccgttacc accgctgcgt tcggtcaagg ttctggacca
     gttgcgtgag cgcatacgct acttgcatta cagcttacga accgaacagg cttatgtcca
     ctgggttcgt gccttcatcc gtttccacgg tgtgcgtcac ccggcaacct tgggcagcag
     cgaagtcgag gcatttctgt cctggctggc gaacgagcgc aaggtttcgg tctccacgca
     tcgtcaggca ttggcggcct tgctgttctt ctacggcaag tgctgtgcac ggatctgccc
     tggcttcagg agatcggaag acctcggccg tccgggcgct tgccggtggt gctgaccccg
     gatgaagtgg ttcgcatcct cggttttctg gaaggcgagc atcgtttgtt cgcccagctt
     ctgtatggaa cgggcatgcg gatcagtgag ggtttgcaac tgcgggtcaa ggactggatt
     tcgatcacgg cacgatcatc gtgcgggagg gcaagggctc caaggatcgg gccttgatgt
     tacccgagag cttggcaccc agcctgcgcg agcagctgtc tcgtgcacgg gcatggtggc
     tgaaggacta ggccgagggc cgcagcggcg ttgcgcttcc cgacgccctt gagcggaagt
     atccgcgcgc cgggcattcc tggccgtggt tctgggtttt tgcgcagcac acgcattcga
     ccgatccacg gagcggtgtc gtgcgtcgcc atcacatgta tgaccagacc tttcagcgcg
     ccttcaaacg tgccgtagaa caagcaggca tcacgaagcc cgccacaccg cacaccctcc
     gccactcgtt cgcgacggcc ttgctccgca gcggttacga cattcgaacc gtgcaggatc
     tgctcggcca ttccgacgtc tctacgacga tgatttacac gcatgtgctg aaagttggcg
     gtgccggagt gcgctcaccg cttgatgcct gccgcccctc actgtgagag gtagggcagc
     gcaagtcaat cctagcggat tcactacccc tgcgcgaagg ccatcggtgc cgcatcgaac
     ggccggttgc ggaaagtcct ccctgcgtcc gctgatggcc ggcagcagcc cgtcgttgaa
     ggatccctga aagcgacgtt ggatgttaac atctacaaat tgccttttct tacgaccatg
     tacgtaagcg cttacgtttt tggtggaccc ttgaggaaac tggtagctgt tgtgggcctg
     tggtctcaag atggatcatt aatttccacc ttcacctacg atggggggca tcgcaccggt
     gagtaatatt gtacggctaa gagcgaattt ggcctgtaga cctcaattgc gagctttcta
     atttcaaact attcgggcct aacttttggt gtgatgatgc tgactggcag gatatatacc