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ID   PHHA       preliminary; circular DNA; SYN; 1 BP.
AC   IG5173;
DT   01-OCT-1993 (Rel. 7, Created)
DT   01-JUL-1995 (Rel. 12, Last updated, Version 1)
DE   E. coli plasmid vector pHHA - incomplete.
KW   cloning vector.
OS   Cloning vector
OC   Artificial sequences; Cloning vehicles.
RN   [1]
RC   pHHD from pBI221.1
RC   pHHA from pBI221.1
RC   plasmid from pHHA & pDO432, 35S promoter/luciferase gene
RC   pHHAB from plasmid & pBI221.1
RC   pHHBA from pRAJ275 & linker
RC   pAGUS1 from pHHBA & pHHAB
RA   Skuzeski J.M., Nichols L.M., Gesteland R.F.;
RT   "Analysis of leaky viral translation termination codons in vivo by
RT   transient expression of improved beta-glucuronidase vectors";
RL   Plant Mol. Biol. 15:65-79(1990).
RN   [2]
RC   pJO44d, pJO4x, pJO6, pJO62, pJO series from pDO432
RC   pJO62d from pJO62
RC   pDO625 from pJO62d & linker
RC   pDO606 from pJO4x & linker
RC   pDO400 series from pDO606 & pJO62d
RC   pDO600 series from pJO44d & pJO62d
RA   Ow D.W., Jacobs J.D., Howell S.H.;
RT   "Functional regions of the cauliflower mosaic virus 35S RNA promoter
RT   determined by use of the firefly luciferase gene as a reporter of
RT   promoter activity";
RL   Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 84:4870-4874(1987).
CC   oligonucleotide linker.
CC   NM (pHHA)
CC   CM (no)
CC   NA (ds-DNA)
CC   TP (circular)
CC   ST ()
CC   TY (plasmid)
CC   SP ()
CC   HO (E.coli)
CC   CP ()
CC   FN (cloning)
CC   SE ()
CC   PA (PBI221)
CC   BR (pHHD)(pAGUS1 from pRAJ275)
CC   OF ()
CC   OR ()
FH   Key             Location/Qualifiers
FT   misc_feature    0..0
FT                   /note="1. pBI221.1 remove PstI-AccI 410bp
FT                   \ -800 to -390, CaMV/4600bp
FT                   S1 nuclease
FT                   2. pBI221.1 AccI-EcoRV 300bp, CaMV 35S promoter
FT                   blunt end
FT                   -> pHHA 4900bp"
FT   rep_origin      0..0
FT                   /note="ORI E. coli pMB1 (ColE1 and pBR322)"
SQ   Sequence 1 BP; 0 A; 0 C; 0 G; 0 T; 1 other;