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General : plasmid ds-DNA 11594 BP
Functions : (cloning)
Selection : ()
Copy Number :
Hosts : (depositor-supplied DNA)(E.coli)
Suppliers : (ATCC)
Misc.Comments : Created by Moore, July 1995, under contract with NCBI. Expression vector encoding cI857. (ATCC staff) The plasmid contains the following restriction sites (starting at the EcoRI site proceeding through the pBR322 sequences):HindIII--29, 5192, 9997, 10561, 10686; BamHI--375, 7601; SalI--651; PvuII--2066; PvuI--3735, 8889; EcoRI--1, 4361. (personal communication) The order of the major features in this plasmid is: EcoRI site - tetR - pMB1 ori - bla - bacteriophage lambda sequences Q, N, PR, rex, cI857, PR, Cr, O. (personal communication) The 4.3 kb BamHI fragment contains the PL and PR promoters, the cI857 gene, and 375 bp of pBR322 sequence. Distributed in aliquots of 2 ug (40 ng/ul). (ATCC staff) The insert contains the following restriction sites (approximate kb from the 5' HindIII site):BamHI--2.5; NsiI--2.9, 9.5; ScaI--7.9; EcoRI--8.0. (personal communication) Restriction digests of the clone give the following sizes (kb): HindIII--5.2, 4.8, 0.85, 0.5; BamHI--6.8, 4.3; EcoRI--6.8, 4.3; PvuII--11.6. (ATCC staff) Medium is 1227 LB plus ampicillin.
Parents : (pBR322)(lambda)
Siblings : ()
Descendents : ()

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