pIN III ompA3

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General :Secretion-expression plasmid 7025 BP
Functions : expression of proteins in E. coli
Selection : Amp, ompA signal peptide, lacI gene
Copy Number :
Hosts : E.coli
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Misc.Comments : 7025 bp utilizes lpp-lac fusion promoter for IPTG-inducible expression Attaches ompA signal peptide to N-terminus of cloned protein to promote secretion of protein into periplasm if protein is membrane-bound it will anchor in the plasma membrane. Contains lacI repressor gene. Encodes ampicillin resistance, and uses pBR origin of replication. A high copy number vector (pIN4) is also available. Reference: Ghrayeb et al., EMBO J. 3: 2437-2442, 1984. Sequence determined and contributed to GenBank and VectorDB by Todd D. Porter, University of Kentucky, College of Pharmacy, Lexington, KY (
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