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General : plasmid ds-DNA 9089 BP
Functions : (cloning)
Selection : ()
Copy Number :
Hosts : (E.coli TB1)(broad host range)(E.coli)(E.coli DH5alphaF')
Suppliers : (ATCC)
Misc.Comments : Created by Moore, July 1995, under contract with NCBI. pMMB207 (ATCC 37809) and pMMB208 (ATCC 37810) differ in the orientation of the multiple cloning site with pMMB207 having the EcoRI site near the promoter and pMMB208 having the HindIII site nearer. Does not have a start codon at a suitable distance after the ribosome-binding site, so translation will be efficient only if the insert contains an RBS followed appropriately by a start codon. Restriction digests of the clone give the following sizes (kb): EcoRI--9.1; EcoRV--5.3, 3.9; SspI--4.1, 1.8, 1.6, 1.0, 0.7; EcoRI/MluI--8.3, 0.8. (ATCC staff) Medium is 1675 LB plus chloramphenicol (10 ug/ml).
Parents : (pMMB67HE)(pMMB206)
Siblings : ()
Descendents : ()


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