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General : plasmid ds-DNA 3080 BP
Functions : (cloning)
Selection : ()
Copy Number :
Hosts : (E.coli)(E.coli JM101)
Suppliers : (ATCC)
Misc.Comments : pSP64CS (ATCC 37635) and pSP65CS (ATCC 37636) differ only in the orientation of the polylinker relative to the SP6 promoter. [3] The 80 bp EcoRI/HindIII fragment (ends filled) of pGV403 with sequencing configuration was cloned in the SmaI site of modified pSP65 (Tth111 site removed). SP6 promoter is next to EcoRI and directs transcription across the MCS toward HindIII. [3] High copy number plasmid vector for directional sequencing of fragments with a sticky end corresponding to one the polylinker sites or bidirectional sequencing of blunt-ended fragments. Ideal for sequencing nested sets of deletions. [3] Restriction digests of the clone give the following sizes (kb): HindIII--3.2; BamHI--3.2; EcoRI--3.2. (ATCC staff) Medium is 1227 LB plus ampicillin.
Parents : ()
Siblings : ()
Descendents : ()

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