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These pages are supplemental data for Chervitz et al. (1998) Science 282:2022-2028.
The data has not been updated since the analysis was performed.

SGD Worm-Yeast Protein Comparison

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The entire complement of predicted proteins from the nematode C. elegans ("worm") and budding yeast S. cerevisiae ("yeast") genomes were compared in a collaboration between the Saccharomyces Genome Database, Eugene Koonin's group (NCBI), and Temple Smith's group (Boston University). This analysis is described in detail in Chervitz et al., (1998).  Science 282:2022-2028.

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    This feature allows you to search for a worm or yeast gene or ORF name and retrieve a list of the categories in which it is found based on the Worm-Yeast Protein Comparison. The resulting list contains direct links to the results for the specified gene or ORF name. All potential categories in which a specific gene or ORF name can be found are listed in the table located directly below. In addition you can also search by keyword, to retrieve a list of clusters whose description, in part, matches that keyword, eg. "act" will match actin, galactosidase, interacting and factor. You can also use a wild-card character (*) to retrieve a list of genes which match your expression, eg "cdc*", or "ZK632.*".

    Category Description Examples
    Shared Similarity Group Group of related worm and yeast proteins [worm&yeast]
    Unshared Similarity Group Group of related proteins from only one organism [worm][yeast]
    Yeast vs. Worm BLAST BLAST analysis of a yeast protein against the entire set of worm proteins [yeast]
    Worm vs. Yeast BLAST BLAST analysis of a worm protein against the entire set of yeast proteins [worm]

    Note: This Worm-Yeast analysis was performed at different comparison stringencies (different P-values (1e-100, 1e-50, 1e-20, or 1e-10) and different alignment values (>80% or <80%)) in order to pick out a gene's involvement in a shared or unshared cluster at each different comparison stringency.

[x] References for experimental methods and for using this resource:

  1. Description of Methods: Detailed description of the methods used for the comparison analysis
  2. Science paperChervitz et al (1998). Comparison of the Complete Protein Sets of Worm and Yeast: Orthology and Divergence.  Science 282, 2022-2028.
  3. Help: Help page for using this resource
  4. Presentations on the yeast worm comparisons
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