Genome-wide analysis of mRNA translation profiles in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Yoav Arava, Yulei Wang, John D. Storey, Chih Long Liu, Patrick O. Brown and Daniel Herschlag
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Global yeast ribosomal association profiles

  • Search individual yeast ribosome loading profiles by either Gene ID or Name.

  • Browse the global yeast ribosome loading profiles

  • Data in a tabulated format, as well as an off-line searchable browser, are available in the downloads section below.
Each mRNA has displayed a gif image of its ribosome loading profile. Each profile contains data from three independent experiments (indicated by small symbols) and the average values for each fraction indicated by blue diamonds connected with a line. Black numbers on the x-axis are the fraction numbers and the red numbers indicate the number of bound ribosomes. Ribosome occupancy, mRNA transcript length, number of ribosomes, ribosome density values, and peak fractions are listed at the top of each gif image.

Data - Download

The following files are available as Excel spreadsheets. If you click the link, the file will open in your web browser. To save the file to your computer, please use the "Save link as..." or "Save target as..." feature of your browser. Windows users right-click the link, and Mac users control-click or click-and-hold the link.

File Size Description
All primary data

8.9 MB

3.2 MB
Table in Excel format containing the primary data for all genes from all experiments (total of 42 arrays), expressed either as log2 ratios or as ratios. Excluded spots are those with abnormal morphology, pixels regression correlation <0.6 or intensity too close to the background (i.e. spot intensity < 2.5 times background intensity).
Polysome Profile Browser


7.2 MB

3.5 MB
Image Display (version 0.92y), an image polysome profile browser containing the polysome profiles and translation features for 5,701 yeast ORFs. This program is based on Microsoft Excel Visual Basic macros; enable macros upon opening the program. This program is compatible only with the Windows 9x/NT/2K operating systems.
Data Summary 2.4 MB (Excel) Excel file containing a summary of all the data for the 739, 2128, and 5701 subsets of genes including: Name, Description, length, occupancy, density and abundance. The assignments of peak fraction from bootstrap analysis are also included in this file.
EDTA Treatment 1.5 MB (Excel) Results of microarrays analysis of EDTA treated polysomes. Polysomes collected and separated on sucrose gradients in the presence of 10 mM EDTA. The gradient was fractionated to 7 fractions and fractions 1, 3, 5, and 7 were hybridized to 4 microarrays. For 5273 genes, the normalized ratios in each of the microarrays are presented. The fraction in the polysomes for each mRNA was calculated by summing the ratios in the polysomal fractions (fractions 4 to 7) and dividing by the sum of all fractions. Since fractions 2, 4, and 6 were not analyzed by microarray, their values were estimated by averaging their nearest neighbors.

Data for individual microarrays are publicly available for download through the Stanford Microarray Database.

You can access the raw microarray data by clicking here.


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