Raw data for all yeast genome microarrays used in this study are available here as well as on the Stanford Microarray Database

For each microarray, two scan files (TIF files) were generated, one for each fluorescence emission wavelength corresponding to the fluorophor used in the reverse transcription labeling reaction (i.e. Cy3-dUTP = 532 nm, Cy5-dUTP = 632 nm). Image analysis for each array was performed on IBM PC-compatible computers using ScanAlyze, and included a semi-manual gridding process whereby the spots were identified in a grid file (SAG file). The extracted dat files are available as text tab-delimited ScanAlyze output files (DAT files).

The data for each spot on the array are displayed in each row of the DAT file. Gene identification for each spot can be accessed in the accompanying Genelist file. Each array can also be viewed through the accompanying GIF image.

You can also download the expression ratios from all of the arrays (log2 ratios), available in a text tab-delimited cdt file. The data in this file can be organized by a hierarchical clustering algorithm (Eisen et al., 1998) using the program Cluster, a software package written by Michael Eisen. The resulting data can be viewed using the Windows program Treeview, also written by Michael Eisen.